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Hey Rajesh==Get a 2 foot length of hose and listen at one end while moving the other around the compressor etc and you will hear what is making the noise. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you know if it is a compressor problem if you hear sound coming from under the bonnet when you turn on the AC switch?
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What will keep Ac compressor from coming on in a 2000 volkswagen beetle?

The cycle switch not engaging the Compressors clutch

Why wouldn't the AC compressor turn?

The most likely reason the compressor is not coming on is because you are low on freon. The low pressure switch will keep the compressor from cycling on because damage to your compressor would result. You can jumper across the low presure switch with the engine running and A/C turned on, ( for short time only) this will provide you with question is my compressor clutch good, or am I just low on freon. The AC compressor relay switch may need to be replaced

Ac compressor not coming on in a 1992 Buick?

Either low on freon or the low pressure switch is bad. You are gonna have to put a set of gauges on it. Usually this happens when the freon leaks out of the system. If there is not enough freon in the system, the low pressure switch keeps the compressor from coming on and being burned up.

How do you replace an air conditioning compressor switch?

What kind of car and which switch. There are several that can effect compressor operation.

Where is the most likely problem when there is no power to the ac compressor in a 1995 Pontiac Bonniville?

Try checking the low pressure switch.

What do you look for if your ac compessor is not coming on but is full of freonand you know the ac compessor is good?

Check for a blown fuse in fuse block and also at the top of the compressor Bad switch Bad compressor clutch

If the AC compressor clutch does not kick in and the relay and fuse are ok what could be the problem?

The clutch receives it's signal to engage from a pressure switch in the system. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system the pressure switch will not close resulting in no power at the compressor clutch to make it engage.

Where is the Bonnet switch on a Ford Mondeo mk4?

I don't think there is a switch inside the cabin for opening bonnet, the lever for manually opening it,is on the left hand side of the passenger footwell

Where on a 92 Chevy suburban do you find an ac compressor relay switch?

The 1992 Chevrolet Suburban air conditioner compressor relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The air conditioning compressor relay switch will be labeled as such.

2001 Range Rover bonnet open warning light stays on even when bonnet is closed. Why?

Most likely cause is a faulty under bonnet pin switch

What would cause the air suspension on a 2003 Lincoln navigator not to work?

there are several causes to the air pump. the first and most obvious is the air pump (compressor) itself. if you do not hear the compressor pumping air or if you do not feel the slight vibration of the compressor when you put your car into drive, then it's probably the compressor that has gone bad. if the compressor is coming on and you do not hear any air leaking, then your problem could be the height adjuster, located on the suspension bags themselves. Bronconvict: another possibility includes the compressor relay switch. This switch controlls the power to the air bag suspension compressor. This switch is known for burning out when the suspension compressor is working too hard. This can also be caused by a bad/corroded GEM module (due to notorious winshield leak). i had to replace "height sensor" on driver side . part was $200.

How do you fix the dimmer light switch?

I have a problem with my dishboard lights and radio lights not coming on. What can I do to get them to come on

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