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Look inside the radiator while the engine is running if the pump is good you will see the fluid swirling or at least moving around, if the shaft is difficult to move or there is play in the shaft then the bearings are going bad, if there is coolant seeping out of the weep hole, coolant seeping or leaking from the gasket, if when running with the cap on the hoses never stiffen up ( pressurize ), Overheating issues that cannot be tracked down to the radiator or thermostat, coolant flow is not vigorous.

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Why does BMW 328 overheat?

Water pump needs replacing

Why is there oil in your water?

Your cylinder head gasket needs replacing.

How often does the Maytag refrigerator water filter needs replacing?

The Maytag refrigerator water filter needs replacing approximately every 6 months. It can last up to a year before wearing it out but for best results change it before then.

Where can a hot water heater be purchased?

The plumbing in my house needs replacing. Which is the best hot water heater on the market?

Your 1998 dodge ram cargo van is overheating is it the water pump or thermostat that needs replacing?

probably a water heater.... {BMF}

Why does your tap turn but water stays on?

If you are turning the head part continuously and the water is not turning off then the head part has stripped and needs replacing

Why are there no mosquitoes in Mexico City?

This insect needs standing water to breed and hatch eggs. Perhaps Mexico City is too dry.

Does a PUR brand faucet water filter stop flowing when it needs replacing?

It won't stop suddenly, but will reduce the flow so you get less and less water.

What would be the cause of no hot water pressure but the cold water pressure is fine?

There are several possibilities. The 2 most common would be the water heater needs replacing, or you need a repipe.

What does it means when you have water coming out of your overflow tube?

It means your ball float valve inside the cistern either needs adjustment or replacing

Water oump pully on my 1997 Buick LaSabre is moving back and forth?

the bearing in the water pump has gone bad! needs replacing!will start leaking soon!

Why was it easy to open the hatch once the submarine is filled with water?

A submarine hatch can be opened fairly easily if the submarine is filled with water because the water pressure on each side of the hatch is equalized.

How do you charge a water heater Expansion Tank G5 by Water Worker?

Water worker sounds like one of those Big Box brands. Chances are it's bad and needs replacing.

Why the men could not initially open the hatch and why was it easy to open the hatch when the submarine was filled with water?

At first, water was pressing on the hatch from one side. When water was pressing equally on both sides, it was easy to open the hatch. Remember this if your car falls into the harbour.

If your goldfish is gasping for air on the waters surface does that means its sick and what kind of sickness does it have?

It might simply mean that the water is low in Oxygen and needs replacing with fresh, oxygenated water.

What do you put in an opel vectra when it says check coolant level?


Where is water pump on vectra 2.0dtl?

The water pump on a Vectra 2.0 DTL is located just behind and to the right of the crankshaft pulley. This is on the front of the motor. One easy way to find a water pump is to trace where the hoses go from the radiator.

How do you fix a ds lite when milk is spilled in to it?

It is classed as water damage, and probably needs to be replaced. A water damage specialist could fix the damage, but replacing it is probably a better choice.

What kind of water do you use to hatch triops?

hard water.

Where to put water in a Renault megane hatch?

in its water container

What is making my 99 Taurus boil over at cap Already changed water pump and flushed system?

Sounds like thermostat is not opening and needs replacing

Will a water heater drip when heating?

If you are talking about a hot water tank then the answer is no. If it is leaking from a fitting, it just needs to be tightened. If you can not tell where the leak is coming from, the water leak is the first sign that the tank is going to need replacing in the not to distance future.

How do fix a lower leak in your water pump on a cadi eldorodo?

A leaking water pump means the pump needs replacing or the gasket is leaking. Either way the pump must be removed. Now if the hoses going to the pump are leaking, they either need tightening or replacing. So it depends on exactly where the leak is.

Do snail eggs hatch under water?


Why do frog eggs have to stay in water?

to hatch