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If it is noisy or it is getting voltage with a ground and isn't working, it needs replaced.

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Q: How do you know if you need to replace the blower if the heater in a '88 New Yorker gives out?
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What does the blower resistor do?

It gives you all the blower speeds except high.

What gives off only heat?


Why no heat in 1994 Fleetwood Brougham put in new thermo stat and blower works wonderful there is plenty of blower power yet still no heat what could be wrong?

cant remember what its called but check where the hoses go into the fire wall into the heater core and look for a valve looking thing... that starts to open when you adjust the temp setting on your heater...if that is stuck closed or brocken or blocked no hot water will go into the heater core wich in turn gives no heat....

Your Peugeot 806 heater onle gives cold air ou?

Your peugeot 806 heater only gives cold airRead more: Your_peugeot_806_heater_only_gives_cold_air_ou

How to replace heater blower motor in 95 Chevy Suburban?

I had no problem replacing the blower motor in my '95 Suburban without taking the glove box or computer mount out. I removed the sound insulating cover from the motor and five screws that hold the motor in , unplugged the wires and then reverse the procedure to install. Done in about 20 minutes. You have to pull the glove box and the computer mount to access the motor. If you bur a Haynes repair manual it gives great detail

How do you replace a relay switch for a blower motor?

If you mean the resistor that gives you different speeds it is very easy remove the glove box screws (2) at the bottom of the glove box and remove it The resistor is right in front of you

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How hard is it to replace a heater core on a 1988 grand caravan?

It is a major undertaking to replace the front heater core, or the AC evaperator. They are both housed inside a plastic chamber behind the dash. You have to remove the left side of the dash, and all associated wiring, lower the steering column, and open the AC system in order to get the Heater/AC chamber our to remove the top of the chamber and lift out the heater core. The Haynes manual gives a step-by-step directions. It took me most of the day to replace my AC evaporator. Good luck, and don't forget to connect back up all the electrical plugs.

Your car heater will run for a while than stop?

Please be more specific ... heater gives off heat, then cold air OR The heater fan runs for awhile then stops running

What is the resistor?

The resistor for the HVAC blower motor gives you all the lower speeds. High speed is separate.

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