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He spends a lot of time at the office or where ever he works. He is make excuses to go places for a long time with out you and he is getting "farther" away from you in your relationship.


This is the worst feelings that a woman or a wife could ever have. But if you don't mind I will answer your question through my past experience. When I discovered my husband's affair, I was devastated and it's almost x-mas. I can't never believed that after 21 years of being devoted, giving my heart and my soul he betrayed me and my kids. The only thing that I did wrong was being there for him. Initiate the intimacy since I can remember it. Gave him 3 beautiful children. It was very painful to me and that morning was the day that my life changed.

I never knew that he was already having an affair for 2 months, the only thing I noticed was, he seems to be in a hurry all the time going to work. His office was in our 2 car garage and that's where it happened. By joining the dating site, to exchanging emails to those women he met through internet. Because he teaches part time during night that was his way of meeting this other woman. I asked him why and what was this woman have that I don't have, he told me. He also told me that his falling in love with her, that is why I said this is the worst feeling a wife can have.

I never knew that he can easily give his heart to this woman after all the things I had done being his wife. I am better off to be alone with my kids now because I can't take him back after what he told me about his mistress.

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How do you know when a married woman is in love with you?

When she divorces her husband!

What did Agatha Christie's first husband do?

He was in love with another woman and wanted divorce.

What case can be filed for a husband who has empragnated another woman in the Philippines?

its called divorce love

Does my husband love me if he lives with another woman?

Surely, if he loves YOU he would want to live with you and you only!

What do you do if your husband told you that he loves you but he is no longer in love with you?

That means he has another woman in his you gotta move on...

Does a married man love another woman?

A married person can love another woman or man. Marriage and love are not mutually exclusive. Answer 2: it all depends on whether that love is a friendship or romantic love we are talking about. Do you know the difference? . Do you have the same love for the person as your husband? Friends will respect friendship boundaries. If a married man becomes too familiar, flirty and sexually suggestive with this other woman then you have adultery in the making. Be careful, its been known to happen.

Has anyone ever sued spouses mistress in Texas?

ANSWER:There no such things as suing another woman because your husband is having an affair with her. Your best solution is your husband, he is the one that pursue this woman. Sorry love!

Can a woman love another man than her husband?

Yes but don't say anything about it unless you plan to get a divorse

Can a woman be in love with her husband and yet be in love with a friend who is a woman?

yes she might be lesbian but be in love with a man too

When was Another Woman in Love created?

Another Woman in Love was created in 1987.

What is speciation and geographic isolation?

love,hate,perfect womanlove pets, love her husband, never will cheat on her husband

Where does the Bible say a woman has to love her husband?

The Holy Bible says absolutely nothing about a woman having to love her husband. The Bible does say that a woman must submit to her husband's wishes and desires, though.

Why did married woman decide to make love with another man?

Once again not all married women do sleep with another man. The only way that a married woman can have this path is when her husband is to busy to give her attention. Or she wasn't appreciated enough by her husband. Lots of reason but always has something to do with the husband..

Just another woman in love translate into tagalog?

Just another woman in love

What do you do when your married and your in love with your husband and another man?

Go kill yourself. You don't love your husband because if you love him you wouldn't fell in love with another man.

How do you know if a woman is in love with another woman?

You know when they see each other and they flirt with each other when they get a chance or they don't wanna be with a man.

Why would another woman say she has your husbands baby?

If it's merely a lie, it's because they love your husband and want to steal them from you. If it's true, they obviously love your husband and want them to take care of your child.

How should a woman be treated by her husband?

A woman should be treated with respect, love and understanding. A husband should be treated in the same way.

Is it disrespectful for a husband to flirt with women when out on a date with his wife?

absolutley. love is supposed to be eternal in God's eyes, and if your husband is making googley eyes at another woman, you should talk calmly with him about it.

Would you stay with your husband after you found a love poem to another woman claiming his undying love?

That is a decision only the person involved can make. Some would and some would not

How can you forgive your husband if he cheated you and have a new baby in another woman?

you don't forgive him he cheated on you and had sex with the other woman and made her have a baby just tell him go away and i will find another man to love and be in my life forever

will the free love spell keep my husband fron looking a other woman ?

will love spell keep from looking at other woman

Your husband says he loves you but not in love with you?

Your husband is cheating on you! It's obvious!Another thought:Your husband may or may not be cheating on you, but the line "I love you, but I'm not 'in love' with you," usually means he has one foot out the door. He's not committed to you as a husband and partner.Ask him what his intentions are. You deserve to know. You also deserve to be with a man who is 'in love' with you. Tell him you can do better, because you can. Then kick him to the curb.

Why do women fall in love with somebody else husband?

Most of the time when a woman falls in love with another womans husband, he too was attracted to her. It always takes two to tango! Most likely he wasnt happy in his marriage and she just happend to be the one there for him at that time. woman always want to be loved and feel loved at any cost. Its not intentional all the time. But there are some woaman who only want married men. but woman do not intentionally fall in love with somebody elses husband, they just fall in love.

Why a woman love her friend's husband?

because she is not satisfied in her own thing