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A vacuum line or better yet a vacuum tube is about a quarter inch hose, black and very flexible. You will find at least 6 of these hoses located under the hood going into and coming out of many different places. These hoses have suction when the engine is running. If a hose is unplugged from its place, it could cause a number of things to operate differently. How to find a vacuum leak? It�s not easy if you don�t have a good eye and a good ear. Look for opened tubes or unplugged nozzles where the hoses plug into or come out of. If you spot one- then put your ear close to it to notice a hissing sound coming from it. Of course be sure that the engine is running and be careful of moving and hot parts. After searching for open tube ends and listening for hissing, plug the opened ends with your finger to see if there is in fact suction coming from that tube or nozzle. You may notice a change in idle when the leak has been plugged or stopped. Good luck! Lee37726, my way of checking for leaks is to take a can of starting fluid (ether) and spray all the smaller lines, then wait 4 second for the engines reaction, then move to the next, not alot of spraying, just a fine mist for about a 2 seconds per half a foot of line, or depending on crevice of which spraying, your engine will always have a change in RPM if you have a Vacuum leak using this method, plus its cleaner and more reliable then the old take them off and check for hissing routine, but there ya go

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Q: How do you know what is a vacuum line under the hood when you were told you have a leak in it but not sure what is vacuum lines?
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Where is located the box fuses under the hood of your cavalier 1994?

No, I know what is box fuses. I want to know where is located that box under the hood.

Where are the vacuum lines on 2000 Impala?

where is the ac vacuum line on a 2000 impala ls> Yes I need to know about a LS

What could be causing your heater controls not to change from vent to defrost etc?

Don't know what vehicle you have but most HVAC controls operate from a vacuum supply from the engine. I would start with checking the vacuum supply connections under the hood. They could be cracked or disconnected.

Looking for a 2003 ford expedition vacuum hose diagram?

I think there is a diagram (sticker) under the hood. Open the hood and look down at the top area there by the front. I have a 97 and that is where I found mine. Let the other users know if this is correct information. Just a thought.

Anyone know what the numbers on the fuse box go to on a 2000 cvpi?

under the hood or under the dash,

How do you know how many cylinders your Jeep has?

Your owners title, or the sticker under the hood.

2002 winsrtar lx ac started blowing only through defrost vents onlytried turn every know still only blows through defrost vent?

Check under the hood for a disconnected or damaged vacuum line. The controls are vacuum operated and if the vacuum supply is cut off the system defaults to defroster only.

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for Chevy S10 truck?

Have you looked for a decal on the under side of the hood? It is usually refered to as an emissions system diagrahm. thanks like i said i didnt even know where to start looking

What is the 'clicky' sound coming from your 1995 LeBaron GTC's engine?

Check the Vacuum diagram under the hood and see if your sound"clicking" is the same as my 1994 chry. labaron,GTC, 3.0, V6. The part on mine is connected to the vacuum canister and the fuel sys. but I don't know what it does or why is clicks. loretta

Where is the clutch fluid located on a 2000 dodge neon at I know its under the hood but where?

The brake and clutch reservoirs are next tot each other on the driver side under the hood.

How do you fix windshield wipers on a 1998 Lexus ES300 that do not tuck below the hood?

If there is no other mechanical problem the wipers tuck under the hood by pushing the wipers under the hood. Sorry if you already know this, but they have two settings one for winter (which I'm assuming you are talking about) and one for nonwinter time (under the hood position). It will actually snap down into position under the hood.

1990 Chevy beretta gt that the hot air works it just all seems to be blowing in the dash you took the cover off the heater core and now you have air moving down there do not know what could b?

Check for a vacuum leak either under the dash or under the hood Check the operation of the vacuum operated motors under the dash Check the operation of the selector switch

How do i know i have a vortech on my s-10?

Under the hood on the top of the motor will say VORTEC.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 96 grand Cherokee v8 online for free that will show where some broken missing lines go?

loose vacuum hose. need to know where it connects

How do I open the hood of a 98 Honda civic sedan?

pull the hood lever in the car. in case you dont know its on the drivers side and is under the change thing. then slide your hand under the hood and there is a little metal lever pull that up and the hood should pop open.

Do you know what the noise is under the passenger side dash sounds like a vacuum problem?

probably an actuator vacuum operated to open/close heat vents

Where is the transmission dipstick?

if you know where the oil dipstick is then it should be the only other dipstick under the hood

Location of vacuum lines on 1995 350 Chevy?

i know one hooks to the brake booster on chevrolet's and toyota's. just follow it from there.

How do you know when you're in the hood?

You will know when your in the hood just by seeing it.

Can anyone teach people how to draw Kenny without his hood?

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Where is vacuum reservoir 91 ram van?

If you look at the vacuum diagram on the underside of the hood you will see that if a vacuum reservoir was used it would be located near to or off of the Power Brake booster vacuum supply line. I know this because I'm trying to find a vacuum reservoir myself for my 91 Dodge , B250,with 239cid. Why are you looking for one? Henrij.

Is there any way to get a vacuum line schematic for a 1995 S10 Blazer?

If the vacuum line diagram is not on a decal under the hood, or, if you don't know anyone with a similar vehicle that you can compare with, try your local public library's reference section on vehicle repair. Reference books are not available for checkout, but you can make copies to take home with you for reference.

How do you find a vacuum leak on a 99 Ford Excort ZX2 that cuts out while idling?

i would try a can of ether pray all vacuum lines one a time. when it ides up then know where the leak is.

Exploded view under hood?

I need to know year, and engine size & type as there are many varieties.

Where to put the oil in?

Oil fill cap. If you do not know where to add oil, then you have no business under the hood of this vehicle.