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How do you know when you are ovulating after a tubal pregnancy?

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You will notice a egg white discharge or you can do a ovulation test.

2006-08-05 23:05:27
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Can you have a false pregnancy test with tubal pregnancy?

Most definitely, yes, you can have a false pregnancy test with tubal pregnancy. Hormones only know an egg implanted. Hormones do not know where the egg implanted.

How do you know you pregnancy with your tubes tied?

If you had tubal ligation,then you will not get pregnant anymore.

Can you have a tubal pregnancy if you have had a tubal ligation?

Yes, ectopic pregnancy is a rare effect of having a tubal ligation. If you've had a tubal ligation and begin experiencing single sided pain, spotting, bleeding or dizziness you need to be evaluated for tubal pregnancy immediately.

Signs of pregnancy after tubal?

my tubal incension is red after 5 years of having a tubal why

Signs of pregnancy after tubal ligation?

Signs of pregnancy after tubal ligation are a positive pregnancy test. If your test is negative, you're not pregnant.

How do you know when your ovulating?

How do you know when you are ovulating?

How long after your period could a tubal pregnancy be diagnosed?

A tubal pregnancy is usually apparent by six weeks.

What are the chances of pregnancy after a tubal ligation 11yeaes ago?

Practicaly the chances of pregnancy after tubal ligation are zero.

Will a pregnancy test come up positive if you have a tubal pregnancy after a hysterctomy?

Yes, a tubal pregnancy will still produce HCG and will still be detected by a pregnancy test.

Can not ovulating be a sign of pregnancy?

How do you know you are not ovulating? Often during pregnancy, ovulation tests will be positive also, simply because the molecule hcg, the pregnancy hormone, looks almost identical to LH, the ovulation hormone. and the ovulation tests often pick that up.

Can you ovulating during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation or menstruation during pregnancy.

What is a tube pregnancy?

a tubal pregnancy, also know as an ectopic is where the fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus.

Pregnancy risk higher with irregular periods?

Yes because you don't know when you're ovulating. But you may also not be ovulating, so it could go either way.

How far along do you have to be to notice a tubal pregnancy?

A tubal ectopic pregnancy is usually discovered sometime between the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy, but can be noticed as early as four weeks into a pregnancy. If there a no symptoms of a tubal pregnancy, it may go unnoticed until a first trimester ultrasound.

Could you still have a tubal pregnancy after a miscarriage?

Yea you can have a miscarriage and still be have tubal pregnancy. You need er help or surgery

What are the chances of pregnancy if he pulls out and not ovulating?

It doesn't matter whether you're ovulating or not - you CAN get pregnant!

Do tubal abortions from tubal pregnancies expell the embryo from the body like a miscarriage?

NO, a tubal pregnancy is an ectopic, extremely dangerous and you would need an operation to remove it. You would know if you had one as the pain is excruciating.

What are the Symptoms of a failed tubal ligation?

Pregnancy or euctopic pregnancy.

What are side effects of a tubal prgnancy?

A tubal pregnancy can be a life threatening condition with the potential of rupture. A tubal pregnancy can permanently damage the fallopian tube and cause difficulties with future pregnancies.

What is the medical term meaning tubal pregnancy?

I believe it is ectopic pregnancy.

Can tubal pregency cause a heart attack?

Tubal pregnancy can not cause heart attack.

Do you hcg levels go up if it is a tubal pregnancy?

What if the pregnancy hasn't been diagnosed as a tubal pregnancy, but hcg start out low n double or sky rocket out of nowhere.

If you have a current tubal pregnancy is it possible to make it a feasible pregnancy?

unfortunately no, a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy is a fetus growing OUTSIDE the womb, and the baby CANNOT be put INSIDE the womb.

Can a woman get pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy already?

If a woman is 3 mos pregnant no she will not be ovulating, if the pregnancy was terminated or miscarried yes she would be ovulating again.

How do you tell if iam ovulating?

How do I know when I am ovulating