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The firing order on any engine, including the Nissan Z24 2.4 Liter Four-Cylinder engine is always started at #1 spark plug. On the Z24, it is the exhaust side. If you crank your engine with the distributor cap off, the rotor will rotate, of course. When you stop cranking the engine, the rotor will always stop where the #1E plug wire should be on the distributor cap. So when checking the timing of the engine, always go off of the #1 plug on the exhaust side. Disregard the comment about always stopping on #1E, it simply is not so!

The intake and exhaust plugs fire at the same time so in most cases it doesn't matter. Under some conditions, one set of plugs is disabled. If I remember correctly, it is the exhaust plugs that are disabled, but this is only at high speeds so it shouldn't matter for setting the timing. The Nissan Service Manual says to use the intake plug.

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Q: How do you know which spark plug a 1984 Nissan 2.4 liter is timed on the exhaust or intake?
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How do you replace the spark plugs in a 1987 Nissan Stanza - there are 4 intake and 4 exhaust?

Joe, I don't think you had better try this yourself. I'm not sure you know what a spark plug is. I think Joe knows exactly what a spark plug is. The stanza has four on the intake side and four on the exhaust side. The exhaust side plugs are easy to pull, where as the intake side requires a good long extension and some patience.

Which is the exhaust and which is the ignition coil on 1985 Nissan 200sx maunual 2.0 liter?

there is no such thing as an exhaust coil. the ignition coil is the cylinder shaped thing that has a spark plug wire running to the center of the distributor cap

What is the valve clearance on Chevrolet Spark?

010 intake 012 exhaust

Spark plug gap for 720 Nissan engine exhaust side?

.32 to.35

96 ford ranger 4-cylinder but it has 8 sparkplugs were is the 1 plug located?

The engine cylinder at the front of the engine is the # 1 cylinder The spark plug on the intake side ( drivers side ) is the # 1 intake spark plug ( The spark plug on the exhaust side ( passenger side ) is the # 1 exhaust spark plug )

What is the spark plug gap on a 1999 Nissan sentra with a 1.6 liter engine?

The spark plug gap for a 1999 Nissan Sentra that has a 1.6 liter engine should be set a .044 inches. New spark plugs should not need adjusting as they come preset from the factory.

What is the correct spark plug gap on 1996 3.0 liter Nissan pickup?


Ok you have a 92 Nissan 240sx when you try to start it the eingine cranks its getting fuel it has spark and the starter is working properly but for some reason it still wont start Any guesses?

crankshaft-camshaft timing, clogged exhaust, plugged intake, intake manifold leak.

How many spark plugs in a 1988 Nissan truck with a z24 motor?

Great little engine had one in an 86 I once owned.The Intake has 4 and The Exhaust has 4 = 8NGK Part # 7131 {Standard Plug #BPR6ES}Plugs - Intake {.032 gap}NGK Part # 7734 {Standard Plug #BPR5ES}Plugs - Exhaust {.032 gap}Hope This Helps.

How many spark plugs are in a 4 cylinder engine?

The number of spark plug in a 4-cylinder engine depends on the type of engine you have. Some engines only have four spark plugs on the intake side for the ignition of the fuel. Other engines have eight spark plugs, four on the intake side to ignite the fuel and four on the exhaust side to ignite the exhaust fumes.

How many spark plugs does a Nissan Sentra 97 have?

4 or 6 depends on what liter motor you have

Where is O2 sensor on 2002 4.7 liter dodge RAM?

on your exhaust, its a spark plug looking thing

How many spark plugs on a 3.7 liter jeep liberty limited?

There are 6 spark plugs on a 3.7 liter. They are located on the outside perimeter of the intake manifold and under the coil pack for each cylinder.

Where are the coils located on a ford F150 5.4 liter engine?

on top of the spark plugs in the intake manifold.

Where are the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica 3.5 liter engine spark plugs?

You have to remove the intake plenum to access.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1995 Nissan pick up 2.4 liter?

call auto zone

What is the correct spark plug gap for 6 cylinder 1987 3.0 liter Nissan pickup?


How many spark plugs on a 4 cylinder Mazda pickup truck 1999?

There are 8 spark plugs. 4 on the intake side of the head and 4 on the exhaust side.

What are the correct spark plug for a 86 Nissan 720?

ngk part no.7131 bpr6es ,intake side,gap .032 ngk part no. 7734 bpr5es,exhaust side gap .032 you can get them at advance auto parts for 1.99 each

Spark plug gap on a 1990 Nissan 2.4 liter motor?

1990 Nissan/Datsun Truck D21 Truck 2WD 2.4L FI 4cylThe Spark Plug Gap.044 (In thousandths of an inch)

How much hp does your 98 eclipse gs gain with cold air intake exhaust kit performance chip10.2 spark plugs wires and 2 sparks spark plugs?

intake about 8-12 hp complete exhaust 30-40 performance chip (how ever it is adjusted) spark plugs and wires will be to small of a gain to notice. i have the same car trust me!

Where are the spark plugs located on the 2001 2.4 liter pt cruiser engine?

Under the Air Intake Manifold.

What is the spark plug wire diagram for a 1993 Nissan 2.4 liter truck?


What is the purpose of the 2nd coil-4 Exhaust side spark plugs on a 1983 Nissan-Datsun 720 pickup with a 4 cylinder 8 spark plug engine?

you have 16 valves in stead of 8. 2 intake and 2 exhaust. they fire at different times to increase power. it's like haveing a V8 with less space. wow, way wrong. The plugs on the exhaust side is for emissions. this way it fires on the exhaust stroke to help burn unspent fuel and gases before it goes out your exhaust pipe.

What is the correct spark plug gap for a 4-cylinder 1992 2.4 liter Nissan Pickup?

According to Champion spark plug applications, the correct gap for 1992 Nissan pickup 2.4L engine is .044