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Answerdont remove the old by one replace the wires after you have removed the old cap and installed the new one.looking at the cap and matching up the wires in the proper position take the old wires and insert them into the same position as the old cap.

use the 5.0ho or 351w firing order if you already made the mistake

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Q: How do you know which wire goes where on a 1989 Lincoln mark 7 distributor cap?
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How do you know the front and back on a 302 engine?

Look for the hole into which the distributor is to go, assuming that it is a bare block you're talking about: the distributor goes up front. jb

What goes in the hole next to the distributor on a 283 engine block?

Maybe the coil pack don't know what hole you are talking about

How do you know if the pick up module is out?

You will have no spark from the distributor.You will have no spark from the distributor.

Where can you find the Spark plug positions on distributor?

Number 1 plug position will be listed on the cap. Now if you know the firing order, and you know the direction the distributor is turning, you then will know plug positions as connected to the distributor cap.

Wifes car running rough Found a wire missing from distributor do not know what goes there Help is there a diagram of the wires?

Look at the spark plugs-- if one has no wire at the top, that is the problem- there should be a wire from each spark plug to the distributor cap.

How do you change distributor cap on Honda civic 93?

Unplug the wires going into the distributor cap, be sure you know which wire goes to which terminal or your car will not start if they are wrong. Remove the 3 bolts that hold the plastic cap to the metal distributor. Put the new cap back on, replace the bolts, and plug the wires into the appropriate terminal.

Need to know where plug wires go on distributor for 94 blazer with 4.3?

Standing in front of the vehicle with the hood open #1 would be at the 5:00 position on the distributor cap. From there clockwise it goes 1, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Can you show me a diagram of the firing order on distributor on 1989 Chevy 350 truck?

her is a link to a diagram,, that should be all you need to know about that.

Where is the engine block heater located on a 1989 Honda accord?

I don't know if this is true forsure, but I found a wiki answer that said it was behind the distributor cap. Because I bought an 89 accord that the cord is under the hood and it is not plugged into the block. I am having trouble finding it though because I have a feeling I may have to remove the distributor cap to see where the plug goes and install it. I also called the Honda dealer in my area and they said that it is either behind the distributor cap or by the oil filter.

Which spark plug wire goes to which port on the distributor on a 1988 Honda civc 15L?

You need to know the firing order and distributor direction. Go to your local parts store and ask them to look it up for you. If they won't help you go to a different store. Good luck.

How do you find a S-10 distributor?

Need to know what year and engine size. Some engines do not use a distributor.

Could it be the distributor cap problem in a 2004 Chevy truck.?

I don't know what your specific problem is, but there is no distributor cap.

How do you know what degree you are turning the distributor on 350 Chevy with 383 stroker?

You can monitor distributor degrees with a timing light.

Did ford ever have a 4.0 engine with a distributor?

not that I know of

What does it mean if the distributor was replaced on a 1997 Chevy s10 and there is still a code?

It could be that the distributor was not the problem. Need to know what the code is and what engine you have.

Why won't the 1989 Volvo 240 dl start in wet weather but runs perfect when its dry?

Could be the distributor cap and/or rotor. $20 bucks at your local parts store. Easy 2 minute change-out. To test. run a blow dryer on the distributor cap when its wet out. don't melt anything though :) if it starts after you dry it off with the blow dryer than you know its a faulty distributor cap. good luck.

What other systems will be affected besides the distributor and carb if you remove the ecu and wiring harness on an 87 el camino after installing a crate 350 with hei distributor and edelbrock carb?

I know that the engine coolant temperature sensor and some of the useless emissions stuff goes to the computer but that is the only thing I can think of.

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How do you know if you need a new distributor cap?


How do I plug the wires into the distributor cap?

Need to know what engine you have.

How would I know I need a new distributor?

Through a diagnoses.

How do you know which wire of the spark plugs goes were on the cap and back to the motor?

You have to know or find out the firing order of your engine. The distributor rotor goes around in circler and fires at each wire in order at the cap. BUT the spark plugs don't ignite each cylinder in numerical order since that would cause a lot of unbalanced strain on the engine.

How do you know if a distrubtor is bad in a 2000 mercury villager?

If the distributor has failed, the vehicle will probably not run. If the distributor is failing, the only way to really test this is by replacement, since it requires special equipment to test a distributor.

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