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C video lectures+ C books download:

These are the lectures to learn the C language by VTC.these Are very rare lectures and hard to find on internet.

I bet this is very useful for beginners in CLanguage and for intermediates.PLUS I have added some 6 to 7 books

Of C and some ready to perform C programes.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-01 14:06:10
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Q: How do you learn c?
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Is it possible to learn c plus plus without learning c?

No. C++ is an extension of C. By the time you learn C++, you have learned C.

Can we learn C plus plus without learning the C language?

Yes. Indeed, it is recommended that you learn C++ before learning C.

What should you learn first C or C plus plus?

Although C++ inherits from C, they are actually independent languages intended for different purposes. Which you learn first is more a matter of what is more important to you. If you want to write procedural code using a structured language then C is the one to start with. If you want to write procedural code using an object-oriented approach then C++ is the one to start with. If you want to learn both then it is recommended that you start with C++ as it's much easier to learn C if you already know C++, but much harder to learn C++ if you already know C.

How do you learn C program?

get any book about 'c' and read

Should you learn c plus plus before you start learning java?

No!!!! You do not need to learn c++ for learning java!

Should you learn any of the C languages first or should you learn Python first?

Knowing C (or indeed any other language) will make learning Python slightly easier but Python is an easy language to begin with. Therefore learn Python first. Also, it's best to learn C++ before learning C.

How do you learn c programming very fast?

Study the following book... Let us C by Yashavant kanetkar. The book is easy to learn.

Is it necessary to know c and c plus plus to learn java?

Of course not.

Why is it important to learn the basic hands sewing stitches?

to c c cbcdv

Where can you get the c program?

C programming is very easy to learn! Try

Is you can not learn the .net without the knowledge of c and c plus plus?

You is can.

How can you learn c plus plus for free? ..from this site you can learn c++ for free

Which language is easy to learn java and c sharp?

C# and Java have many similaries. If you learn one, you won't have much of a problem learning the other.

What is c plus c plus c plus c plus c?

c + c + c + c + c = 5 * c.

Is it mandatory to have computer science knowledge to learn c?

In order to learn 'c' language you've the basic knowledge about Computer.

What's the best program to learn C++?

Microsoft has free versions of their Visual Studio languages, C++, one of the best ways to learn C++ is on a Linux/Unix system, and you can try C-Free. Many C++ compilers are availabe for free use online.

How you can use array in c language?


How do you c or c plus plus quicklyy?

Learn it. Once you are familiar it will come naturally.

What would be the best software for computer programing?

C is the best. It is simple and can easily expand to help you learn other languages. It will help you learn other languages like C++, C#, .Net and others.

What do kids do before they learn to read baseball cards c-7?

Learn the alphabet.

What is the best c plus plus Book to learn?

There are a few good books that help you learn. It all depends on what you are wanting to learn.

You want to learn c plus plus?

No, thanks.

Why you learn c language?

You want to write programs in it.

You are poor at c c plus plus programming suggest some options?

Learn hard.

Which site can personally help you learn C and C plus plus like