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Dating after Divorce
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How do you let an unhappily married man know you are interested in him?


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March 06, 2008 8:06PM

You are fooling yourself! If he was so unhappily married he has the freedom to file for a separation or a divorce. There is more to this guy than meets the eye. Stay out of it! He's married so let it be. If you really like him then you'll have to be patient to see if he takes the initiative. If you think being his mistress will be good enough then you to think very hard on this one because mistress' generally lose out. If the man does get a divorce and is free of his wife he's been burned from marriage and wants his freedom so you won't fit into his person future equation. I agree. Stay away. Don't get involved with someone already involved. I would even try and refrain from being friends. It might be too tempting. Just move on. His marriage deserves the best chance and cheating on his wife would not help. If the marriage fails then you can approach him, but stay away until then.