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How do you let people know what wedding gifts you want?


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"Asking" for gifts in regards to your wedding can be a tricky, but maneuverable situation. First of all, you should never, ever mention gifts or anything related to them on your invitations. That's the biggest no-no. Most wedding-goers will balk at the idea that you expect gifts. In smaller towns, stores might publish in the local newspaper a list of names of couples who've registered for their wedding. That's one great way to get the word out. However, with the advent of the internet, many larger stores have registry lists online, making it even easier for your guests to get you just the right thing. As always, the best way to get the word out as to where you've registered or what you need in terms of household starters is by using good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Enlist the help of your close family and friends to be the ones to mention where gift-shoppers can go to get you just what you want for your wedding.

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Now that the wedding is called off and if you received 'gag gifts' it is not necessary to return those gifts, but if you were given gifts such as a watch or something else then you should give the gifts back to the people who gave them to you (most of your friends would probably want you to keep the gifts anyway.)

It is considered rude to mention gifts at all (a desire for them OR for none) in invitations (wedding or shower) or "save the date" cards. The most "socially correct" way to let guests know of your wishes is to pass the information along should they inquire about your needs or where you're registered.

You can ask them if you want! Many people will have different opinions. You can also ask an answers website that will answer your questions for ideas for gifts. It is free!

One can purchase 25th wedding anniversary gifts practically anywhere depending on what items one would want to purchase. Establishments that sell Jewelry and accessories such as Zales, usually offer great 25th wedding anniversary gifts. There are also internet retailers, such as Clinique, that can provide more specific gifts to commemorate ones 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

Yes, its your wedding and if you don't want them to be there and they know you don't want them to be there then you can charge them with Trespassing.

I would say, "Cash in lieu of gifts would be appreciated."

It depends on how much money the bride and groom have and if they want to spend extra for wedding favor's.

They want a card or money, but they dont want nothing you bought that has to be taken or wrapped.

Yes. People who care about you will want to know about your upcoming wedding even if they can't attend. They'll want to know your fiance's (fiancee's) name and your anniversary date.

There are no traditional gifts for a 29th wedding anniversary. The modern gift for a 29th wedding anniversary is new furniture. You can give a couple a gift for their home or something that you know they will like for their anniversary if you do not want to use the modern gift idea.

You should never ask for money on a wedding invitation. Instead, you should register for a few items as some people would only buy gifts. You could say we have everything we need but you risk not receiving a gift at all.

Not necessarily. My husband and I opened things received at the wedding later, after the wedding. We definitely didn't want company!

Congratulations! At the bottom where you put 'RSVP' so people can let you know if they are coming or not just put 'Please, no gifts.'

It is inappropriate to make any mention of gifts on an invitation, even to say you don't want them. If you don't want gifts, don't register (if it is a wedding) and spread the word that you don't want gifts. Should anyone ask what you'd like, simply say that you don't need anything. However, some people like giving gifts, and will insist, no matter what you do. In that case, the only polite thing is to graciously accept.

the theme of the wedding is.... if you want to know what the theme is READ IT YOUR SELF

It is just fine to give money instead of a gift at a wedding in England. Some couples prefer the money to buy what they want rather than getting duplicate gifts or gifts that do not suit their lifestyle.

Yes, it is a good idea because it allows the bride and grom to help the people know what they want for a gift

every person want to give gifts which is different from others people gifts. and also time of choosing the gifts you can analyse what am bying.

I want to know where the necklace is from??

i want to know what is the definition of dance perform during wedding ceremony in India

Wrong? I think most people would say no. Generally speaking, your wedding can be anything you want it to be.

I don't think you should if you weren't invited to the wedding. In polite society, gifts are NOT to be expected. If you want to send a gift it is up to you whether you get an invitation or not.

People who want money instead of wedding gifts should appreciate any amount the guest can afford. Don't go bankrupt putting more money into the envelope than you can afford. For moderate income people $60 to $100 is normal.

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