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Having a tubal ligation does not increase your bodyweight. The recovery time for the surgery is around three to five days, and should not pose any form of long-term problem in your current diet or weight loss plan.

Once your doctor clears you back to normal activity, you'd lose weight the same way anyone else would. A healthy diet and excercise.

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Q: How do you lose weight after having your tubes tied?
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Do you gain weight after getting your tubes tied?

I did.

Can You Get Pregnant After Having Tubes Tied and Hysterectomy?


Does having your tubes tied effected your hormones?


Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

What can stop women from having babys?

They can get their tubes tied.

Can you get pregnant after having your tubes tied and a partial hysterectomy?

You should not be able to get pregnant. Just having your tubes tied would be enough to prevent pregnancy, especially if they were cut then tied (tubal ligation).

What are the chances of giving birth after having your tubes tied?

Unheard of.

Do you have to remove IUD before tied your tubes?

There is no need to remove the IUD before (or after) having your tubes tied. Leaving it in will ensure continuous protection.

If you had your tubes clamped 11 yrs ago and are now having pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness can you be pregnant?

Yes, having your tubes tied does not prevent 100% of pregnancies. My sister became pregnant 15 years after having her tubes tied.

Are there any side effects of having your tubes tied and not having your IUD removed?

There are no side effects of having your tubes tied and leaving an IUD in place. There is no pressing need to remove the IUD if you have other pregnancy protection.

Is 27 to soon to have menopause after having your tubes tied?

Here the age is not important, but you have two or three children then you can go ahead and have your tubes tied for safety.

How long after having your tubes tied do you have a period?

2-4 weeks.

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