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How do you lose weight on your abdomen without losing weight on your butt?


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  • Cardio aerobic exercise will lower your body fat percentage and where you lose will depend on your personal body type however it is likely that you will lose some fat all over. If you find that you are losing too much "behind" do some anaerobic exercises with your glutes. The more weight you use the larger the muscle will become. Reps with low weight (or none as in sit-ups) will give you lean muscle on your stomach and heavy weights lifted only a few times will give you larger glute muscles.
  • You cannot selectively lose weight in one area and not another. Do weight lifting exercises that are specific to that area to bulk up the muscles.
  • Unfortunatly, when you lose fat, it goes from everywhere. You should do cardio exercises that lose the fat. But if you want a big rounded bum, do alot of squats and bum-toning exercises.
  • You can do squats and diet. The others are true, but this way you butt will still be nice sized, round and more firm. You could loose weight by dieting, then you shoudl do squats anyway.
  • You cannot. There is no such thing as spot reducing. Let me compare two simple things, fat and blood. You know the fat in your thigh? It isn't called thigh fat, it's fat! You know the blood in your arm? It isn't called arm blood, it's blood! When you go to a blood bank and donate your blood you not only lose it in your arm, but also the rest of your body. The same goes with exercise. If you went for a jog in the morning you burn fat in all parts of your body and therefore you will get thinner everywhere. Sorry.
  • As stated above you can not spot reduce NATURALY, however the only way to remove fat from one area of your body is liposuction or similar surgery. That's is it plain and simple. I wouldn't recommend liposuction, only if you need to remove a little fat or extra skin from your stomach, then it is a viable option.
  • You cannot spot reduce. The best way to lose excess body fat is to combine a quality protein, low carbohydrate diet with cardio exercise (such as brisk walking), and weight training exercisesto build muscle. For more information, see the related questions, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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