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Breast tissue is fat and when you diet and excercise you lose fat. When I diet I lose fat from my legs first, some other people lose it from other places first. Everyone is different. One thing is the same though if you start to lose weight it comes off everywhere. You can't pick and choose where it comes off at or how much comes from a particular place.

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Q: How do you lose weight without losing breast tissue?
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Did maria molina have breast reduction?

Maria Molina does not report having a breast reduction. She did claim that she has lost weight, however. This can result in losing breast tissue over time.

Why did losing weight make my breasts uneven?

I think it's because your breasts can be different in terms of what makes up the breast tissue. If for example, your left breast is largely glands, and your right breast has more fat tissue, they can be even when you are at a certain weight and your breasts have a certain amount of fat. When you lose that fat, your right breast will shrink more than the left.

Why would you suddenly be losing your butt if it used to be nice and round but now it's going away?

maybe you are losing weight when you lose weight you could lode fat or tissue throgh your body like breast tissue if you see that your breast are getting smaler too that could be it. usuely age and gravity makes everything go south u cant have it all for ever lol

How can one have a breast reduction without surgery?

There are two ways that have shown to reduce breast size without having surgery. If you want to decrease the size of your breasts, you can try losing weight. Typically, the first place you lose weight from is your breasts. It has also been found that breast size can decrease from breastfeeding.

How do you keep your breast from getting bigger?

There is no definitive way. However, breasts contain a lot of fatty tissue, so losing weight (or staying skinny) can help keep them small.

Will weight loss affect your breast size?

Yes because your breast is made up of fatty tissue

Do dairy products increase breast size?

No. Your breast size is genetically determined. 1/3 of your breast consist of fat tissue, the other 2/3 is breast tissue. If you gain weight, the fat in your breast will grow along with the fat in other parts of your body and your breasts will become larger. If you lose weight, your breasts will become smaller.

Anorexic without losing weight?

Impossible, actually. Once you're anorexic you are going to keep losing weight, until you are the most anorexic you can be, and then you'll eventually die. Why would you want to be anorexic without losing weight? Isn't that the whole POINT of anorexia?

Is there a way to lose breast fat without gaining muscle?

Only by losing weight in general. You can't spot treat fat zones. Cardio will help burn calories without gaining muscle, though.

Lose 1 stone in a week?

That is losing weight way too fast. If you are losing that much weight, without trying, you may be ill.

Can an object lose mass without losing weight?

No. Mass is directly propotional to weight.

How do you get thicker legs without losing weight?

Do lunges and squates.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

How to lose weight without losing my mind?

Lose Your Weight, Not Your Mind System. Mega Converting Offer!

Does pressing make your breast sag?

pressing does make your breasts sag, yes, but so does having kids, gaining and losing weight, bad breast implants, and not wairing a bra.

How does a fat girl get a boy to like her without losing weight?

He'll like you for who you are

How do you quickly reduce breast size without surgery?

If you are overweight, losing the excess body weight can help reduce your breast size as well. However, this isn't a fast method - it will take weeks or months of weight loss before you see a significant shift in your breast size. Also, some women naturally have larger breasts relative to their frame size. If this is true for you, nothing short of breast reduction surgery is going to change that.

How can you get bigger breasts?

Your physiological makeup (genetic history) determines the size of your breast. Although gaining or losing weight may affect your breast size, the only way to artificially change breast size is through surgery.

How can you weigh yourself without a scale?

You can't directly weigh yourself without a scale, but you can tell whether or not you're losing weight if you use your measurements. They'll be larger or smaller depending on whether or not you're gaining or losing weight.

How can you make your breast bigger?

Implants or gain more weight because fat tissue lines that part of the body.

Does losing weight mean losing muscle?

not nessessarily. You can be losing weight and gaining muscle. :) :) :) :) :)

How can increase breast size without surgery?

There is no way unless you gain weight.

How much do 34DD bra cups weight?

Roughly two pounds. Every women will be different, the density of breast tissue and thus weight is different for everyone.

How do you reduce men breast size?

When you lose weight, weight will naturally be lost in the breast area, however many men struggle to lose weight in that particular area so these men often try to change the fatty tissue into muscle, focussing on weight bearing exercises that tone that area.

How fat man have breast and how it can be controled or removed?

Breasts are fatty tissue. If a man collects enough fatty tissue, some of that will settle in the breasts. First thing to try is simply to go for some weight loss. If you're fat enough to have developed breasts, odds are there are plenty of other health benefits for you from losing weight. If you don't want to do that, then surgery is your only other option.

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