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Muriatic Acid....Be real careful though.

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Q: How do you lower the PH in a swimming pool?
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Related questions

What does rain do to the pH of a pool?

Rain if it is acidic can lower the pH of a swimming pool.

Can you add vinegar to lower pH in your swimming pool?


How do lower pH levels in a swimming pool?

Buy some PH down.

How do you lower the Ph in the inground swimming pool?

add a PH reducer chemical

How do you lower the PH of a swimming pool?

By adding muriatic acid

How do you lower the pH in swimming pool?

You use muriatic acid.

How can you lower the PH level in your swimming pool?

Add Muriatic Acid. Always check your pool chemistry after changing the pH.

How do you lower total alkalinity and pH in swimming pool?

With the addition of muriatic acid.

How could HCI be used in a swimming pool?

To adjust pH and/or lower alkalinity.

What is the pH of swimming pool?

The Ph of a swimming pool should be between 7.2 - 7.6

What will result if sodium bicarbonate is used to lower ph in a swimming pool?

Bicarbonate will RAISE the pH and total alkalinity.

How do you lower the alkilinity of a swimming pool?

You have to know what you are doing. The addition of muriatic acid lowers the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools.

Can you swim after you put pH in swimming pool?

You do not add pH to a pool - it does not exhist as a product.

What pH should a pool be?

a swimming pool it should be neutral pH ie green

What pH is ideal for a swimming pool?


How do you lower pool pH?

You can lower pool pH by adding muriatic acid. Monitoring pH levels in a pool is important for health and water clarity.

Does baking soda lower or raise ph in a swimming pool?

Neither. Baking soda raises the Total Alkalinity. Soda ash raises the pH.

How can you use sodium metabisulfite to lower the PH of your swimming pool when it also neutralizes the chlorine?

No. You will also get a bad smell or odor from your pool water. Where did you get this idea????

What is the pH of a swimming pool?

Ph readings can vary from near 2.5 or lower to 8.0 depending on the test device used. The proper pH should be 7.4 to 7.6 ppm

What is best way to raise ph in a swimming pool?

The best way to raise the pH in a swimming pool is by adding a base to it. Chlorine is an excellent choice.

How do you raise the pH levels in your pool?

raising the pH level of the swimming poolThe recommended pH-range for a swimming pool is between 7.2 and 7.8. To raise or lower pH, alkali such as sodium carbonate (soda ash) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will added to the water. thanks hope it helps you heaps!!

What does rain do to swimming pool chemistry?

Lowers the Ph

Raise ph in swimming pool?

Soda Ash

What does muratic acid do for a swimming pool?

It lowers the pH

What will bicarb of soda do in your swimming pool?

increases ph