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How do you lower the water pressure at the pool filter and increase the pool return pressue?


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May 02, 2008 10:57PM

Back wash for 5 minutes, then rinse for 10 seconds. if you sand is over 7 years old or you've had water issues, chemically clean your filter, or just replace the sand. if its not a sand filter , try running your system with all the baskets in place and the filter out, if your pressure is much better, than replace the cartridge. I found years ago when I had a cartridge filter that I had calcium build up in the filter material I soaked it in acid (a fairly strong mix) for a few hours to dissolve the calcium. The filter worked much better after that. eventualy I ended up putting an extra cartridge beside it to work in parallel and had no more problems at all after that improved the turnover of water no end and didn't have to clean the cartridge filter as often,