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How do you make a 33cc Chinese made Gas 2 Stroke scooter quicker?

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You can purchase a Boost bottle that is about 20 bucks on eBay and attach it to your manifold. 3-5 mph faster and quicker acceleration. Some claim up to 10mph increase.

Or if it is in you, can make your own.

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How do you make a 33CC Gas-powered Scooter go faster?

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Is a 33cc gas powered scooter legal in Illinois?

yes it is very legal iam from there

How do you connect kill switch to 33cc gas scooter?

you run aline to the blak wire

Will a 49cc motor fit on a 33cc scooter without a lot of modifications?

yer it should because it s very similer

Can you hook up a 12 volt light to a 33cc scooter?

Yes, if you have a 12 volt battery and/or a charging system to support it.

Where is the idling screw on a 33cc zooma gas powered scooter?

It's the phillips screw where the throttle cable leads into the choke

Is the X-Racer 6 Human Transportation System electric?

NO it has a 33cc two stroke engine.

What does 33cc equal?

33cc = 33ml

Is a 33cc gas powered scooter legal to drive in wisconsin?

I live in Schofield, WI and yes it is illegal to drive a gas powered scooter on the streets. Even an electric scooter is illegal.

33cc of liquid drainage equals what in liters?

33cc = 0.033 liters.

How many tablespoons is in 33cc?

there are 30cc to a tsp so there are no tablespoons in 33cc

33cc of liquid drainage equals what in ounces?

33cc is 1.12 fluid ounces.

Can a broken clutch cable on a 33cc scooter be temporarily repaired?

Yes it can use a washing line joiner from the hardware store. you will have to slacken the cable and then readjust it, but it will hod for a while.

Is it possible to make a 33cc gas scooter faster?


Does a 33cc zooma scooter require transmission fluid?

Yes but there's a fill line if you overfill some will come out of the transmission screw cuaseing it to bog going up hill and over bumbs

Where can you find an owners manual for a zooma 33cc gas scooter?

Ive looked all over the web with no luck yet but im still trying. ill let u know if i ever find it.

Is a 33cc gas stand up scooter street legal in Toronto ont?

Yes they are I have gone to my local police station in Toronto and asked but I suggest staying on small streets or the cops might bug u

How many ounces in 33 cc?

33cc is 1.1 fl oz

Can you put a 49cc head on a 33cc crankcase?

Normally you cannot do this without modifications.

What is the correct gap for a 16 inch 33cc homelite chainsaw?

.030. thirty thousandth.

Can you ride a 33cc go cart on the side walk?

yes you can you can ride whon on the road if your go kart is fast and you have to have a go kart lisens

How can you make a DBX 33cc gas scooter go faster?

that scooter is a piece of junk i had that last year for my birthday i rode it for a week and broke down the cylinder blew . The only i could fix if i get a new engine and plus that thing has no balls. If you blow the cylider all u have got 2 do is buy a new cylinder head. well on to the point, there are some easy ways make it go faster: 1: open the throttle all the way and look for something keeping it from opening all the way only take little bits off at a time or the throttle could open to far and start to close again. =it should be a little black block= 2:gut the exoust bytakeing everything out of the muffler but leave the empty muffler on or the cops will take the scooter away. 3:PERFORMANCE PARTS!!! I recomend cheap & fast delivery

Where is the restrictor plate on a Tanaka 33cc engine?

It is- on the carb open the throttle all the way and look for something that's stopping it like a little black block take that out and your good to go

How fast is a 33cc motor scooter?

Not to fast. I had one and with stock gearing it would only do like 17 mph, which is extremely slow. But there are small mods you can do to get more out of it, but not a lot. The only mod I did was modify my gearing. I geared it much higher, [from a 16 tooth front sprocket to a 25 tooth]. I could then get approximately 32 mph out of it, which is slow but not horrible. But I blew out the motor on it and now ride a 150 cc Honda scoot, which will do 70+ mph. [Much better on the road!] I would recommend getting a used 50 cc Honda scooter, like a ruckus. The 33 cc scooter will be MUCH slower, and be a pain in the but. They are poorly built in china and mine broke like every other day. The Honda 50 cc scooters actually have a multi ratio transmission. It shifts automatically, and is a CVT. They will go around 42 mph in stock form, much better than 17 mph! They are definitely worth the extra money. They are also street legal, UN like the 33 cc scooters.

Why won't my 33cc engine start?

Check your basics first, ignition, compression and fuel. See if your spark plug is firing, could be worn or simply need cleaning. Check compression, should run on anything over 100lbs. Makesure fuel is being delivered to combustion chamber. Also ensure that your fuel is fresh and not contaminated with water or trash. Oftentimes, contaminated fuel will be apparent due to a flooding condition.