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you can't

Well, if you have a small battery powered weed blower you'd need to figure a way to connect it, and inject some extra gas, but it should work.

AnswerGo to wall wart and pick up a hairdryer. take it apart until you get the motor with the fan blades on it. That should run extremly fast at about 9-18volts depending on the motor. use a drill battery to power it. as for the extra fuel, figure out some way to get another gas line out, and have it hooked up to an electric switch of some sort, and hook that up to a bike pump needle valve thing ( you use it to pump up basketballs ). make some sort of adaptor to the air intake on a carb and fire it up! Also as a heads up, do not, I reapeat DO NOT USE PROPANE AS THE EXTRA FUEL!!! This can and WILL ruin your engine because it does not help lubricate the engine in any way, and could backfire on you resulting in a horrible explosion!


The previous two answers assume a pressure being built "after" the carburetor. That does require an increase in fuel. A simpler solution is to build an air-box "before" the carb and pressurize that. With a pre-pressure setup, the carb itself will deliver more fuel because of the pressurized air being pushed through it. The ideas above for a blower would work, although I prefer an automotive smog pump, due to the heat resistance, and operate it from a belt. I have used these to good results on Briggs engines. It would be heavier than a plastic impellor, but little chips of plastic from a heat distorted fan going into the intake would not be pretty. Propane is not a good idea, although if you are going to blow a small engine, you have already blown the warrantee. Think acetyline and raw O2 from your cutting torch tanks to pressurize the air box. (Use care and a scatter blanket.) I have made 72 horsepower from a Briggs 3.5hp engine. (blown, using O2 and cutting gas, aviation fuel in the tank, timing advanced 2 teeth and started with a drill) It lasted almost a minute, was at 13,000 rpm and accelerating when it blew.

how can ya make a engine go faster (Peugeot 205 1.0)get the fan for the heatermetric from a saxo and build a box up for it so it sirculates the fan n seam weld it up, ad a tube to the center of the box so the center of the fan can draw in air make a tail on the inside of the box so the air is directed off from theside walls to an exaus pipe that goes to the air box, using fuse relay wire and a switch wire up to a permenant live switch. it makes a big difference trust an extera 10mph up a steep hill a got 45mph before 55mph after ok for a £10.00 and a bit off steel n about 2hour making it putting filler over the box (makes it look cool)and prime and respray £8.00 for the prim n paint!! and this is my way! Ashley from darwenon YouTube n check out the vidios, mechanic2007

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Q: How do you make a blower or small turbo charger for a gas scooter?
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defference between a blower and a turbo charger when installed in a petrol engine

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Ya mum

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