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On most 350's, put both sprockets on then turn them so that the dot on the crank sprocket is straight up and the dot on the cam sprocket is straight down. Remove the cam sprocket, put the chain around it and slip the chain around the crank sprocket while placing the cam sprocket back into position, being careful to maintain the orientation. There were a few years around the late 70's where both dots are straight up. You would know right away when you adjust the valves because you would be assuming #1 was up for compression, and one of the rockers would be down to push the exhaust valve open. Rotate the crankshaft one revolution and readjust the valves.

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Where does dot go on cam gear?

Align it with the dot on the crank gear.

How do you get a crank shaft gear fully seated on the shaft?

A round piece of pipe, that fits over the crank snout, and a big hammer.

How do you align the cams and crank on 1997 Kia Sportage 20 4 wheel drive?

there are marks on the timing cover that remains attached to the block and there are arrows on the cams. there is a pointer down by gear on crank and a dimple on gear align these marks

What is timing gear position on a 1975 Chevrolet pickup 454?

the cam gear and the crank gear are dot to dot

How do you convert rotary motion to oscillatory motion?

By the use of a CAM or Gear or Crank shaft.

Timing gear assembly on 3800 series engine?

Its in there all right Runs from the crank shaft and operates camshaft and balance shaft

Diagram of Chevy 350 timing marks?

There are two timing marks on a 350 chev one for the cam shaft gear and one for the crank gear. The timing mark on the crank or the on on the bottom of the motor should be facing straight up and the cam shaft gear should be facing straight down this will put you lined up and top dead center.

Align cam shaft and crankshaft Briggs stratton 6.75?

There will be a mark on both the crank gear and cam gear, these must point directly at each other (the marked teeth will mesh). On plastic cam gears, there are several marks; care must be taken to distinguish the correct timing mark from stray plastic casting marks.

What should the timing be set at after you have replaced the timing chain on a 1994 Chevy s10 2.2 liter engine?

Put the crank shaft at TDC. There is a dot on one of the crank gear teeth. It should be pointing toward the cam gear. Put the cam gear on without the chain. Turn the cam until the hole in the cam gear is pointing toward the crank. In other words, the hole in the cam gear and the dot on the crank gear should be in line. Then simply remove cam gear and apply the chain. The computer does the fine timing. Nothing to adjust.

Is the crank sensor on a 3.5 2003 Nissan altima located inside the oil pan?

no it;s behind the timing belt near the front timing gear o on the crank shaft

How do you set the timing marks on 93 geo tracker crank shaft and cam gear?

For the crank shaft, there is a mark on the oil pump gear which should be straight up, same as the key way if you want to go by that. On the cam the pulley has a mark that should be pointing straight up toward the "V" in the cover behind the pulley. Hope this helps.

How do you align timing marks on 1978 Chevy 350?

With #1 piston at top dead center ( TDC ) on compression stroke. All the way to the top of cylinder. The cam and crank gear dots line stright up over top of each other. Crank gear is at 12 oclock The cam gear is at 6oclock That is the dots.

How do you remove the crank shaft pulley on 1996 Geo metro 1.3l?

How do I remove a pully from the drive shaft. The snap ring that holds pully on has been taken off.Itried a gear puller but it bends the pully.

Renault Megane Scenic wont start when hot?

crank shaft sensor take off and clean it is on the bell housing ofthe gear box

Which gear is used for perpendicular shaft?

Worm gear

Can a neutral safety switch on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala be jumpered across to complete the circuit?

Yes but doing so makes the car unsafe as it will then crank in gear.

How do you set cam timing on an Isuzu 4HE1 turbo diesel?

With the the crank pulley at tdc, the white mark on the cam gear lines up with the center of the rocker shaft.

What is the gear ratio for a 1985 Chevrolet k10 pickup?

What is the gear ratio for a 1985 CHEVROLET K10 pickup

What is a gear shaft on a bmx bike?

It'd be a fairly strange BMX if it has a gear shaft. Most "real" BMXes are single speed, their driveline consists of cranks, a bottom bracket and the rear hub. No gear shaft there.

What is an overdrive gear?

A gear which causes the transmission output shaft to rotate at a higher speed than the transmission input shaft.

How does an engine works and the function of a gearbox?

An engine is a device that converts chemical energy in the fuel to mechanical and heat energy. This mechanical energy is used to drive a crank shaft which is used to power the wheels of an automobile. The crack shaft is connected to a gear-box which changes the speed and torque of the drive shaft. A lower gear (low speed and high torque) is used for acceleration from halt and a higher gear (high speed and low torque) is used for cruising.

What does The pinon gear on the pinon shaft meshes with the?

The pinion gear meshes with the ring gear.

Where are the timing marks on a 98 S10 22 cam sprocket?

The timing marks for the cam sprocket on a 98 S10 is on the front. The marks for the crank shaft is on the oil pump gear.

How do you take a camshaft out of a 1984 fiero?

first you have to remove the engine from the car, second, remove the head cover and remove the push rod. under the intake manifold, remove the wide cover and remove the hydrolic lifter (you might want to replace them) at the front of the engine (strap side) remove the pully and the pully cover. mark the place of the timing shaft with a pen and remove it from the engine. you can now pull the camshaft out of the engine but be carefull becaus the bearing are really delicate. to replace the rebuitl camshaft, make sure you place it in the right position with the crank shaft gear. there is a mark on the camshat and on the crank shaft that must me align.

What is a crank pulley?

Crank pulley Piston connects to the crank shaft. One side of the crank shaft connects to the transmission and the other side connects to the crank pulley. It serves two main purpose. First one is it is used to time the engine (marks etched into it by manufacture) the other is to power other devices such as the alternator or power steering via a belt system (older cars used chain and gear sys). It is usually found closes to the bottom of the engine at the front, just follow the belts to the bottom.