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How do you make simple snow houses using everyday objects?



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The way we (in our youth) used to make our snow houses was to pile snow as high as we could and then pack it down and smooth the pile, (as I remember about 5' high an 5' around) we would then get the garden hose an spray gun, then "MIST" the whole pile, wait 1 hour and MIST again, mist at least 3 times at 10 degrees above 0. Oh! Be sure to put the hose in a warm place between mistings and after use, ( this was a RUDE and valuable lesson I learned from my Father) then all you have to do is make a hole in the pile next to the ground with a shovel and tunnel into the pile an clean the inside out. For those of you who have access or knows someone who has a Snow-blower, you can do this in 1/10th the time and make it much higher an wider. Good-Luck!