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Q: How do you make the heater hotter?
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How do I make my space heater hotter?

Adjusting the controls of the heater itself is the only safe way to make a space heater hotter. Manipulation of the inner workings is a surefire way to start a fire or electrocute oneself.

How can you make the water in your water heater hotter?

Turn up the temperature on the heater. Gas or electric, there is a dial on the controls

Does a pool cover make the pool hotter or cooler?

it depends if you have a pool heater

What does hotter than a cob mean?

Cob is an ancient European masonry heater - often weighing tons. Hotter than a cob means the same as hotter than a heater.

What gets hotter when it gets colder?

a heater

Your heater fan is set to max but only blows out low heat?

The heater fan ONLY blows the air, it does not make the temperature of that air. Your heater temperature controls how hot the air is. Adjust your heater temperature for hotter or cooler air.

How do you beef up an old cars heater and make it blow hotter and heat up faster?

Put in a winter thermostat

Can glasses make people hotter?

it can make u hotter if u say that it can make u hotter

What does it mean when your water heater suddenly keeps heating your water hotter and hotter?

The thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced. You need to disconnect the water heater until you can get it repaired to prevent over heating and a possible fire.

What causes a car heater to blow out less hotter air?

Not enough coolant is running through the system chek for leaks and chek your heater core

How hot is a Geyser?

If a 'geyser' is a home hot water heater, it shouldn't get hotter than 135f .

Should the top thermostat be set hotter in a hot water tank than the lower one?

No, you will have different temperatures of water inside the water heater, which will make it difficult to get a consistent temperature out of a shower valve or faucet. The heater will also not work correctly or efficiently.

How can you make a flame hotter on a Bunsen burner?

Turn the collar and the flame will get hotter

What is mixed with gas to make a hotter flame?


Could a Heater core on a 1500 Chevy will it make it overheat?

No, a clogged heater core will not make it overheat. A leaking heater core will.

How can you make your hot tub hotter?

hotter water turn up the heat using the thermostat on it

Will 1 pool heater work for a pool and a spa or do you need two heaters?

Most people would want the spa hotter, so in that case there is no way to use only one heater.

Is it hotter in the city or country?

The city would be hotter because of all of the pollution they make with the factorys. If there were no factorys or bulidings in a city then a country would be hotter.

How do you make blue colored fire?

make the fire hotter

Can you really make heat by hand hotter then the sun?

Well SOMETIMES Lava can be hotter Depends on the color

What do greenhouse gasses do?

They make everything hotter

How do you make a softball hotter?

add fire

Can salt make a fire burn hotter?


How many earths would make the sun hotter?

Supposedly, the Earth's core is hotter than the surface of the Sun.So, IF the two collided, the material of the Earth's core would make the Sun hotter, at least until or as the material is burned or converted into the Sun's energy. In this theory, only 1 Earth would make the Sun hotter.

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