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Assuming that you have already had a stereo in the car, try this. Start with a wire pair (positive and negative) for a speaker, place one of the wires on a nine volt battery terminal and hold it with your finger or a piece of tape. Then scratch/rub the other wire (speaker wire pair) across the other battery terminal. This scratching/rubbing will produce a static sound out of the speaker that is connected to the wire you are testing. label this wire set with where the speaker sounded off (right rear, or left front, etc.) Repeat this test with all of the speaker wire sets until you have found and labeled each speaker. Next you have to identify the two power wires, the ground wire, and the power antennae wire. The power antennae wire is usually blue. The ground is usually black or can be jumped (with a black wire) to a bare metal bracket under the dash with a self taping screw. The two power wires that remain are battery direct 12V, and switched 12V power. To test which is which, turn the ignition key OFF and remove the key (this requires that you have the car battery connected). With the key off test for 12 volts with a multitester or a test light by touching the ground lead of your multitester or test light to bare metal under the dash and touch the positive lead of the tester to each of the remaining two wires. The one that produces 12V on the tester is battery direct and should be connected to the "memory"/"battery" positive wire of your CD deck. Now put your key into your ignition and turn the ignition switch to "acc" or to "on" NOT "start". Now test the remaining wire for 12 volts in the same manner as above. If it produces 12V now with the tester and not when the key is OFF, this is your "keyed" or ignition" or main power wire. This wire goes to your ignition power wire on your CD deck. Note, If you want to listen to your stereo without the key in hook both of the CD's power wires to the "battery" wire from the car. THIS will drain you battery to death if you leave your stereo on, so be aware!

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Q: How do you match the wires for a cd player of a 1986 chevrolet celebrity?
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How do you put a CD player in a 1886 Camry the wires on the CD player do not match half of the wires that are in the dash I do no have the manual for the CDplayer and the car manual is no help?

go to your local car audio shop and get a installation kit and a wire harness and all the wires will be color coded to match your car and it will be a easy installation

Can you put a CD player in a 1999 ford escort?

Yes. Of course you can. I recommend going to Walmart of or any other store that sells car stereo do it yourself products and buy a wiring plug for that year of car. You match up the wires on one end of plug to factory wires under dash and then match up wires from back of CD player (stereo plug) to the wires on the other side of plug. Then connect the plugand insert player. The factory wires will not match up to the wires from stereo plug and can be confusing (because for example there are 5 factory wires that you will need to match to the 3 stereo plug wires just to get power to the deck) and this way you won't accidentally hook wrong wires up and possibly fry your deck or cause a short in the car's electrical system.

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What could cause a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity to sputter when it goes over 45 mph?

Some possible causes for the engine to sputter: Bad fuel pump not enough pressure Bad fuel injector Bad air filter Bad fuel filter Bad spark plugs or wires

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How do you find an audio wire diagram of a 1986 Chevrolet celebrity?

Best bet is to buy an factory harness adaptor kit and use the wires that are there (if they are, sometimes they only put front or rear or vise versa), but in most cases front and back are there and hook it up that way (speaker wires), power are there if the car came with a radio...hope this answer the ? == == The stock stereo had the wires listed on top of it, if it is not there, look at each speaker to see what color the wires are, the wires to each with a line are negative, other wires there are 2 red hot wires a black ground and if you have it blue is power antenna. one of the hot wires is un-switched (always hot), it is used to keep the clock and light up the display only, the other is for the receiver. There also might be an Orange wire that is not needed for an after market head unit. It is much easier to buy the adapter plugs for the after market unit, those you just match the wires from the unit to adapter color by color. As an after thought, you could hook the power and ground first then test each speaker one at a time to get the fader and balance correct. (it's been about 14 years since I had to mess with wires with the plugs cut off.)