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Take off the inside door panel and see what might be in the way when the new speakers are installed.

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Q: How do you measure what size speakers will fit in your car doors?
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What size is the front speakers in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

The front speakers for this car is 4 by 6, no matter if your car is 2 or 4 doors.

What size of speakers does a 1999 Lincoln town car has in the in side?

6x9 in rear, 6 inches in front doors.

What size are the stock speakers in a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

Car Audio Front Tweeter Size: 2″ TweetersCar Audio Front Speakers Size: 6″ x 8″ SpeakersCar Audio Rear Speakers Size: 6″ x 8″ SpeakersCar Subwoofer Rear Speakers Size: 8″ SubwooferWelcome :)

Size of speakers of 2004 Tahoe?

6 3/4" in front doors, 6 3/4" back doors. 6 5/16" depth for your car radio..

Car Speakers?

form_title= Car Speakers form_header= Jam out in your car with new car speakers! What size speakers do you want?*= _ Have the speakers ever been replaced?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for new speakers?*= () Yes () No

How do you measure car speakers?

In inches diameter

What size speakers 1995 Chevy Silverado?

hello, pretty sure the sizes are 6.5" for the doors and 4x6" for the rear but to confirm you can go to and click "out fit my car" and it will give you sizes and options on new speakers.

What size door speakers can you put in a 1999 ford explorer?

Correct STOCK size is 5" x 7" for front and rear speakers. You have to cut the doors metal to make 6x9 speakers fit. REFERENCE :

How can you tell if the speakers you are buying are going to fit your car?

You need to measure your car and you need to measure the speakers with measuring tape and write the measurements down on paper and bring them with you to the store.

Where are the rear speakers in a 1996 mercury mystique car located?

the rear speakers are located in the back doors. you have to remove the door panels to get at them.

What size are the door speakers on a 2000 grand am gt?

You can go to curcuitcity or put your car info in and it will tell what size all your speakers are.

What size speakers come factory in 95 Mitsubishi eclipse gs?

Go to and they will have all of the sizes of your factory size speakers for your car.

What size speakers are in a two door 2000 Chevrolet tracker?

If you can't find out the size of the speakers in your car on the internet or other sources, just take the existing speakers out and measure. the measurement of speakers is from the edge of the suspension on the speaker itself through the center of the speaker and to the other edge of the suspension of the speaker itself, NOT from the edge of the housing, edge of the metal or screw holes.

What is the speaker size for a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

4x6's in the front doors and 6x9's in the rear deck. You can install 6.5" speakers in the front doors with a simple adaptor plate. You can purchase it in most car stereo stores for about 12 bucks.

What is the purpose of the wiring bundle that comes out from underneath the ashtray in a 1991 Sundance?

I am pretty sure it is just the radio wiring harness. I am guessing your car has no radio, but they put the radio wiring harness in anyway. On our car, which was a two door, the wiring went to both doors. It was extremely easy to put in a radio and speakers. The speaker size requirement for our doors was just a generic size speaker.

What size speakers fit a 1995 Nissan Pulsar?

Get a better car...

What size speakers fit the 2003 Hyundai elantra?

6 1/2 inch for the front doors and 6x9 for the rear deck. You HAVE to remove the back decklid in order for the speakers to come out. They are dropped in from the top. You can also go to to get the specs for your car and the wiring codes.

What size are the front door speakers of a 1992 Lincoln Town car?

5 1/4 This is wrong they are 5x7's. An odd size but there are plenty of speaker solutions for this car. I own a 92 Town car and just upgraded the speakers.

What is the stock speaker size on 1993 Toyota Camry?

The front speakers for this car are 6 1/2 and the rear speakers are 5 1/4 size!

What size car speakers in a 1998 dodge avenger?

front dash tweeters- 3.25" door speakers- 6.5" rear deck speakers- 6x9"

How many car speakers are in a 1992 Mitsubishi diamante?

Six speakers in a 92-96 Diamante.Two on the dash,two in the front doors,two on the rear deck. Ern

What size speakers does an VW Jetta have?

The standard size speakers in a VW Jetta is 6.5 inches in the front and back of car. The tweeters fit in a 3-inch hole.

What size are the speakers on the doors of 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

There are 4 different options on a 2003 Navigator... Use the "Outfit My Car" function on Crutchfield and select the options. They have what speakers will fit... The door speakers are 6"x8"... Here is the link to Crutchfield...

What is the size of a front speaker for a 1998 Subaru Outback?

Crutchfield. These folks sell all things car stereo. You don't have to buy there but they have a lot of information. Speakers at the bottom of the doors are 6-1/2", if that is what you are asking.

What size of speakers fit a 2001 Toyota Echo?

The speakers in a 2001 Toyota Echo measure 4 inches in the dash, 6 1/2 inches in the front door, and 6 inches by 9 inches in the rear deck. The car may not have dash speakers, as they weren't a mandatory option.