How do you open a 2003 S10 hood with a broken cable?

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If the plastic hood release handle broke, you can reach in there and grab the cable with pliers and pull.
Where is the cable broken? They usually break at the handle so just use pliers to pull the cable end sticking out. May help to have someone push down a little on the hood if the latch is dry and sticking. That's usually why they break.
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How do you open the hood of 1999 Voyager if the cable release has broken?

"I had the same probelm with my 92' Voyager, the only thing I could do was to strip the cable's casing until you see the release cable itself, then grip it with a pair of vise grips and pull it. It should release it then. If not look under the front bumper and take a long screwdriver and see if you ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of a '94 Honda Accord with a broken hood release cable?

Finding information about this kind of thing seems to be very difficult on the big wide web... I have a '96 Honda Accord, myself, and after an evening spent taping the wires that were pulled down as the result of the front left tire losing it's tread (very nasty... ripped out the tire well, broke wi ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on a Euro 34 if the cable is not broken but is disconected?

I'm assuming it is disconnected at/near the latch under the hood. Well, I can only think of three ways in... the amount of effort/time/money you are willing to put in will determine your course of action. 1. Take the car to a Chevy dealer and make it his problem... This will yield best results. 2. P ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on a 1997 Honda Accord if the hood latch cable is broken?

There is a rachet right below the hood that you can reach from radiator grill. Take a long thin screw driver, reach it and turn that rachet. You will hear the "click" sound and the hood will pop open. There is a black plastic cover that snaps in place which is covering the latch assembly. You have ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of a 91 Chevy S10 with a broken hood release?

Answer . I own a 92 with the same problem. You have to gain access from underneath with a socket wrench and long extensions to take off the top part of the release that is mounted to the underneath of the hood. I have the cable dropped down with a plastic "T" Handle tied to the end of the cable ( Full Answer )

The cable appears to be broken on hood latch mechanism how do you open the hood?

I just had the same problem with my wife's Buick - may be a similar fix. Take off the grill. The locking mechanism is just off-center and is a metal box. There is a slot in the front of that box that allows access to the latch. I used a (small) flat-headed screwdriver, inserted it into that slot, an ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on a 1986 truck when the cable is broken?

Answer . \nThere is no "Method or process" for doing this, as it depends on where the cable is broken at, and if you knew that, you could elimate everything up stream from there. I have had this problem, in the past, and all I can tell you, is sometimes you have to remove; the bumper, the grill, ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on a 2000 mountaineer the cable is not broken?

Answer . \nI've had this problem with my '99. Try having someone push down on the hood (to reduce pressure on the latch) while you pull the hood release. You can also try pulling hard and fast on the release, but you risk breaking the plastic release handle. The "pull-hard" method was my solu ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on a 1990 Honda civic when the cable is broken?

Answer . \nwell its a half fast way but it werx if ur cable broke on da inside of ur car, all u need to do is grab da inner cable with vicegrips , but if u cant ,cut da outter cable {like stipping a wire} it will expose more inner clamp onto it and give it a tug

How do you open the hood on a 1990 Isuzu Trooper that has a broken cable?

\n. \n Opening the Isuzu Hood \n. \nYou can do this buy removing the plastic front radiator grill. You need to remove indicator lights, then the middle screw, then with a small flat screw driver release the plastic clips just underneath the bonnet. Then put your hand behind the bonnet catch an ( Full Answer )

How to open a hood with a broken cable?

Answer . \nI had the same problem with my 1995 LHS. The only remedy is to carry a set of pliers in your glove box. I replaced the cable handle once but it broke again.

How do you open the hood of a 2000 Dodge Dakota when the cable is broken?

This may not be the best answer, but if you can get under the front end of the truck and stick your hand up next to the battery, fish along the wall and search for a cord about 3/16 to 1/4 of an inch wide. Once you find it, use some wire cutters to cut the cable, leaving enough slack to pull the cab ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of 1992 Chevy Cavalier when the cable is broken?

Stick a long screwdriver between the hood and the the small trim piece in the front middle of vehicle and try to locate the small latch that the cable would pull if it was there. It will take some force but push it to the right when facing the front of the vehicle. After this disengages then you sho ( Full Answer )

How do you open hood on 1992 Chevy van when hood latch cable is broken?

This really worked the other day! Put a wood wedge between the hood & grille piece to make a small opening to get at the latch mechanism (use wood to not mar the paint). Using a 13MM socket, 3/8 drive universal on an 8" min. length extension, put the socket thru the wedged opening to the (2) bol ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood on your cougar when the cable is broken?

my cougar's hood has been broken for about 6 years now, it takes 2 people to open it but one sticks a long screw driver in where you normally would pull on the cable there is like a little button that you push and the other person needs to lift on the hood while you are pushing the button with the s ( Full Answer )

How do you open a hood with the cable broken under the hood.?

Open Broken Hood Latch Answer . \nI have done this in the past on some vehicles. Try to look through the grill and locate the hood latch mechanism. If you can see and reach the cable, grab it with a pair of needle nose plyers or such and pull hard to release the catch. If the cable is not visabl ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood when the cable on the hood latch is broken.?

Hoods . As with any car question it depends on the vehicle. You could try prying the hood open with your hands or taking a flat tool to use for a lever to pry it open. You could also try jacking up the car and if you have a long enough arm you oculd work the latch from underneath. If you know ( Full Answer )

How do you get a hood open on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that has a broken cable?

Often you can remove the grill and access the release, on chevys I have poked around with a hook tool and been succesful. every vehicle is different You may also access the inner strand of wire at the pull handle if this is where it broke . I pulled on my opener and the handle just came out. I co ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of a car when the cable has broken?

If the cable is broken at the handle in the car, you may be able to grap the broken cable with a pair of locking pliers. If you can, pull it while you have someone pushing down on the hood. That will make it easier for it to unlatch. If it's broken where you can't reach it, oh boy, you may be able t ( Full Answer )

How to Open hood on 1989 Chevy s10 with broken cable?

hey there, i had the same problem, but i figured it out! and now I'm gonna help you! grab a screw driver or something like that (thin, "pokey", and not easily broken), I used a SPOON! haha. right under your hood in the middle in the front, well actually slightly to the right and up a little bit ther ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood to a 1989 Chevy Celebrity when the hood cable is broken?

If the hood release cable on your 1989 Chevy Celebrity is broken at the inside pull handle you can simply pull the cable out a bit, then cut off the outer housing leaving the center cable. You can pull on that bit of cable and unlatch the hood. If the cable is broken at the actual hood latch you c ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of a 1996 Ford Ranger if the hood release cable is broken?

you use a medle bar to open it.ovesiley. _______________________________. see this discussion group fourth item down.... however this manual release lever is very hard to get to and is under some pressure, doesn't move easily. the cur ( Full Answer )

How can you open the hood on your 1980 corvette whit a broken cable?

Push out the plastic grommit located in the windshield wiper mechanism through behind each latch. Carefully insert a screwdriver through each now open hole and lift up on latch tang. Each side will require a different length screwdriver. If yours is already broken, I would check out a friends C3. It ( Full Answer )

How do you open 1993 lumina hood with broken cable?

You have to get down under the car and unlatch it from the ground. It can be a real pain but it can be done. You need to look for where the cable leads if you aren't clear where you are looking. Good luck. This always happens to my Lumina during the coldest week of winter when the battery dies.

How can you open the hood of a 92 Pontiac with a broken hood release cable?

It is a little tricky, but can be done. Get under car and look up towards the latch area. Take a screw driver and reach up on pasenger side of latch (top area) and start feeling around (you will not see anything as on top) and push on the release lever (push towards the drivers side). If lucky, you ( Full Answer )

How do you open the hood of a Chevy Venture that has a broken release cable?

Just finished opening a 97 Venture with hood release cable notattached. You need a flat 13mm ratchet, not offset not long, thegear wrench i used was 7".You have 4 bolts, some are easy some arenot, come at the bolt from different angles. Once you get 3(I didlf-lr then rf rr) gently pry up the hood wi ( Full Answer )

S10 hood release broken how to open hood?

Get some wood wedges and hammer them in between the grille and hood just enough to get a wrench to reach the bolts on the hood striker. Remove the striker bolts and the hood will be able to be lifted open.

How do you open hood on explorer when cable is broken?

Depends on where it broke. Inside, you can get to the cable and pull the end with pliers. Half way, you should be able to reach the cable on the front of the radiator support, cut it and pull the cable. If the end at the latch broke, can you get the grill off and then take the latch loose or possibl ( Full Answer )

How do you open a hood with the cable broken under the hood at the latch?

This is a procedure to open the hood when the cable has broken thatis valid for a 2003 Corolla: 1) The cable may be stretched: a) Pull on the hood release handle, b) Get to the cable underneath with some pliers/vice grips and pullit more than what the handle can manage. c) Replace the cable before ( Full Answer )