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Assuming the cable is not broken, I would have a assistant pull on the lever from within the car and then I would go to the front an give the hood a sharp rap right over the catch with the palm of my hand. If cable is not broken, this should get it open . Reajust the catch mechanisim to insure that this does not happen again.I hope this helps you. Mark

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 14:07:38
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Q: How do you open a stuck hood on your 1988 Ford Tempo?
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Why is your Ford Tempo steaming out of hood but the temp gauge is fine?

Have you looked under when it does this ?

How do you open hood stuck Ford Escort?

The hood on my girlfriend's Escort has issues with the hood release. I have always just stuck something in the hood release under the dash while I opened it via the lever under the hood.

Where is the Ford Tempo Air Conditioner service port?

The Ford Tempo Air Conditioner service port is located in front of the hood latch. The low pressure service port is closest to the firewall.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Ford Tempo?

It is under the hood, on the passangers side, right above the wheel well.

Hood stuck on 1994 ford explorer how do you open it you let it close and it stuck part up you can't open by pulling release or hitting the hood?

Reach through the plastic grill and pull cable!!!!!!

Where can you find a diagram of the serpentine belt for a 1994 Ford Tempo?

==Answer == There is a diagram under the hood (on mine, it is in the top left corner of the hood lid), if it is missing or unreadable, get a service manual.

How can you pop open the hood the cable is stuck on 1988 Isuzu trooper 2?

spray it from the inside with wd40 see if that helps...

How do I open the hood of a 1994 ford explorer if the hood safety latch is stuck?

I had the same problem had someone push down hard on the front hood while I pulled the inside hood release then put wd 40 lubricant.

How do you change the headlight bulb on a 92 Ford Tempo?

from under the hood just in front the Battery ( its better if you remove the battery ) on the drivers side and on the passengers side under the hood bar its a twist off

How do I open the hood of my BMW 328i when it's stuck?

on my BMW 3 series da hood cable is stuck how do i open my hood

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Ford Tempo?

Under the hood on the passenger side , above the tire -inner fender -pretty good size.

How do you open the hood of a 1987 Honda Civic when it is stuck?

When the hood is stuck you need to push down on the hood just above the "H", sometimes quite hard. Then the hood release will work and open the hood.

Where can you find the fusebox on a 1988 ford bronco 2?

Generally ford placed the fusebox under the hood on the drivers side by the firewall or under the steering wheel.

Where is the build code location on a 1988 Fiero GT?

If you mean the plant code it is 11th number in the VIN If you mean the sticker with the options, it usually under the front hood stuck to the inside of the hood, BUT I have seen a few on the underside of the rear hood.

How can you open a stuck hood on 96 Toyota tacoma?

You can open a stuck hood by removing the hood latch. The hood latch can be access through the front grill. Remove the code latch retaining bolts. The hood should be free to open.

What is the spark plug gap for a '92 Ford Tempo?

AnswerLook in a plug catalog in any store that sells plugs and it will tell you. Also check under hood decal for this information. If your Tempo is a 2.3 litre. I believe the gap is.54.

Where is the wiper motor located on a 1992 Ford Tempo and how hard is it to change?

If it is anything like a 91 Ford Tempo, then the wiper motor is on the passenger side near the vent duct for the air conditioning/heating system under the hood. There should be a plastic cover over the length of the firewall that covers the vent duct, washer fluid and the wiper motor.

How do you open a stuck hood?

Burn it

What is the spark plug gap for a 1988 Ford F150?

0.044 44 thousands should be on emissions sticker under hood or on rad cover

How do you open an Audi hood when the release cable is broken?

my hood stuck on left side

How do you replace a hood light on a 92 Ford Tempo?

this is a trick. i was fooled by this. you need to turn on parking lights first to see if lamp is really bad. worked on this my self for two hours before i realized what happening. i own a 1992 tempo for 4yrs. seen all these problem on this web site.

How do you find a blower motor resistor in a 1988 ford van?

The blower resistor is usually found attached to the A/C-heater box under the hood.

Where is the computer located in a 1988 Ford F150?

The computer is under the dash on the drivers side near the emergency break pedal. It unplugs under the hood.

What car has the same hood as the 1978 ford ltd?

1973 to 1978 Ford LTD The Mercury hood will not work.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1992 Ford Tempo?

The module is about 6"x4"x2" and has gobs of wires coming out of it, the module is mounted on a bracket under the hood that is bolted to the top of the driver's side front strut.