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How do you open the gas cap on a 1989 Mercedes-Benz?

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Make sure all the door locks are open.

If they are, then just press the left side of the gas cap and it will pop open.

2009-01-04 04:36:09
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How do you open the gas door on a 1989 Mercedes Benz 260 e?

Gas cap door lock is tied into the vehicle vacuum lock system. If the car doors are unlocked than so should the trunk and gas cap door. Gas cap actuator can be accessed from the trunk.

How do you open gas cap on 05 mini cooper?

You can open the gas cap, on your 2005 mini Cooper, by pulling up on the gas cap lever. You can find the gas cap lever next to the drivers seat, on the left-hand side.

How do you open a honda metropolitan gas cap?

Lift the gas cap cover .. Put the key in the cap and turn it...

How do you open a gas cap on Ford Fusion?

To open the gas cap on a Ford Fusion, follow these steps:Open the door to access the gas cap.Place your right or left hand on the gas cap.Grip the gas cap with the hand you placed on said gas cap.Twist the gas cap to the left until it opens.Or, if you're filthy rich like me, you'll just buy a new car when the gas runs out. That way, you don't have to bother with cumbersome tasks such as this.Mahalo.

Where is the gas cap release on a 2010 Ford Taurus?

Push the gas cap door in and it will pop open.

Where is the lever to open the gas tank on a Lexus?

In most models, the button to open the gas cap is located to the left of driver on the dash near the driver's armrest. To open the gas cap, simply press the button.

How do you open gas cap door?

Twist to the left and it should open

How do you open the gas cap on the 2010 Buick Lacrosse?

Push on the door which will spring it open. Turn the cap to the left.

How do you unlock fuel door on 1998 jaguar van den plas?

open the trunk.Right where the gas cap is pull the carpet back to exspose the gas cap area you should see a buttom to manually open the gas cap

How do i open a Gas cap on a Cadillac Eldorado it is stuck how can you open it?

Turn the Gas Cap to the LEFT!!(Counter clockwise) this has been done IT IS STUCK, I a,m not a blonde

How do you depressurize car gas lines?

You open the gas cap and this will depressurize the gas lines.

How do you open gas tank door for toyota 4 runner?

How to open gas cap toyota 4runner 1997

How do you relieve the fuel pressure on a 1997 dodge truck?

open the gas filler cap One way is to remove gas cap

How do you open the gas cap on a cavalier?

Turn The Gas Caps Until It Comes Off?

How do you open the gas cap on a VW Jetta?

turn it turn it

How do open the gas cap for 2008 E350 Mercedes?

1st of all the doors need 2 be unlocked then u pull or push the gas door open and just unscrew the cap

How do you put gas in your 91 Mercury Capri?

open gas flap, and remove gas cap, insert gas nozzle

How do you fix gas tank cover that will not open when lever is pulled?

you replace the spring inside the gas cap that pushes the door open

How do you fill the gas tank on a 1989 Mercedes 190?

To fill the gas tank look for a cut out shape, let into the bodywork of the rear wing then push the front of this cut out shape with your fingers and it will hinge open to reveal a normal filler cap, which you then twist open and remove to refill the gas tank. John T

How do you depressurize the fuel lines on a 1987 Honda Prelude?

open the gas cap

How do you open a gas cap that has a key in it?

On my Ford Explorer , that is equipped with a locking gas cap , I turn and hold the key while I'm unscrewing the gas cap in order to remove it ( to install the cap I don't need the key , just screw it in place ( and in my case I wait until the cap makes a clicking noise )

How do you open the gas cap door on a 2003 Nissan Sentra?

There's a small lever on the front-left side of the driver seat...pull it up a time or two and the gas cap door should open up.

How do you open a gas cap on a 1997 Mercedes-Benz?

Very carefully. Hitler designed all German cars to explode upon opening of gas cap.

How do you add fuel to a 95 Corvette?

Open the rear gas tank flap and remove the gas cap and pour it in.

How do you open the gas cap cover on the 2004 infinity g35?

make sure your doors are unlocked and push it open