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How do you open the hood on a 1990 Isuzu Trooper that has a broken cable?


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2006-10-09 17:22:04
2006-10-09 17:22:04

You can do this buy removing the plastic front radiator grill. You need to remove indicator lights, then the middle screw, then with a small flat screw driver release the plastic clips just underneath the bonnet. Then put your hand behind the bonnet catch and pull the broken cable or the latch and it will open. Good luck


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i have a 1990 Isuzu trooper as well and the speedometer and odometer also quit working, they both come off of a mechanical cable that is attached to the drive train. that cable breaks, and you lose both speed and odometer indications. they are extremely difficult to find, so if you do, write me back...

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If it's a heavy gauge (around 8 AWG IIRC), that's the charge wire to the alternator BATT post. The larger cable (about 4 AWG) goes to the starter.

My 1990 Trooper has a 2.6 L 4 cylinder engine, has 162,000 miles, and has always averaged 23 mpg. 16 city/21 highway.

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the water control vale could be broken or have a broken vacuum line to the valve. If it is cable operated valve the cable could be broken or jamed. the heater core could be pluged

One good and quick way to check it is to pull the vacuum line off of it and see if there is fuel leaking into the vacuum system. If there is, the regulator is bad.

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