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pry it open with a crowbar

2009-05-19 20:22:41
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How can I get into the trunk of 98 Jaguar XK8 battery is dead previous owner rekeyed ignition but not trunk glove door I tried jump starting under hood at the little knob next to the fuse box?

It sounds like you only have a "valet key" My valet key is green. The main key is black. The valet key will not open the trunk or the glovebox. If you do not have a main key you should be able to get one from a dealer using the VIN #

How do you open the trunk of a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 when you've locked the keys inside the trunk and have only the valet key?

I thought that car had a remote trunk switch in the glove box? well anyways you can remove the back seat, or call a locksmith, or have a new master key made using the vin.

Why would only your trunk release button on your key remote stop working?

hi there. i have myself an xk8, 4l -97 model. from my experience if the Valet mode is activated is possible that the button wont work , to prevent the valet to open the trunk. to over run the valet mode, use the ignition key to open the trunk. regards cr4zy_jaguar

Does the Saturn valet key only open doors?

The Saturn valet key will open the drivers door and start the car. It will not open the glove box or the trunk.

What does valet mode mean?

Pressing valet mode locks the glovebox and trunk so that only your own 'proper' key can open them. The valet key cannot open those; it can only operate the engine and the doorlocks. Actually, you have to manually lock the glove box, but other than that the answer is correct. Just make sure you give the valet the green key, not the black key.

Can you use your valet key to drive your Mercedes c280?

No you cannot. that key is only used to unlock the door or trunk from the outside, or lock the glove box.

If You push the valet button in the console and now your trunk gets stuck on 1995 jag think its in the valet mode and cant be opened even by the key what can you do?

Make sure you have the correct key there are two usually the one with the green plastic fob is the valet key and the Black fob is the normal key. You will need the regular key to unlock valet mode a good locksmith could probibly get the cut code from jaguar and cut a new key or call your dealer for a new key. Due to a lack of use you will often find the the master key will fail to open the trunk. If the FOB is not working and you have reset the Valet switch, then your only alternative is to open per the methods described below. Read through the descriptions below and see if it helps answer your particular problem. The Valet key will not open the trunk. The XJ6 X300 series the trunk lock switch is located left of the steering wheel on the instrument panel dash. On the XJ6 (1988-90) no internal trunk switch. On the XJ6 (1990-1994) commonly called the XJ40, the trunk switch is localed on the glove box. "Removing the Backseat" method is not advised since it involves removing the gas tank. You can get a new key cut at the the Jag dealer if you have the VIN # and proof of ownership. But it will cost you about $65. The key type is called "Tibbe" and make sure its the Master key (Black) not the valet key (green), since the valet key will not open the trunk. You should note the if you have not used the master key to access your trunk much, you may find it very stiff. This is very common. If this is the case do be very careful not to over force the key. Try the alternative method below shown in the website. The "trunk release switch" is located on the left side of the steering wheel on the instrument panel dash . If that does not work and often this is the case because of breaks in the wiring harness that often occur inside the trunk at the "right hand side" hinge. If you look carefully after you get the trunk/boot open again you will see where the harness snakes under the RHS hinge. There is an alternative method that is illustrated at the following web site that gives full instructions on how to open the trunk when all else fails by removing the license plate.

Should you tip a valet on the way in or out?

You should tip the valet always when you are going out only.

You only have the valet key how do you open your trunk you could just hit the trunk release button but after hitting the valet button it wont open please help this is for a 1998 xj8 l series?

The purpose of the "Valet Key" is to allow a parking attendant or any other person to operate the car, but not be able to access the trunk where presumably you would store your valuables. The tip of the Valet key is different from the Master Key. It is part of the security systems design. You can use the Valet key to have another master key cut. But as you are probably aware, most locksmiths lack the special machine or key blanks to help you. Jag dealers will charge you a fortune, check the internet I had mine cut by a shop in Australia and had them delivered in the US in 3 days for under $35

How do you fix an alarm system on a 95 Jag XJ6 it won't go into LEARN mode after you rock the valet switch 5 times with the trunk and drivers door open?

the driver's door should only be opened and the trunk,then rock the switch and see how that works

Jaguar 1998 xj8 sport remote programming?

1998 jaguar xj8 Remote Program Instructions you need to open your trunk, turn ignition only to 2nd notch (do not start) toggle your valet switch 4-5 times till you hear a chirp (this indicates the vehicle is now in learn mode) Hold your remote button till lights flash and car will chirp once more to let you know remote has been set.

Can valet keys start the car?

"Valet keys" get their name because they are designed to start the car they're made for as well as lock the doors on that car: two things you'd need a valet to do for you. As an additional safety feature, valet keys cannot open a locked trunk or glove box. The locks on these compartments are designed to only be opened or engaged by the main car key (which is usually a chipped transponder key, smart key, or similar).

How do you reset the valet lockout on a '01 jaguar xj8 The only key I have for this car is the ignition key. Opens doors to.?

to reset it its kinda tricky but u have to remove your rear license plate and the bottom passenger sire , "where the screw goes in" place a screw driver or anything long like that and slide it in up and to the left , once its in there u need to pull it back to the right , u will feel it hook on something , this will open ur trunk then the valet mode is reset

Where is the alarm fuse for a 2000 Jetta?

There is not a fuse that you can pull. If you are asking because you only have a valet key and your alarm is active (goes off for ~30 seconds every time you start the car), try opening the trunk, or trunk then driver door then unlocking all doors, then start the car again. The trunk lock has a switch that disables the alarm when it is opened with the key.

What is the on off switch for located in the glove box of 1999 Mazda millenia?

The switch in the glove box is to de-activate the power trunk switch located on the drivers side door. When leaving your car with a valet, the secondary key will not open the trunk or glove box. Only the primary key has total access.

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How do you install remote key in Jaguar S type?

Try this Programming new key remote # Open your trunk # Turn ignition only to 2nd notch (do not start) # Toggle your valet switch 4-5 times till you hear a chirp (this indicates the vehicle is now in learn mode) # Hold your remote button till lights flash and car will chirp once more to let you know remote has been set.

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How do you open a glove compartment when the key wont open on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

Make sure you're not using the valet key. It will not open the trunk, center console armrest, or the glove compartment. It will only have one side cut, with the other completely uncut.