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basic do-it-yourself tuneup would consist of the following:

replace spark plugs replace distributor replace rotor replace distributor wires replace fuel filter replace air filter replace PCV valve change coolant change engine oil & filter change Transmission Fluid replace windshield wiper blades replace engine belts

NOTE: Would normally recommend changing water pump and timing belt, but it isn't worth the money to do this on an 1987 Accord unless it is in extremely good condition. You will spend around $850 to have this done by a dealer and it is not a job for a "Saturday Mechanic".

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Q: How do you perform a tune-up on an 87 Honda Accord?
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How do you replace a clutch pedal in a 87 Honda Accord?

any information on 87 Honda accord with the clutch/

What engines will fit a 1987 Honda Accord?

I know an 87 honda accord engine will fit.

Will parts from a 93 Honda Accord work on an 87 Honda Accord?

probably not, the accord layout changed quite a bit from 1987 to 1993

Can put 87 Honda Accord brake pads on your 92 Honda Civic?

NO, they will not fit.

What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

What is the recommended octane gas for a 2001 Honda accord v6?


What is the grade of the fuel to be used for Honda accord 2007?

regular... octane 87

How would you swap a motor off of a 1987 Honda Accord into a 1990 Honda Prelude?

i wouldn't swap it, the 87 is carbureated and the prelude is fuel injected, just put the same engine in. the 87 accord engine has less hp .

What grade gas do you use in a 2000 Honda Accord EX Coupe?

Regular - 87

What type of fuel is recommended for 1986 Honda Accord?

Regular unleaded 87 octane.

What kind of oil should you use for a 87' Honda Accord?

10w30 any major brand.

Fuel Relay 87 honda accord lxi?

The 1987 Honda Accord fuel relay switch is attached to the fuel injector pump. The fuel injector pump can be located on the top of the engine near the back.

What is the average mileage of a Honda Accord?

Can't tell you the average, but my 87 LXi has 230000 0n it and runs perfectly.

What kind of gas to put in your new Honda Accord 2013?

The 2013 Honda Accord recommended fuel is 87 octane regular. Using any higher octane fuel will provide no benefit whatsoever and is a total waste of money.

How do you go about recharging the ac on your 87 Honda Accord R-12 is no longer sold?

Have the leak repaired and have it converted to use R134.

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in a Honda accord 1987?

there is not a scanner port on 87 hondas, the ecu will flash the code from the led on top of the computer. dachonda

Why does your 87 Honda accord dx transmission slip and smoke?

It is a sign that your transmission is about to go out, unless you have all the tools i would suggest shop time.

Does a 1986 Prelude have a crash sensor that cuts the fuel supply?

I know for sure that the 87 accord does and I think that all Honda cars have tis feature

How do you reset the break lamp on 1988 accord?

My friend has an 87 honda. If the brake fluid reservior on the 87 is not completely full the level indicator will energize the brake light. Maybe yours is a similar problem. dg_8

Best gasoline for Honda accord 2008 v4?

This is no V4. It is an Inline 4 or a V6. Use 87 Octane Regular fuel any major brand.

Why does '87 Honda accord not idle steady and diesel when shut off carb adjustment how?

diesling is caused by bad spark plugs replace spark plugs

What octane is recommended for a 1989 Honda accord?

87 Octane Regular. Using any higher octane is a total waste of money and will provide no benefit whatsoever. In fact it may cause hard starting. Use only 87 Octane.

Your 87 Honda Accord recently started to die while driving you can turn it on again but it continues to die after driving for a while what could be causing this?

Why does my car die out when I turn on a/c

What octane gas do you put in your 2010 Honda Accord LX?

87 octane regular. The use of any higher octane will provide no benefit whatsoever and is a total waste of money.

How many quartz of oil does an 87 Honda Shadow hold?

An 87 Honda Shadow is a cruiser-type motorcycle made by Honda since 1983. It has an oil capacity of 3.3 quarts.