How do you program the remote garage door opener in a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse sunvisor?

1. Turn off engine 2. Prepare transmitter by erasing all three of the factory default channels by holding down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash. Release both buttons. 3. Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter (garage door remote) against the Homelink transmitter keeping the red light within the Homelink icon in view. 4. Using both hands push the hand-held transmitter button and the deisre button to be programmed on the Homelink transmitter. Do not release the buttons at this time. 5. Hold down both buttons until the red light on the universal transmitter flashes, first slowly then rapidly. When the light flashes rapidly, release both buttons. To program the remaining two buttons, follow steps 3-5. ========================================================================= cut and pasted from same question about 96 eclipse.- cent