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you didn't even answer the question schnazola.what if he wants to run away?like crminal masterminds robbing a bank, its quite possible.we kids think in a different way not that you know anything about this(pfft speaking with an adult?).ok so really want to run away huh?well you'll have to perpare yourself

first you'll need your parents,adults,supervisers out of the houselure them to take out the garbage,walk a pet(say bye bye to your pet :,l), or somethingyou'll then gather the following materials as fast as possible into your backpack or something(get as well as possible):1.valuables(you'll sell $ to buy nececitys)2.profile info(you won't need that until you turn 18, when you do the police search will be over and you're perfectly legal)(having trouble with this?skip it ,you can renew it or something by fingerprints and stuff when you turn 18)3.packable food(don't worry about other food, you can sell some stuff for more food later)4.bottles of water5.compass6.anything you think you'll need(cell phone,protection weapon)

ok now you're ready,go to a public library or something to access this page from now.GL =) (or you can print this page if you think you'll need it)

decide a destination at another state(preferrably far away)~it may take few months but you can do it=D

go to a different state orphanage to be taken care ofor continue alone if you think u can manage it until you're 18(prefferabaly orphanage)

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Q: How do you properly run away from home?
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What age do you have to be to run away from home?

There is no legal age to "run away from home." You can leave home at 18 when you become an adult otherwise it is illegal to "run away" ( that's why it is called "running away.")

How do you run away from home and not being seen?

Run away in the middle of the night.

What is the best time to run away from home without being seen or heard?

It is best to not run away from home at all.

Do cats run away from home?

Some un-neutered males may run away from home looking for a mate.

Why did Bill and Tom Kaulitz run away from home?

They never ran away from home.

What do you do if you want to run away from home?

If you run away from home, it will be way too hard for you out there. You will have to do everything on your own. Do not do it. If you ever run away from home then you might not see your parents again your friends and family will be worried sick and you might not survive.

On average, how many troubled teens run away from home?

On average, every 1 in 3 troubled teens run away from home

When did Benjamin Franklin run away from his home?

he runs away in 1723

How can you get away from your parents?

run away from home get married go die

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia?

If you are 17, live in Australia, run away from home to live with your boyfriend, you can be forced to return home.

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia-?

If you run away from home and live with your boyfriend and are 17 and live in Australia, you can be forced to go back home.

Where can an adult run away from home to?

Anywhere they wish.

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