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The door panel is held on by plastic push pins from the inside. First though remove the window crank if you have manual windows (there's a circlip that needs to be removed around the shaft), you can see it with a flashlight if you shine it onto the shaft while pushing the plastic door panel inward. You also need to remove the inside door handle trim, and the padded arm rest. They are both held on with screws. If you have electric windows and door locks, they must be romoved firs. For the door panel itself, you really need a special tool the auto body industry has which makes the job much easier for loostening the door panel from the plastic push pins. It can be done though if your very careful with a screw driver, and gently pop the push pins away from the panel. Once you've loosened the door panel from all of the push pins,(about 8 or so), then the panel pulls up and out of the slot that the window goes down.

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Q: How do you pull the drivers door panel off a 1996 Chevy suburban?
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