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How do you put a body kit on a car?


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You will need a set of screwdrivers, socket set, clamps(visegrips), drillw/bit marking pen. The new body kit should line up in the same holes as the old parts. but some kits need some adjusting.use the clamps to hold the part in line to make sure all the holes line up. using a screwdriver in one of the end holes to help line up the rest while still use clamps to hold it in place. Drill only if you need to. the fewer the holes the stronger the part joint will be.


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Do a web search on your specific model. Search "Your Make and Model" body kit on google

A body kit is usually composed of extra clip on panels that can be put on a car to make it look like it's been lowered (or for aerodynamic purposes if you're racing). Unless you're referring to the kit of parts needed to raise a vehicle, called a body lift kit.

New body kits for a car can be found online on websites such as: CarID, Body Kits, Cars Direct, Andys Auto Spot, Car Kit Inc or at a local car repair shop.

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Depends on the kit and car.

"Any car that is put on the road in the United States requires at least basic coverage. A mustang being a kit car is eligible for kit car insurance, and for a car such as a mustang it might be worth getting."

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a kit car is a car which you buy parts of it and then assemble it.

A body kit is an attachment to your car to give it more visual appeal and aerodynamic properties that allow it to go fast on and off the track. They are usually made out of carbon fibre to keep the weight down.

There are different ways to define what a boot kit is in a car. A boot kit can be a set of boots or rubber cups that cover joints in the axles of a car. A boot kit can also be an emergency kit that has survival gear in case of extreme weather and breakdown. A boot kit might also be a type of lock put on a wheel of a car so the car cannot be moved. This is done by local police if tickets accumulate on the vehicle and are not paid.

Yes its possible but your going to have to know how to mold fibreglass and carbon fiber and where your bumper attaches to the frame of your car once you find those you can develop any body kit you want.

Insurance will not go up because it doesn't effect the car's stock price . Unless it effects safety features

Learn to buy off the internet you fucing idiot

well your car needs a new body kit because that contributes to the temperature of the car

A Kit car is a car that is bought in parts and them assembled by the buyer after purchase.

Depends on the kit car and its specs

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The light change will depend on the ground effects kit, and how it was installed. If the kit will unbolt then removal should give you access. If the kit is riveted onto or molded into the body then the car may have to be raised to get to the light.

I would say the opposite is true. I've installed a body kit on my car, and I had to remove the bumper reinforcement bars from front and back.. The only way the body kit would fit. I would suggest that you be a responsible and conscientious driver all the more, as you lose a degree of protection.. Other then that, they look good if done well enough.

Yes, you may or may not need a lift kit. Which means the kit will keep the tires from scrubbing the car.

yes, yes you can . for more info

Nope, depending on your experience with cars it can be challenging or extremely simple.

Yes, but it would cost more than the car is worth.

The best thing to do is to get an install kit from walmart. You can then put the casette player inside the kit and put it in the dash that way. You will also need a wiring harness to do it correctly.

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