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How do you put email names in?

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April 25, 2007 7:39AM

It is not clear what you want to put email names into, so I'll guess. To put email names in your list of people that you know, left click on "contacts" or double click on where it says "To:" at the top of a New Message window and look for anything with "ADD" in it. Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express, etc. will all look different, but your address book or contacts list can usually be found and added to by double clicking on the word "To:" of a New Message or anything with the word "contact" or "address" in it. To put email names of who you want to send a message to in the address bar of a message, either double click on the name in your contact list or left click inside the top bar that is next to where it says "To:" in a New Message window and type it. Type the email address in this format: or .net. There must be an @ symbol between the user's name and the email service provider's name followed by either .com or .net at the end. There can be no spaces anywhere. It shouldn't matter if letters upper or lower case. The user's name can have letters and/or numbers or an underlined space called an underscore which which you get by pressing the key between zero and equals while holding down the Shift key. I don't know what else an address can have in it if anything. Here are two examples: Be more specific about what you want to put email names in to if this doesn't help.