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You Plug You're PSP Into The Computer Using USB calbel.Once It's In Open Up You're PSP Folder On The Computer And Inside That Folder Create A New Folder.Make Sure You Call It MUSIC.Then You Get The Music You Want And Drag Or Copy&Paste It Into The MUSIC Folder.Wants You've Finished Just Unplug You're PSP And The Music Should Be On There.

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How do you put music in a psp?


How do you put music on psp without usb cable?

use bluetooth

How can you get music on your PSP?

you will need a USB cable to put music in your pspdownload mp3 music from 4sharedconnect the psp on the computer and open the filewhen you will open the psp file you will see a file named with (music)put the mp3 music that you downloaded before in this filehave fun :)

How do you put a pic from your PC to your PSP?

# Connect the PSP to your PC with the USB cable. # Put the PSP in USB Mode. # Copy your picture or folder containing the pictures to the PSP\PHOTO folder.

Can you put music from your PSP to the computer?

well yes it depends though if you have a usb cable that plugs in from psp to computer. here are the steps. 1. get your psp 2. have the usb cable lugged in to psp and computer 3. have psp on 4. click usb connection from settings in psp menu 5.wait.... 6. on computer your psp folders will pop up 7. click on psp then music and if you have music on there click on it and drag it out onto the desktop 8. then it will show u then you will just need to clikc on it and it should play.

What USB cable work on the psp?

Camera USB cable by placing the small one in psp and Big one in USBcable spot

How do you put music on a sony PSP?

you have to put your psp usb cable in it and the other end to your slot in your laptop/computer you go into your folders and find your music then load up my computer on you laptop/computer and click on the one that says P.S.P and then click on it till it opens up click into your music and then put your music page and the psp music page side by side and drag the music across into the psp and then its on :)

How do you put iso in my psp?

Connect it to your PC with a USB cable, and copy it across.

How do you connect your sony psp to the computer to put stuff onn it?

Put your psp in USB Mode wih a USB cable that you can find forlike $20.00. Or somehow put your psp's memory stick into the computer.

Can you use the dsi usb cable to put music on it?

no it is only a charge cable.

How do you download music to your psp?

You must first connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, your computer should recognize a new USB device. Open the folder dedicated to the USB device and create a folder for your music. Open the music folder and drag music files from your computer to the music folder on your PSP. Once the files are finished copying, the music files will be available on your PSP.

Which type of usb cable do you need for your sony psp?

mini usb (type B)- usb cable

How do you music on PSP from laptop?

you connect a usb cable in the psp at the top and then plug it into the laptop. then it will come up saying windows media click on that and then go on the psp and then you will see a box called music and then right click on it and cut it. then go of that and then paste it and it now works you will be able to put music from your laptop onto your psp.

What happens when you do not have a USB cable for PSP?

you must buy one, it shouldn't be hard to get one as i am using my psp usb cable for my phone

How do you put music on lg phones?

Use a usb cable

How do you download music to a PSP 3000?

You have to plug in the psp with a usb cable to a computer, then you turn on the psp and go to the settings and find "usb mode" turn that on and go into my computer on your PC and click on the jack the psp is plugged into and open the psps music file, then open your file that has your music in it and just drag the music files to the psps file

How do you dowwnload music to PSP?

use a usb cable.. connect it to your psp and your can copy and paste the songs you have on computer or u can just drag them and drop them on the "music" folder

Can you use a normal USB cable for your psp slim?

You need a 'normal' USB A to USB Mini-B cable.

Can you charge a PlayStation portable off a PlayStation 3?

yes you can charge a psp off a ps3. put the psp on USB connection mode, then connect it in a ps3 with a USB cable, there your psp should be charging.

Can you use any usb cable on psp?


How do you transfer files to the PSP from the computer?

get a psp-usb cable attach to the top of your Psp and then your computer usb slot, it will then be in your computer, there you can access it

How do you use PSP cabel?

Put usb cable into the top of your psp, and connect the other end to a usb slot on your PC. Then go into settings on your psp and click on usb mode. A window will appear on your PC giving you the option to view the files on your psp. If not go into my computer and find it there.

Does a PSP slim usb cable work on a normal PSP?

Yes, since they are the same cable. There are two kinds of PSP USB cable, as far as I know: One of them is just the PSP-PC conector. The other one has a battery "plug". They both work, but as far as I can concern, the advantage of the one with the battery plug is that it charges you PSP while it is connected to your PC. But maybe you are confusing the PSP-USB cable with the PSP-TV cable. The TV cable only works on the Slim version of the PSP.

How do you get your psp to connect to the computer without using a usb cable?

There is no way to get your PSP to connect to the computer without using a USB cable. You must use a USB to get one to port to the other.

How do you put music in psp?

(Please note that this is for if you have a windows computer). Get the usb cable (mini usb I think) then connect it to your computer, go to the psp settings and click on usb connection. After that, your computer should beep telling you there's a mass storage device connected, that being your psp. Click on "open folder to view files". Create a folder named MUSIC in all caps if there isn't one already. Then just drag your music into the folder.