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First if your iPod supports videos you then load them into iTunes then connect your ipod and click sync...hope this helps email me for more help and include tech. specs.

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Can you put music videos onto an ipod shuffle?

Are you serious? There is no screen, of course you can't put music videos on an ipod shuffle, how would you watch them?

How do you put Korean music videos on your ipod?

Put the format for your music video in mp4. Then open iTunes, connected to your ipod, and drag it in!

Music video to music videos in iPod?

put it on your desktop then drag it to itunes

What do you put on an iPod?

Generally....MusicVideosPicturesGames (apps for iPod Touch)

How do you buy videos from itunes and put it on your ipod?

open your ipod to the main screen. Then press ITUNES.After choose music & ENJOY :)

How do you put Rhapsody music on your iPod?

In order to put music on an iPod, first put the music into your computer's iTunes (download this if necessary). Once the music is in the iTunes, syncing the iPod should put the music in.

How would you copy songs from your friends ipod to your itunes?

you would have to take your own iPod to that friends house & plug it into her computer. to get the music you want, in the summary section check the box that reads "manually manage music and videos" then you can drag the music to your iPod & it will sync then you can listen to it ORRRR put music on a thumb drive then put the music files you want on it ORRRR put music on a CD

What exactly does ipod music mean?

Well, let's try breaking it down, shall we? An Ipod is an electronic device used to listen to music, watch videos, etc. Music refers to vocal and/or instrumental sound. So, I'd probably assume that "ipod music" is just music you put on your ipod, or music from Itunes, maybe?

Can you put videos on a 2nd Generation iPod Nano?

No, you can't. It doesn't support video. I learned this the hard way after buying a music video. It shows up on your iTunes, but it never transfers to the iPod. Funnily enough, there is a automatic playlist on the iPod titled " Music Videos". Don't be fooled by it.

What is the best music to put on a ipod touch?

The best music to put on an iPod Touch is the music you enjoy.

What is iTunes?

A program you download over the enternet and you use it to put songs, or videos on your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, ect.. itunes is a program that lets u buy music, videos, and games for your ipod.

Can you download music videos on ipod using iTunes?

Yes, iTunes can be used to download music videos or any videos for that matter.

How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.

Do you need itunes to put music on ipod?

yes you do that is the only way to put music on your IPod

Can you put music on a jailbroken iPod Touch?

Yes, you can put music on a jailbroken iPod Touch.

Can you download music videos on the iPod Nano 5G?

no you can not on the ipod nano 5G but if you get a classic or an ipod touch you can

Can you put music videos on the 2nd iPod Nano?

Yes, you can add videos to your iPod Nano. If your video is already in mp4 format, you can drag and drop it into iTunes library. Plug in your iPod to computer, iTunes will detect the iPod automatically, then click iTunes menu "File -> Sync iPod", the mp4 video will be transferred to your iPod.

What can an iPod classic do?

iPod Classics can play music, videos/Movies and hold pictures.

How do you save space on an ipod?

To save space on an iPod, don't put games, music, videos, or photos that you never see or use. This will save you space in the long run.

How can you put music on your iPod for free without itunes?

To put music on you iPod without iTunes is impossible. iTunes and iPod don't they sound a lot alike. So to put music on your iPod is impossible without iTunes.

How can you get tehnoobshow episodes on your ipod?

Do it like you put videos in ipod. download to computer and put it in via itunes.

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