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How do you put on wheel bearings on a van?


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For the front wheel bearings on the Ford vans. It is very easy. first break the lug nuts loose and then then jack the front of the van up. remove the wheel, brake caliper, brake pads, and brake mounting bracked.. Useing a flat head screw driver or small chisel pry the dust cover off of the wheel hub. No this is where it gets very dirty. using the screw driver remove some of the greese that is in there to make it easer. now remove the cotter pin and the spindel nut cap and nut. Now slide the rotor and bearings off at the same time. clean the whole thing with brake cleaner. Now pack the rear bearing with grease and place it in the rotor and pack some grease around it and carefully slide it onto the spindel. now pack the front bearing with grease and place it into the hub. now put the spindel nut on and torque it as per the specs found in most repair manuels. this usally is a two or three step process and then put he locking cap on and the cotter pin in followed by the dust cover and then replace all of the componets that you removed earler in the reverse order . once you have done both sides of the van i would recomend taking the van for a test drive of a few miles to make sure it is handeling correctly and after a few miles pull over and feel the dust covers for excesive heat. if they are hot you may have tightened the bearing too much