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How do you put sand in an above ground sand filter?

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If you are talking about for a swimming pool this is how, 1st you have to unscrew your drain plug & get the water out of the pump, next remove the whole top, there should be a metal ring holding it on. Then carefully start removing the old sand, your insert is in the middle of that. Once all sand is removed, rinse the inside out & fill back up with Flter Sand 2/3rds full & put top back on & fill back up with water.You are ready to go.Hope I was able to help. Drain water from filter, remove the metal ring that holds top on. remove old sand carefully because you have your inside guts in the middle of all the old sand, once it is removed, rinse your pump out with water hose, now you are ready to start putting new sand back in, fill with new sand 2/3rds full, always use swimming ool sand. Hope this helps.

2006-07-17 15:38:35
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Q: How do you put sand in an above ground sand filter?
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How much sand to put in your above ground pool?

you put a couple of inches below the liner of your above ground pool A: Taken literally, why would you want to put sand IN your pool?

Do you have to put sand under an above ground pool?


Do you have to put sand down beofre you put above ground pool down?

Yes by putting an even layer of sand down you will protect the liner from the irregularity's in the ground and absorb impact from above.

What is the best sand to put under an above ground swimming pool?

Fine Mason Sand

How much sand do you put in a 30-gallon Hayword top valve?

Hi..I have a Haywood model s-180t and my manual says (this is for my above ground pool)...150 lbs. of 0.40 -0.55 of filter sand.

What do you put under a small above ground pool to level it?

I just put up an above ground pool and we used sand to level the ground. To level the sand, we used one of those string levelers and tied it to stakes on each side of the pool area to make sure it was all level.

How many pounds of sand should you put under a 14 ft around above ground poo?


How should the ground be prepared before putting up an above ground pool?

removed top soil then put sand down leveled sand tamped it.And your ready to setup pool.

What quantity of sand is recommended for a pool filter?

Your filter will tell you on the side of it how much media sand to put in it.

How do you separate water and salts from sand?

- Put the mixture in water. - Sodium chloride is soluble, sand not. - Filter the liquid. - Sand remain on the filter.

Can an above ground pool be installed on a cement slab?

Yes but you will need to put sand under the liner to protect it from impact.

Can alum be used to clean an above-ground baquacil pool whose sand filter is leaking sand into the pool?

Alum is a floculent and these are often used to settle excessive amounts of dirt to the bottom of pools the are available from pool shops. It sounds like you will need to replace the laterals in your sand filter first so that you don't have this problem in the future. Take care vacuum the settled dirt and flock to waste do not put it through the filter.

How much sand do you put in a pool filter?

Depends on the filter. From 40lb to 1000lbs...

Will an above ground pool on sand level itself out?

Unfortunately, no. If the sand isn't level when you put the pool on top of it, the bottom of the pool will stay uneven after it's filled. Sorry.

What happens when you put brown sand in a pool filter instead of white silica sand?

It could damage the internal PVC of the filter and cause sand to get in your pool.

If you put a sand beach next to your in-ground gunite pool will the sand that ends up in the pool cause problems with the filter?

If you have a sand filter as your filter you may need to remove some of the sand from time to time, But most will be dunped during backwashing. If you have a cartridge filter you may have to clean it more often. If you use D.E. the sand will be dunped when you backwash,Other then that there is no harm. A: Why would you want to be tracking sand into your clean pool? You are just adding more contaminants. YUK !

Is it ok you but an above ground pool on bump ground?

It is ok if you put an above ground pool on a bump.

How can common salt be separated from sand?

1. Put this mixture in water and stir. 2. Filter the suspension on paper filter or other type of filter. 3. The sand remain on the filter and the salt in the filtrate.

How do you change sand in Jacuzzi filter?

1st unplug the filter, open the outlet or drain valve and purge the water out of the filter area while the water is draing loosen the clamps to the pipes or hoses that go too and from the filter. Once the water stops draining remove the hoses or pipes from the filter. 2nd remove the nuts from the top of the round or oval filter section there should be a mim of 12 pull the head off there is a rubber gasket between the head and the body of the filter becareful not to rip it. 3nd remove the sand from the body of filter place the sand on a tarp or buckets so you know how much new sand to put back in the filter. Once you know how much sand it will take to put back in the filter discard the old sand. 4th To put the new sand back in the filter you will need a cover plate I do not remember if it comes with the Jacuzzi filter or you have to purchase it. you need this little device to put the new sand back in. Then reassemble.

How is sand and salt seperated?

Put the mixture in water; salt is dissolved. Filter to obtain separately sand.

What kind of sand is used to put in a pool sand filter?

pool sand, preferably the sharp gritty stuff to catch the junk, NOT fine sand

Why is there dirt coming out of the jets whenever you turn the cartridge filter on after cleaning it?

There is a broken or worn out lateral in the bottom of the sand filter. You need to buy new laterals and put new sand in the filter.

What is the best way to install an above ground pool ON cement?

Put the Framework and sides up drop sand inside of it level it cove up the edges of the sand and fill her up. You need the sand to protect the vinyl on the bottom from the hard cement.

How do you separate a mixture of sand and salt powder?

1. Put the mixture in water and stir. 2. Salt is water soluble, sand not. 3. Filter the suspension: sand remain on the filter and the salt in solution.

What could be used instead of sand under a above ground swimming pool?

Believe it or not I used pea gravel. It was half the cost of sand and just as effective. I used three tons for a 24ft. above ground pool and I also put a tarp between the pea gravel and the pool. No problems at all. Works great for me, but maybe not for everyone.