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How do you put seats from a 2002 Navigator in to a 1998 Navigator?

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It would take cutting and welding of the actual floor pans, with some frame work beneath. I considered this a few years back for my 98 Gator when I seen the new folding seat designs. The problem is the seat frame is completely different and larger. Now the leather skins and most of the cusioning and support would swap out if that helps. Best Regards

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Press the " U " on the lock/unlock switch located on either the driver or passenger door.

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Look up by the parking brake under the dash board. They used to put a sticker there with the master keyless entry code on it.

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How do you disable ignition on a Lincoln Navigator?

put the key in the ignition and turn it clockwise

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What is 99 navigator waight?

It will wait as long as you have it in "park." Put the baby in Drive or Reverse and off she goes!

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