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If it has come out completely, lubricate the disc brake piston and the piston bore (in the caliper) with clean brake fluid. Make sure the dust boot is clean and is seated in the caliper. Using a turning motion (back & forth), roll the lip of the dust boot over the piston and push the piston into the caliper by hand as far as you can go. You'll need a c-clamp and a block of wood (or an old brake pad) so that you can push the piston all the way into the bore. Go slowly as you are pushing and keep an eye on the piston so that it goes in straight with no resistance. You don't want to damage the sides of the piston. If the piston goes to the bottom with no problem, seat the dust boot lip into the piston groove. You'll have to bleed the brakes once the pads are in and the caliper is reinstalled.

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Q: How do you put the rear disc brake cylinder back in the caliper after it is been accidentally pushed out on a 1996 Ford Taurus?
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