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There is a release leaver on the drivers side of car by the back seat of the car. It is just inside the door. You should have two (2) release leavers the top is to fold the front set forward and the other is to open the back lid over the top. If it is a little stiff you may need to Pull up on it while you pull the release leaver(mine is).

AnswerThere's a release lever for the rear deck lid behind the drivers seat near the door opening. The lever is locked and needs a key, or in my case no-key, the lock removed, two Phillips screws. Once the deck lid is un-locked, open the lid and hold it upright and grab the center of the rag top and lift. Note: Both doors must be opened, or the windows get in the way. Two grab catches on the front of the top must be released by pressing in on the red releases. Need more info email me at
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Q: How do you raise the top on a 1991 Mercury Capri convertible?
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