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Q: How do you re-assemble a Springfield Model 67C shotgun?
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What is the value of a 20 gauge Springfield Model 67C pump shotgun?

I would say 100 bucks

What is the age of a Springfield model 67c serial number B240617?

Your shotgun was made by the Stevens branch of the Savage Company. I believe production ended in 1989, but there is not a lot of manufacture date data. You can contact customer service at Savage at (413) 642-4260 for Historical Information

What is the age and value of a Springfield Model 67C?

Basically, mid- to late 1960's through the early 1980's. Value is up to about $150.

Value of a springfield arms 67c 20 gauge 3inch chamber?

give you $130.00 right now

What is the value of a springfield model 67c?

Im not sure about the price but I baught one abpot a day ago for$80.00 hope I got a deal it was in about 85 to 90% condition I would like to know more about it if anyone has any info email me at

What is the value of a 20 gauge Springfield Model 67C pump?

I just bought one for $80.00 and it was in rough shape, I broke it down and cleaned it and cleaned that stupid finish off and stained it and put 6 coats of beechwood casey on it. So I don't know what it's worth now(not much more I'm sure) but it's paid for and it turned out good and CLEAN.

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-67 degree Celsius = 206.15 kelvin.

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000000035 seconds

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I'd have to say yes, as the temps on my my 8800gt (Zotac AMP! edition) are very similar to yours. Idle: 55C and Load: 69 (I was just on BF3 beta on ultra settings, which it isn't supposed to be able to handle from what I've read.)

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Bacteria grows and multiplies much quicker between 8c and 67c. There for keeping perishable items refrigerated slows down this process. Bacteria always needs three things to help it flourish. Heat, time and moisture. Take away one of these and you slow down or even stop growth.

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V1/T1 = V2/T2 Where temperature must be in Kelvins 67C + 273 = 340 K So 140/340 = 50/T2 Find T2 340/140(50) = T2 T2 = 121 K or -152C

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How heat capacity of liquid water is 4.18J g C and heat of vaporization is 40.7 k J mole How many kilojoules of heat must be provided to convert 1g of liquid water at 67C into 1.00 g of steam at 100 C?

Q = ( m ) ( Cp ) ( 100 - 67 ) + ( m ) ( h sub fg ) h sub fg = 40.7 kJ / mole ) 1000 J / kJ ) ( 1 mole / 18.105 g ) h sub fg = 2259 J / g Q = ( 1.0 g ) ( 4.184 J/g - Cdeg ) ( 33 C deg ) + ( 1.0 g ) ( 2259 J/g ) Q = 138.1 J + 2259 J = 2397 J = 2.397 kJ <--------------

What are some free rider tracks?

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1i 18,18 1i -18 1i,-a -u -7g -u -7g 5a 1i 5a 1i 34 -50 34 -50 1i -u 1i##T -2q 3e,T -2q 42,T -2q 4m,T -26 50,T -26 4c,T -26 3o,T -1i 3o,T -1i 4c,T -1i 50,T -u 4m,T -u 42,T -u 3e,T -a 3e,T -a 3o,T -a 42,T -a 4c,T -a 4c,T -a 4m,T -a 50,T 0 50,T 0 4m,T 0 4c,T 0 42,T 0 3o,T 0 3e,T a 3e,T a 42,T a 3o,T a 4c,T a 4m,T a 50,T k 50,T k 4m,T k 4c,T k 42,T k 3o,T k 3e,T u 3e,T u 3o,T u 42,T u 4c,T u 4m,T u 50,T 18 50,T 18 4m,T 18 4c,T 18 42,T 18 3o,T 18 3e,G -7g 4c 2q,G -7g 5a 2q,G -7g 34 2q,G -7g -u 5k,G -68 -u 5k,G -50 -u 5k,B -k -a 8e,B -k a 8e,G u u 8e,G u k 8e,G k -a 75,G u 0 76,G u -a 75,G u a 8e,G u 1i b8,G k -k 5k,G 18 u 8e,G 18 k 8e,G 18 -a 8e,G 18 0 8e,G 0 18 b8,G 0 -k 5k,G 1i a 8e,G -k 18 b8,G u -k 5k,G k 18 b8,G 18 18 9r,G 18 -k 75,B 1i k 8e,B 1i 0 8e,B a 1i b8,B a -u 5k,B -a -u 5k,B -a 1i b8,B 1i -u 6p,B 1i 1i 9r

Ecil model question papers for engineer trainees?

ECIL(Engineers India Limited) Question Papaer Dear All, Vijay Bhaskar Semwal Research Scholar As i appeared in ECIL written exam which held on Sunday 26,2010 December..paper was objective total question=50 Here i am listing the question with answer 1-what does FORK() do? a-create new job, b- create new process.. ANS-b( Create new process ) 2- part of program where the shared memory is accessed and which should executed indivisibly is called- a- shemaphore b-critical section c- mutual exclusion ans -b critical section 3-TNS stand for- Transparent Network Substrate- it enable application to communicate with different network protocol TSNAME.ORA LISTNER.ORA 4.To remove memory used in c we use a- delete b- deallocat c- free Ans- c-(free) 5-maximum number of different boolean function involving 3 Boolean variable a-64 , b-8,c-256,d-3 ans- a-64 -power(2,power(2,n)).. n- boolean variable. 6- a=12.3,b=25.4; if(a=b) printf("vijay" else printf('vinay"); ans- vijay a=12(true) if(a=0) then false 7-a=25 if(!!(a)) { printf("%d",!a); } else printf("no way"); ans25=true !25=0 !0=1(T) will print !a=!25=0 8-if a has cyclometic complexity=3 and b has 3 then sequential of a and b has 2*3-1=6 9-char ch=323 printf("%d%c",ch,ch); ch=323=101000011 as char is 1 byte=8 bit it will round off signed now in 8 bit ch=01000011=67 'C" so ans is=67C

When you bought a pencil at the newsagent you tendered 1 and received 4 coins of different denominations as change how much was the pencil?

This depends on your currency, and what denomination coins are in use. In the Eurozone there are 1c 2c 5c 10c 20c and 50c coins - as well a €1 and €2. So in tendering €1.00 and getting four different denominations in change one could get any of the following 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c. - total 85c - pencil cost 15c 50c, 20c, 10c, 2c. - total 82c - pencil cost 18c 50c, 20c, 10c, 1c. - total 81c - pencil cost 19c 50c, 20c, 5c, 2c - total 77c - pencil cost 23c 50c, 20c, 5c, 1c - total 76c - pencil cost 24c 50c, 10c, 5c, 2c - total 67c - pencil cost 33c 50c, 10c, 5c, 1c - total 66c - pencil cost 34c 50c, 5c, 2c, 1c - total 58c - pencil cost 42c 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c - total 37c - pencil cost 63c 20c, 10c, 5c, 1c - total 36c - pencil cost 64c 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c - total 18c - pencil cost 82c In US dollars there are 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c and 50c coins, as well as $1 coins This gives a smaller range of possible values 50c, 25c, 10c, 5c - total 90c - pencil cost 10c 50c, 25c, 10c, 1c - total 86c - pencil cost 14c 25c, 10c, 5c, 1c - total 41c - pencil cost 59c

Best free rider 2 track ever?

This is the best track ever o6 ce 1mf gs,1m7 gs 1n6 gt 1ob gr 1pj go 1r2 gl 1sm gh 1u3 ga 1vi fv 212 fj 22l f6 248 el 25s e3 27g df 296 cp 2ar c3 2ci bc 2e8 ah 2ft 9k 2hi 8l 2j4 7j 2kk 6d 2m1 53 2nd 3o 2oo 2a 2q3 s 2re -n 2sm -2d 2tv -46 2ut -5h 2vs -6t 30q -88 31n -9n 32j -b6 33f -cl 34c -e4 358 -fk 364 -h3 36u -ii 37n -k3 38e -ll 395 -n6 39t -oo 3ak -q9 3bd -rq 3c5 -tb 3ct -us 3dm -10c 3ef -11t 3f8 -13e,3sd -13o 46i -ik,4fl -qa 51h -4j,58p 6v 58f m5,5bj 7c 5jq m0,50a 3l 5bp 7p,1d -u 15 -13,60 -3c -1i -1i,-d2 -18 -3c 1s,5k -a3 68 -32,-3d 1r o5 CD,629 ba 73h vn,6lg 11h 7dc 1ig,5gu gi 5u2 8l,5e1 eh 5q1 dj,5cv d4 5qe cv,5bs cg 5ro ca,5ci cb 5tt ck,5j0 -al 6ik -7j 6ip -7l,5fc -15q 5f3 -16v,67v -8b 683 -8e,67v -8g 68n 6c,n1 hb n7 hc,-9q -6 -9f -11 -8m -1p -7t -2e -70 -30 -62 -3e -51 -3m -3r -40,-3q -40 -4n -3r -5j -3g -6c -32 -71 -2h -7h -1s -7r -15 -7r -e -7e 7 -6u l,-1g -1g -n -1m 2 -23 q -2m 1k -3e,1g -3c 1h -42 q -4s 1 -5d -13 -5s -24 -67 -37 -6d,-3q -42 -32 -3v,-1a -1i -21 -1e -2r -1f -3s -1i,-32 -42 -2e -3v -1p -3q,7dc 1ii 7e9 1ir 7fd 1j0 7gd 1it 7hh 1ie 7ij 1hq 7jh 1h4 7kp 1gh 7m7 1g7 7nr 1g6 7p8 1gd 7qo 1gp,7pt 1fo 7qo 1g1 7rj 1g9 7se 1gh 7t9 1go 7u4 1gv 7v0 1h4 7vr 1h9 80u 1hi 825 1ht 83i 1i8 855 1ij 86l 1in 887 1ik 89r 1i9 8be 1hn 8cn 1gu 8dd 1ft 8cq 1et 8bp 1e9 8al 1dq 898 1dj 87g 1dc 85l 1d4 83j 1co 81g 1ca 7vt 1bu,7qm 1gq 7rj 1h3 7si 1hb 7tm 1hi 7ul 1hp 7vi 1i1 80g 1ia 81c 1ik 82b 1j0 83e 1jd 84o 1k0 862 1kd 87f 1kp 88s 1ko 8ab 1kc 8bj 1ji 8cl 1ij 8dq 1hl 8et 1gk 8fc 1fb 8en 1e8 8dm 1dc 8ch 1cq 8b6 1cf 89o 1c6 889 1bt 86s 1bj 85b 1b8 83m 1av 81v 1ap 808 1am,808 1am 7ug 1ak 7so 1al 7qv 1aq 7p6 1av 7nd 1b7 7lr 1bh 7kk 1c2 7jk 1cm 7is 1dd 7ig 1e7 7io 1f1 7jj 1fc 7kj 1f5,803 1bs 7v3 1bs 7tt 1bs 7sn 1bt 7rd 1bv 7q4 1c1 7or 1c4 7nn 1c8 7mh 1cg 7lh 1cs 7ko 1db 7lc 1do#5im -2d 5jk -3 5k8 -2a,5k6 -29 5ks -1 5l9 -27,5mf -24 5lf 1,5mf -22 5mu -5,5m2 -q 5mm -q,5o4 -22 5o1 -d,5ni -25 5pa -1v,5pu -1m 5pm -1e,5pm -1c 5pd -s 5pi -d 5q0 -8 5qi -8,5rh -20 5rj -5,5t6 -24 5t3 -a,5rm -t 5t6 -14,5q5 19 5pu 1p 5pu 2a 5q8 2r,5rh 2u 5ro 2f,5rr 2f 5rq 1a 5rj j 5r4 9,5tb 8 5ta 25,5t8 27 5tg 2s,5tk 2s 5u9 2u 5ul 2c 5uh b,5ul 27 5uq 2s,601 g 605 34,5vf n 61b t,62j 2r 61t 3l,62o 27 62k -1,5q5 19 5r5 9,5q6 2p 5rh 2u,462 -AA 446 -8o 46c -6s 44g -5a,48i -a0 488 -5a,48i -9m 49q -9c,48i -7q 49q -7g,488 -5k 4a4 -5u,4ck -92 4b2 -6s 4cu -5k,4eg -92 4eg -5a,4eq -92 4gc -7q,4g2 -7q 4e6 -76 4ha -5a,4j6 -8o 4j6 -4c 4j6 -4m,4j6 -8o 4mk -8e,4jg -6i 4lm -6s,4jg -4m 4m0 -4m,4og -84 4og -3o,4ni -7q 4q2 -7q,5n4 -e2 5m6 -ak,5li -fa 5pu -cg,5pu -bi 5rg -bs,5pu -bi 5pa -AA,5so -bi 5tc -a0 60q -c6,5tm -a0 5pa -84,5uk -92 5so -68,5uk -92 5uu -5u,5u0 -7g 60q -76,62c -6s 60g -5u 61e -50 62c -5u 62c -6s,62c -5u 622 -3e 606 -2g,656 -76 61o -4c,656 -76 65g -4m,63k -68 66o -5k,67c -5a 67c -4c,672 -68 67c -68,68u -5a 68u -3o,68u -50 69s -50 6a6 -3e,3tk -42 3ta -a 3vq 0,42k -u 41m -a 42k k 43s 0 42a -u,47k -u 44g -k 46m 0 44g k,496 -2g 48s 18,496 -26 4ao -26,48s -k 4ae -k,496 u 4ao k,4ck -26 4c0 1i,4ck -26 4eg -u 4ck 0 4e6 1i#T 83b 1i7,T 83t 1i8,T 84c 1id,T 84g 1id,T 84o 1if,T 856 1ik,T 85d 1il,T 85p 1im,T 868 1io,T 86e 1ip,T 86p 1io,T 875 1in,T 879 1in,T 87m 1ih,T 887 1ii,T 88e 1ii,T 88m 1ig,T 889 1ih,T 893 1i7,T 899 1i8,T 89n 1i8,T 8a6 1i1,T 8al 1hp,T 8b0 1hj,T 8bc 1hk,T 8bp 1he,T 8c7 1h9,T 8cj 1h2,T 8cs 1gn,T 8da 1gf,T 8dd 1g4,T 8dd 1ft,T 8df 1fc,T 8db 1ev,T 8d9 1ep,T 8d1 1em,T 8cr 1eg,T 8cl 1e7,T 8c8 1e4,T 8c2 1e1,T 8bm 1dp,T 8bg 1dm,T 8ba 1dk,T 8ar 1d8,T 8aj 1d7,T 8ac 1d7,T 8a9 1d5,T 8a1 1d4,T 89q 1d0,T 89i 1cs,T 89c 1ct,T 891 1ct,T 895 1cm,T 890 1cf,T 88l 1cj,T 88p 1ct,T 88o 1cr,T 883 1cs,T 87b 1cs,T 87h 1cp,T 87o 1cs,T 88c 1cm,T 88d 1ca,T 88g 1ce,T 887 1cp,T 887 1ci,T 884 1cd,T 87t 1c7,T 87v 1cm,T 87v 1cn,T 87l 1cn,T 871 1cm,T 87d 1cd,T 876 1c6,T 86v 1c6,T 867 1c1,T 87f 1ch,T 87t 1ck,T 87t 1ck,T 86c 1cn,T 86n 1c8,T 86q 1cj,T 87k 1cb,T 87i 1c8,T 87e 1cb,T 86s 1cg,T 86h 1c7,T 867 1ca,T 865 1ci,T 866 1cf,T 863 1c8,T 85p 1cb,T 85q 1ci,T 85s 1c2,T 85q 1c0,T 85i 1c8,T 85g 1cj,T 85b 1ch,T 85b 1c7,T 85i 1bs,T 85c 1bn,T 856 1br,T 856 1c8,T 850 1cg,T 84u 1cf,T 851 1bu,T 84o 1bi,T 84p 1c4,T 84o 1cb,T 84k 1c5,T 84n 1bm,T 84g 1bs,T 84e 1bp,T 84e 1bp,T 84d 1bg,T 84c 1c4,T 84c 1cd,T 83o 1j2,T 83p 1j1,T 83q 1ij,T 83p 1ih,T 83r 1ii,T 83o 1im,T 83k 1iv,T 83l 1j8,T 83m 1ir,T 83c 1ii,T 83c 1if,T 839 1ie,T 830 1ia,T 82m 1i7,T 82e 1i2,T 82a 1i2,T 82j 1i9,T 830 1ih,T 83c 1iu,T 83c 1j1,T 833 1iu,T 82s 1ir,T 82j 1ip,T 828 1in,T 823 1ij,T 81p 1i7,T 81o 1i7,T 81o 1ia,T 81s 1ic,T 81v 1i9,T 818 1i4,T 80d 1i0,T 81t 1ig,T 820 1ie,T 824 1ie,T 817 1i6,T 818 1i6,T 81b 1i1,T 81c 1i2,T 80r 1ht,T 80s 1ht,T 80r 1ht,T 80r 1hv,T 80s 1i0,T 80q 1i2,T 80r 1i0,T 80r 1hv,T 80b 1hp,T 80b 1hq,T 80a 1hs,T 80a 1hb,T 801 1hp,T 7vn 1he,T 7vr 1hn,T 7vj 1hm,T 7vd 1hj,T 7vc 1hk,T 7uv 1hk,T 7uu 1hh,T 7uu 1he,T 7uu 1hd,T 7un 1hd,T 7ul 1hc,T 82r 1b6,T 839 1bb,T 83c 1b9,T 83l 1b9,T 83u 1bb,T 843 1bg,T 842 1bm,T 842 1c0,T 841 1c5,T 83q 1c7,T 83o 1c6,T 83k 1c4,T 83e 1c2,T 83c 1c2,T 837 1c2,T 831 1c1,T 831 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1b2,T 7se 1bb,T 7s9 1be,T 7ru 1b9,T 7s1 1b8,T 7s8 1b7,T 7rq 1b4,T 7rs 1b8,T 7rb 1bg,T 7rl 1bd,T 7rg 1b7,T 7ra 1b8,T 7rd 1ba,T 7rh 1bc,T 7ri 1be,T 7rh 1bg,T 7r0 1bj,T 7qv 1bf,T 7r2 1b9,T 7qr 1b8,T 7qj 1b7,T 7qg 1b8,T 7qn 1bi,T 7qe 1bk,T 7qe 1bg,T 7qj 1ba,T 7qj 1b7,T 7q3 1bd,T 7q0 1bl,T 7q3 1bl,T 7q1 1bl,T 7q6 1bd,T 7ps 1ba,T 7pm 1bc,T 7pc 1be,T 7p7 1bi,T 7pc 1bi,T 7pd 1bi,T 7pc 1b9,T 7pc 1b8,T 7p4 1b6,T 7p1 1ba,T 7ot 1bg,T 7oo 1bm,T 7om 1bj,T 7op 1bh,T 7ov 1bd,T 7oh 1be,T 7oe 1bi,T 7oc 1bn,T 7o8 1bo,T 7nv 1bq,T 7o4 1bi,T 7o2 1bc,T 7nt 1bd,T 7nl 1bq,T 7nj 1bs,T 7n8 1c5,T 7n5 1br,T 7nb 1bn,T 7nh 1bj,T 7n5 1bj,T 7mm 1bl,T 7mh 1bo,T 7ll 1c4,T 7nj 1bm,T 7nb 1bn,T 7mi 1bs,T 7mk 1bu,T 7mt 1c1,T 7mq 1c1,T 7mo 1c1,T 7mi 1c1,T 7mc 1c1,T 7m4 1bv,T 7m1 1c1,T 7m1 1c1,T 7ln 1cc,T 7lj 1ce,T 7lo 1c5,T 7le 1c5,T 7l9 1cc,T 7la 1ch,T 7l6 1cn,T 7l3 1cj,T 7l3 1cf,T 7kr 1cd,T 7kj 1ci,T 7kh 1cs,T 7kp 1cp,T 7kp 1d0,T 7k0 1d6,T 7k9 1dc,T 7k9 1d9,T 7kd 1cr,T 7ka 1cs,T 7jn 1d6,T 7jr 1dh,T 7kh 1di,T 7ki 1dk,T 7k0 1dm,T 7jc 1dg,T 7j3 1dp,T 7j4 1dv,T 7jb 1e3,T 7jn 1du,T 7k7 1dn,T 7ko 1dl,T 7kq 1dp,T 7kl 1e0,T 7jq 1e5,T 7k3 1du,T 7ke 1do,T 7kl 1du,T 7kc 1e1,T 7k7 1e2,T 7jf 1e3,T 7j5 1eb,T 7j9 1eh,T 7je 1em,T 7ji 1eo,T 7js 1en,T 7k0 1em,T 7k7 1em,T 7k9 1eh,T 7kg 1ea,T 7ko 1ea,T 7uc 1hf,T 7ts 1h8,T 7tq 1h8,T 7th 1h8,T 7t5 1h7,T 7ss 1h5,T 7sn 1h1,T 7se 1gt,T 7sb 1gu,T 7rm 1gr,T 7rf 1gr,T 7r6 1gm,T 7qr 1gk,T 7qk 1gk,T 7qa 1gf,T 7q3 1ga,B 14b dg 2q,B 13h df 2u,B 12m df 2q,B 14u dl 8g,B 14v dl 8e,B 14d dk 3c,B 13s di 30,B 13r di 5k,B 12a dg 2s,B 11r dg 2q,B 101 da 2c,B vb da 2q,B ui d6 33,B tu d0 38,B 11c df 2q,B 10o df 2q,B 104 df 2q,B tp cn 39,B t7 ck 3a,B sl ck 2q,B rs ck 2q,B p9 CD 2u,B oh c7 3s,B nl bt 38,B mq ba 4a,B m8 b7 2q,B kr aj 3p,B jb a4 3e,B is a1 37,B hs 9d 41,B gr 8q 3b,B gi 8k 3v,B g7 8i 32,B fu 8d 47,B f4 88 35,B eb 85 32,B do 7s 3c,B di 7r 3l,B d4 7k 3l,B cb 78 3j,B bu 75 3c,B bi 70 3a,B ar 6m 3g,B 1f3 f6 9g,B 1dp et 35,B 1cu ej 3f,B 1c5 eg 2u,B 1aj ee 2q,B 19s e4 3l,B 193 dq 3g,B 18h dn 35,B 1nn fl 9r,B 1lq fe 30,B 1l1 fe 2q,B 1k3 fc 2u,B 1j8 f9 31,B 1gl f7 2r,B 1e3 eq 30,B 19v ed 2v,B 17j dn 3b,B 14d d5 37,B 1ni g4 1t,B 1p1 g4 2q,B 7s 2d l6,B 2pn e ch,B 1s4 g0 dk,B 206 f6 dp,B 230 e5 d2,B 2ed 9f ch,B 291 c0 cp,B 2jq 64 ci,B 2rr -2e ca,B 50j 4b cr,B 525 46 CD,B 510 3n d5,B 53i 4q d2,B 559 5e cl,B 56p 5j cv,B 54e 4g df,B 533 43 dc,B 55m 5b d6,B 554 4q db,B 56k 67 db,B 58n 6c cq,B 57f 5v d4,B 59o 6j cq,B 57b -77 ie,B 59k -5j jm,B 57q -69 i3,B 59h -3n j5,B 58r -5b id,B 5ap -2k i0,B 5cb -1t ik,B 518 -2k d5,B 52o -17 cc,B 547 -1 cu,B 55n 11 db,B 57o 1v d5,B 592 39 d1,B 5eh -l ir,B 5fs 29 ip,B 5fp 3r ie,B 5a5 53 da,G 5ut im cr,G 64f mm d2,G 69l pq cj,G 6fa te cr,B 633 bo hp,G 635 bg h9,G 63n c7 hp,G 62m br hs,G 654 d7 hh,G 67n e8 gq,G 6dh ia j7,G 6im lf iv,S 51m -4o,B 5bk 83 di,B 5b3 7p e0,B 5c9 8d d2,B 5c1 9a d4,B 5cv 86 cp,B 5c9 8q do,B 5bi 7s d0,B 5ct 95 do,B 5co a5 d8,G 5f1 81 d2,G 5dh 6n da,G 5fu 9r cq,B 5ga cb bu,B 5hu CD bc,B 5jh c9 bc,B 5l2 c9 m8,B 5n8 bt ll,B 5p0 b6 l6,B 5qh 9r lj,B 5sh 94 kl,B 5pu ah l9,B 5rh 9i lq,B 5ta 97 lg,B 5qh ah ku,B 5oa bn le,G 5i6 b6 cc,G 5m9 an bh,G 5ot 9r m0,G 5rp 8h ld,G 5k4 b9 br,G 50l -15o h0,G 55e -15l h7,G 58c -15c h1,G 5a9 -10a hv,G 522 -12l gl,G 51b -10v g8,G 4qg -150 fp,G 55v -11f h3,G 5bt -13k gn,G 4q9 -107 fe,G 53f -vg gf,G 59f -ur IQ,S 5ij -ai,S 5i2 -a1,S 5hc -9e,G 5n4 a4 m7,G 5p8 8b mc,G 5qn 80 lm,G 5or 97 m2,G 5ns 8v m9,G 5or 9j b9,G 5od 86 m7,B 5q5 8p m3,B 5pc 9g lm,B 5ob 9u lq,B 5ni aj MD,B 5rn 8l lq,B 5ni -AA gn,B 5p4 -ac gk,B 5s3 -9p h9,B 5tm -9m gs,B 5vh -9q hb,B 614 -9g hv,B 60c -9g hn,B 5pk -6i eq,B 5tm -68 j4,B 5u0 -7g jm,B 5pa -8e e2,B 630 -3o jm,B 614 -4m jm,B 5uu -5u jm,B 5o2 -5k e2,B 5m6 -4c e7,B 5jm -26 e7,B 5io a e9,B 63u a je,B 622 -u jq,B 60q -2g jh,B 5mg -3e ea,B 5ls -1s ef,B 5kk 26 e2,B 5kk -u e6,B 5ne -26 dg,B 5o2 -3e e2,B 5pk -34 e0,B 5mq -k e5,B 5kk k e4,B 63u 0 jl,B 60q -3o Jo,B 5vi -5k jm,B 5t2 -76 j5,B 48s -l8 gs,B 4bc -l8 gs,B 4d8 -kk he,B 4hk -ka i9,B 4i8 -HQ j0,B 4eq -k0 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-5u,T 42u -5k,T 420 -7q,G 4hu -c6 li,G 4fo -cg m3,G 4d8 -d4 cr,G 4j6 -de l7,G 4ke -fk k3,G 4is -HQ j2,G 4gc -jc ha,G 4di -ka gs,G 4ck -ka gm,G 48i -jc ed,B 4fe -bs m9,B 4h0 -cg ll,B 4ha -cg lq,B 4fo -cg lu,B 4gm -cg lu,B 4i8 -cq l9,B 4gm -bs lp,B 4i8 -bi lu,B 4jq -d4 l3,B 4lm -do ka,B 4ko -fa k8,B 4k4 -h6 jq,B 4h0 -jm h5,B 4ii -jc ie,B 4j6 -io in,B 4hk -jm i9,B 4i8 -j2 ir,B 4eg -k0 i1,B 4ae -k0 fk,B 4b2 -jm g1,B 47a -ie ed,B 488 -HQ eb,B 48i -hg ff,B 47u -hg fa,B 4eg -au k4,B 4di -9c k8,B 4ck -8e kd,B 4c0 -7g ku,B 4bc -68 l3,B 4d8 -7q kh,B 4di -9c kl,B 4f4 -au k4,B 4f4 -9m k4,B 4eq -84 js,B 4ds -7q k5,B 4d8 -7g k3,B 4bm -76 k4,B 4ca -6i k8,B 4ae -5k lo,S 46m -k0,S 47k -kk,S 48i -ku,S 49g -l8,S 49q -li,S 4a4 -li,S 4a4 -m6,S 4bm -m6,S 4di -n4,S 4gm -oc,S 4fe -n4,S 4eg -ne,S 4di -n4,S 4d8 -n4,S 4cu -mg,S 4ca -m6,S 4b2 -ls,S 4ae -ls,G 3vg -4m cf,G 3vq -6s e2,G 3vq -92 f1,G 41c -ak g6,G 42a -a0 hi,G 404 -8o gs,G 3vq -6s ed,G 3vg -3o ch,G 420 -3e ca,G 43s -34 m5,G 45e -34 ll,G 47k -4m kt,G 47k -6i kh,G 47k -5u ko,B 44g -no lq,B 41m -34 CD,B 438 -3e bv,B 43i -2g bu,B 420 -2g c6,B 40o -8e gs,B 412 -ak g5,B 404 -84 gc,B 3tu -68 e9,B 404 -8o e7,B 42u -9m fq,B 46c -9m i9,B 44g -ak i2,B 47a -8e i5,B 47a -5a j4,B 470 -42 l8,B 46m -34 m0,B 45o -34 lq,B 44q -2q ma,B 446 -3e mg,B 42k -2q c6,B 40e -3o d0,B 40e -4c CD,B 404 -6s f0,B 3us -6s f1,B 3v6 -6i er

What is the best free rider 2 track?

-r 1e 2b 1g,2g n 5n p,69 1n 69 26,6a 26 78 26,9r 50 ao 50,bt 7s ca 88 cp 8c,ge ci fd d4,cm ei co f6 dm f3,ei gg eh h7 fi hj,he i5 i3 i3 i3 hh,ks kt dn nu,ak q7 ak qo bq qo,7m qb 8u 10d 9u 11l bt 12c e8 12e fd 11v,ha 14f id 14f,ir 15f ir 160 k1 160,ju 16t ju 17m l0 17n,jk 1c8 uu 1dp,10v 1f2 10t 1fo vv 1fo,u5 1jl u5 1k9 t2 1kh,ls 1r2 qg 1v5,st 20u st 21n ro 21n,q1 236 pu 244 p3 242,bg 700 e1 77t fe 79f hf 7an ko 7bq mt 7bv,mt 7c0 oa 7bl p8 7aq,1jn 8tn 1kj 8tn,1jm 945 1nj 9c4 1oo 9dc 1qv 9e7 1uf 9en 20f 9ee 21i 9dl,3gt d11 3nm d1q 3rh d29,287 9c0 29p 9c0,2fm 9hm 2gk 9hm 2gm 9h2,20l bpo 2bc c1j,2ot crh 2ot cs5 2o1 cs5,3i7 mu4 3bi n5u,33c nem 33c nff 327 nfe,2om nr0 2om nrs 2no nrq,1sb qht 1sb qiu 1rm qiu,1j5 rco 1j7 rdc,1cn riu 1q5 rj0,1dv riu 1dv rgg 1em rgs 1eu rh6 1eu rho 1eu ri9 1em rif 1e0 rit,1e7 rhg 1e7 rho 1ee rho,1ee rhl 1ee rhe 1e5 rhh,1fs riu 1fr rht,1fu rhv 1gb rho 1gb rim,1fp rgv 1fr rhb 1ga rhb,1gb rhb 1gb rgq 1fm rgq,1hg rh6 1hg rir,1io riu 1it rih 1ic rij 1ic rhv 1j0 rhr 1iv rhb,1it rh9 1ic rhc 1ic rgn 1j4 rgd,1j4 rgb 1ic rfi,1ib rfg 1h3 rgg 1hd rh6,1km rfi 1km rhl,1ll rfg 1ll ri2,1n1 rfg 1n6 rhm,1oe rf1 1of rhg,1k5 ri7 1l3 ri7 1l5 rif,1l3 rif 1ka rij,1ka rif 1ka ri7,1li ri7 1lv ri4 1lu rif,1lp rie 1lg rie,1lg ria 1ll ri2,1mq ri5 1nj rht 1nj rih,1ng rie 1mv ri7 1ms ri4,1oa rht 1om rhm 1om ri9,1oj ri9 1o7 ric 1oc rhm,1e0 rb8 1hg rf1 1mn rf5 1ql rc2,1k5 rdf 1kj rcr,1e0 rb8 1j8 rcq,1ke rcu 1qj rc0,1ja rcq 1jo rd1,1ki rcu 1k2 rd2,1k3 rd2 1k9 rda,1fq rc4 1g0 rcg 1fp rcl 1fk rc8 1ft rc3,1fl rc6 1fo rc9 1ft rc9,1fq rc9 1fo rc6,1fo rc5 1fr rc5,1jm rd1 1j7 rdb 1hf rf0,1k4 rdf 1mm rf4,1hr rel 1id rej 1ig rf0 1im reh 1j0 rev 1j4 rei,1j4 rej 1jh reu,1ji reu 1jp reg 1k3 rf0,1k1 reu 1k9 reg 1kg rer 1kq ref 1l0 reu 1l7 ree 1lh ret,1lg ret 1li red 1m3 rf0,1j6 rdb 1jb rdj,1ja rdj 1is rdp 1j1 rdr 1ii re2 1in re8 1hu rei,1k4 rdd 1k5 rdu 1kj rdu,1ki rdu 1ko re5 1la re7 1l4 ree 1lk ree,1nf ref 1r3 red 1r4 ril,1r3 ril 1pu rk2,1r3 ril 1s2 rjv,1p0 rj1 1p5 rk6 1su rk5,1q3 rei 1q3 ree,1q3 rec 1ps rgd,1q5 ree 1sv rgc,2bd c1k 2e7 c3e,205 l8m 20n lh1,23j ocg 22u od6,231 qoc 226 r2n,218 vb6 20l vbt,3a6 gh3 3gf gla,462 i8u 47q igv,4g6 jg3 4e6 jkt,41g l32 47r l7o,56d n22 51g n5l,47q q9v 47q qak 479 qag,40o tra 41q tug,31g 12kl 31a 12o2,2pb 1513 2pv 151p 2qo 152c 2re 152u 2s2 153e 2sq 153r 2ti 1546 2ud 154f 2va 154l 30a 154r 31c 154v 32c 1551 33d 1553 34g 1555 35q 155b 375 155j 38m 155q 3a2 155t 3bg 155r 3d0 155n 3eg 155g 3fp 1557 3h1 154q 3hu 154b 3io 153n 3jc 152p 3k3 151m 3kr 150g 3lo 14v4 3mg 14ts 3n8 14sf 3o1 14qv 3os 14pd 3pn 14nq 3qk 14m6 3ri 14ki 3sg 14it 3tf 14h6 3ue 14fe 3vd 14dm 40d 14bt 415 14a4 40q 148c 3vv 146m 3uu 1459 3ts 144l 3sl 144j 3ri 144t 3qm 1457,4ab 173a 4an 175m,4ds 18ud 4ef 190q,4jv 1cr2 4p9 1d0r,63d 1fjk 6b5 1fqc 5uj 1fr0,63d 1fjk 641 1fj5 64m 1fio 65f 1fid 668 1fi4 672 1fht 680 1fhn 698 1fh8 6am 1fgp 6c2 1fgj 6dj 1fgg 6f5 1fgi 6go 1fgr 6id 1fh7 6k3 1fhl 6lm 1fib 6n7 1fj7 6on 1fk4 6q5 1fl6 6re 1fmb 6si 1fnk 6te 1fp1 6u0 1fqe 6u9 1frk 6ua 1fsv 6u4 1fu1 6tl 1fv4 6t2 1g04 6se 1g18 6rm 1g2g 6qm 1g3k 6pf 1g49 6o3 1g4m 6mq 1g50 6le 1g5b 6ju 1g5m 6i6 1g5p 6g9 1g5m 6ec 1g5k 6cf 1g5j 6ah 1g5i 68i 1g5j 66k 1g5j 64q 1g4r 634 1g3t 61f 1g2u 603 1g1r 5v3 1g0p 5uf 1fvk 5u5 1fuh 5u4 1ftg,5u4 1ftg 5u4 1fsk 5u6 1frr 5ud 1fr7#28 1f 2i m,5k p 68 1p,74 24 9p 4t,ai 4t bu 7t,cn 89 gc ch,fe d2 ci ei,dl f1 eg gh,fc hf hf i3,i3 hk kq kr,dl NT ah qa 7k qd,f9 11q hd 14h,ib 14d is 15d,k0 161 jr 171,kt 17m Jo 1c7,us 1dn 10t 1f0,103 1fk u5 1jl,t9 1ke m3 1r4,qf 1v7 ss 210,rq 21o pt 23b,-9 -2p 2a ecc,1kk 8tl 1jl 946,21g 9dk 28c 9c0,29m 9c0 2gi 9h3,2dr d74 2o3 cs4,2ou crl 2tm cd2,2rq c48 2rl c4i,20m bpm 2fn 9hk,3bh n5q 33c nep,33c nes 3i6 mu3 2ms goa#O 68i 1fiv,O 690 1fiq,O 68s 1fj0,O 68n 1fiv,O 68k 1fiv,O 68m 1fiv,O 68m 1fj0,O 68m 1fj0,O 68m 1fj0,O 5un 1fqp,O 5un 1fqk,O 5us 1fqf,O 5v0 1fq6,O 5v0 1fq5,O 5v3 1fpu,O 5v3 1fpr,O 5v6 1fpn,O 5vk 1fpf,O 5vl 1fpa,O 630 1fk0,O 63i 1fjk,O 63i 1fjk,O 63c 1fjt,O 62r 1fka,O 62e 1fkc,O 622 1fpf,O 620 1fpd,O 61t 1fpd,O 677 1fp5,O 677 1fp0,O 675 1fot,O 670 1fok,O 664 1fo5,O 661 1fo2,O 65v 1fnt,O 654 1fn2,O 648 1fmb,O 645 1fm6,O 641 1flv,O 63s 1fls,O 63m 1flk,O 63d 1flb,O 638 1fl6,O 62r 1fl0,O 62p 1fl0,O 62o 1fks,O 62h 1fkk,O 62c 1fkf,O 62f 1fkn,O 63d 1flg,O 63r 1flu,O 64i 1fmg,O 64p 1fmn,O 651 1fmv,O 65e 1fnb,O 65o 1fnl,O 661 1fnt,O 66g 1foc,O 66r 1foo,O 672 1fot,O 67h 1fpa,O 61r 1fp5,O 61r 1fp7,O 5vu 1fpk,O 604 1fpk,O 60g 1fpk,O 60j 1fpk,O 60n 1fpk,O 60v 1fpk,O 619 1fpi,O 61b 1fpf,O 61j 1fpf,O 61q 1fpf,O 62c 1fph,O 62e 1fph,O 62k 1fph,O 630 1fph,O 632 1fph,O 635 1fph,O 63d 1fph,O 63i 1fph,O 63r 1fph,O 643 1fph,O 643 1fph,O 64a 1fph,O 64d 1fph,O 64i 1fph,O 64p 1fph,O 651 1fph,O 656 1fph,O 656 1fph,O 65g 1fph,O 65i 1fph,O 65q 1fph,O 65v 1fph,O 667 1fph,O 66e 1fph,O 66o 1fph,O 674 1fph,O 67e 1fph,O 67e 1fph,T 69i 1fpf,T 67u 1foc,T 67f 1fnv,T 66o 1fnc,T 662 1fmq,T 65l 1fm4,T 63f 1fq5,T 63n 1fq5,T 641 1fq2,T 65b 1fq2,T 65j 1fq2,T 670 1fq0,T 694 1fpf,T 68q 1fp7,T 67p 1fo6,T 67c 1fnv,T 65c 1fm1,T 64o 1fl8,T 64j 1fld,T 66c 1fni,T 670 1fo9,T 681 1fpa,T 69e 1fq5,T 69s 1fq5,T 688 1fq5,T 659 1fq2,T 62i 1fq5,T 5vg 1fqd,T 5v1 1fqd,T 607 1fq5,T 612 1fq5,T 62p 1fpt,T 64g 1fpt,T 681 1fpt,T 66c 1fpu,T 63v 1fq3,T 61m 1fq8,T 601 1fqi,T 60r 1fqi,T 627 1fqa,T 641 1fq5,T 657 1fq3,T 677 1fpu,T 68q 1fpu,T 694 1fpm,T 68d 1foh,T 66u 1fmu,T 66k 1fma,T 659 1flu,T 64b 1fko,T 641 1fkk,T 63u 1fkc,T 63p 1fk5,T 63l 1fk0,T 63l 1fjv,T 63b 1fjm,T 68b 1fiq,T 68k 1fin,T 68v 1fiq,T 68i 1fio,T 68f 1fis,T 68d 1fit,T 68l 1fio,T 68g 1fio,T 68f 1fiv,T 68p 1fj1,T 68u 1fit,T 68u 1fit,T 68u 1fil,T 68p 1fin,T 68n 1fin,T 68p 1fij,T 691 1fij,T 691 1fij,O 3vt 146r,O 3vt 147o,O 405 148p,O 40j 148p,O 40u 1490,O 3v0 146v,O 3u3 146v,O 3u3 146n,O 3th 146n,O 3v0 146n,O 3th 146n,O 3ue 1480,O 3th 145q,O 3us 146d,O 3vq 147a,O 3vt 1480,O 405 148i,O 40c 148i,O 3vq 1487,O 3vm 148e,O 3vb 1483,O 3v4 147l,O 3v4 1476,O 3ui 147d,O 3v0 1476,O 3v7 1476,O 3vt 148t,O 401 1490,O 3vq 148p,O 3vm 1483,O 3vi 147a,O 3vb 147d,O 3vb 147d,O 3ui 146g,O 3ul 146r,O 3v0 146n,O 3v0 146k,O 3ue 146k,O 3u7 146d,O 3u7 1462,O 3ts 145c,O 3t9 145c,O 3ua 145u,O 3su 146g,O 3su 146g,O 3t6 146n,O 3to 146k,O 3tv 1469,O 3u7 145q,O 3t9 1469,O 3ua 146k,O 3to 1465,O 3th 1465,O 3t2 1469,O 3up 1465,O 3sr 1462,O 3t6 145c,O 3sn 144t,O 3su 1454,O 3sc 145f,O 3to 1465,O 3tk 1465,O 3tk 1465,O 3to 145j,O 3to 145n,O 3to 145n,O 3th 145u,O 3td 1462,O 3t9 145u,O 3t2 1469,O 3t9 145u,O 3t2 145j,O 3sk 145j,O 3sg 145n,O 3sg 145q,O 3t9 1465,O 3t6 146d,O 3sk 146g,O 3s5 146d,O 3s5 1462,O 3s5 145u,O 3sc 145f,O 3sc 145c,O 3sc 1454,B 3ui 149b 10,B 3th 14c0 v,B 3sg 14e8 o,B 3rf 14gl l,B 3p3 14ks u,B 3nu 14ng o,B 3ll 14rm s,B 3kl 14tv f,B 3if 1515 12,B 3i1 1530 q,B 3g3 153p 11,B 3er 1548 1i,B 3d8 154j 1j,B 3b6 1551 22,B 391 1551 2q,B 38b 154r 2q,B 35o 154k 2s,B 331 1548 2s,B 30t 153u 32,B 2un 153m 2u,B 2s5 152j 3h,B -v 14 o5

What is a list of all Military Operating Specialties -MOS- for the US Army?

Immaterial & Personnel Special Reporting CodesOfficer00A Duties Unassigned00B General Officer00C Relieved from Duty; Sick in Hospital or Quarters00D Newly Commissioned Officers Awaiting Entry on Active Duty for Officer Basic Course Attendance00E Student Officer01A Officer Generalist01B Aviation/Infantry/Armor/MI Immaterial01C Chemical/Engineer/MP Immaterial02A Combat Arms Generalist02B Infantry/Armor Immaterial02C Infantry/Armor/Field Artillery/Engineer Immaterial03A Infantry/Armor Immaterial05A Army Medical Department09G National Guard on Active Duty Medical Hold09H US Army Reserve on Active Duty Medical HoldWarrant001A Unqual in Auth WO MOS002A Patient003A Student004A Duties Unassigned011A Brch/MOS Immaterial019G National Guard on Active Duty Medical Hold019H US Army Reserve on Active Duty Medical HoldEnlisted00D Special Duty Assignment00F MOS Immaterial National Guard Bureau (NGB)00G MOS Immaterial US Army Reserve (USAR)00S Special Duty Assignment AFSC00Z Command Sergeant Major09B Trainee Unassigned09C Trainee Language09D College Trainee09G National Guard (NG) on Active Duty Medical Hold09H US Army Reserve (USAR) on Active Duty Medical Hold09J GED Completion Program09L Interpreter/Translator09M March 2 Success09N Nurse Corps Candidate09R Simultaneous MBR Program09S Commissioned Officer Candidate09T College Student Army National Guard Officer Program09W Warrant Officer CandidateInfantryOfficer11A Infantry OfficerEnlisted11B Infantryman11C Indirect Fire Infantryman11X Infantry Recruit (status upon infantry initial entry training; turns into 11B or 11C)11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant (Rank 1SG)Corps of Engineers Branch (EN)CMF 21 changes to CMF 12 effective Oct 2010Officer21A Engineer, General21B Combat Engineer21D Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer (FCCME)Warrant210A Utilities Operation and Maintenance Technician215D Geospatial Information TechnicianEnlisted21B Combat Engineer21C Bridge Crewmember21D Diver21E Heavy Construction Equipment Operator21F Crane Operator21G Quarrying Specialist21H Construction Engineering Supervisor21J General Construction Equipment Operator21K Plumber21L Lithographer21M Firefighter21N Construction Equipment Supervisor21P Prime Power Production Specialist21Q Transmission & Distribution Specialist21R Interior Electrician21S Topographic Surveyor21T Technical Engineering Specialist21U Topographic Analyst21V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator21W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist21X General Engineering Supervisor21Y Topographic Engineering Supervisor21Z Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant62B Construction Equipment RepairerField Artillery (FA)Officer13A Field Artillery OfficerWarrant131A Field Artillery Targeting TechnicianEnlisted13B Cannon Crew Member13C Tactical Automated Fire Control Systems Specialist (13C and 13E merged into 13D)13D Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist13E Cannon Fire Direction Specialist (13C and 13E merged into 13D)13F Fire Support Specialist13M MLRS/HIMARS Crew Member13P MLRS Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator13S Field Artillery Surveyor (to be del Oct 2010)13T Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crew Member (replaces 13S & 13W)13W Field Artillery Meteorological Crew Member (to be del Oct 2010)13X Field Artillery Enlistment Option (turns into 13B, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, or 13W)13Z Field Artillery Senior SergeantAir Defense Artillery (ADA)Officer14A Air Defense Artillery OfficerWarrant140A Command and Control Systems Technician140E Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Tactician/Technician (Patriot Systems Technician)140X Air Defense Artillery (ADA) ImmaterialEnlisted14E Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer14J Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator/Maintainer14M Man Portable Air Defense System Crew Member14R Bradley Linebacker Crew Member (to be del Sept 2009)14S Avenger Crew Member14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer14Z Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior SergeantAviation (AV)Officer15A Aviation, General15B Aviation Combined Arms Operations15C Aviation All-Source Intelligence15D Aviation Logistics (to be del Sept 2010)Warrant150A Air Traffic and Air Space Management Technician150U Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Operations Technician151A Aviation Maintenance Technician (Nonrated)152B OH-58A/C Pilot152C OH-6 Pilot152D OH-58D Pilot152E ARH-XX Pilot152F AH-64A Pilot152H AH-64D Pilot153A Rotary Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific)153B UH-1 Pilot153D UH-60 Pilot153E MH-60 Pilot153L UH-72A Pilot153M UH-60M Pilot154C CH-47D Pilot154E MH-47 Pilot154F CH-47F Pilot155A Fixed Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific)155E C-12 Pilot155F Jet Aircraft Pilot155G O-5A/EO-5B/RC-7 PilotEnlisted15A Aircraft Life Support System (ALSS) Repairer15B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer15F Aircraft Electrician15G Aircraft Structural Repairer15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer15J OH-58D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer15K Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor15M UH-1 Helicopter Repairer15N Avionics Mechanic15P Aviation Operations Specialist15Q Air Traffic Control Operator15R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer15S OH-58D/ARH Helicopter Repairer15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer15U CH-47 Helicopter Repairer15V Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer15W Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator15X AH-64 Armament/Electrical Systems Repairer15Y AH-64D Armament/ Electrical Systems Repairer15Z Aircraft Maintenance Senior SergeantSpecial Forces (SF)Officer18A Special Forces OfficerWarrant180A Special Forces Warrant OfficerEnlisted18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant18E Special Forces Communications Sergeant18F Special Forces Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeant18X Special Forces Candidate18Z Special Forces Operations SergeantArmor (AR)Officer19A Armor, General19B Armor (in an armor slot)19C CavalryEnlisted19D Cavalry Scout19K Armor Crew Member19Z Armor Senior SergeantTelecommunications Systems Engineering FAOfficer24A Telecommunications Systems Engineer24X Designated Telecommunications Systems EngineerSignal Corps (SC)Officer25A Signal, GeneralWarrant250N Network Management Technician251A Information Systems Technician254A Signal Systems Support Technician255Z Senior Signal Systems TechnicianEnlisted25B Information Technology Specialist25C Radio Operator Maintainer25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager25F Network Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer25L Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer25M Multimedia Illustrator25N Joint Networking Nodal System Operators/Maintainers25P Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer25Q Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator25R Visual Information/Audio Equipment Repairer25S Satellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer25T Satellite/Microwave Systems Chief25U Signal Support Systems Specialist25V Combat Documentation & Production Specialist25W Telecommunications Operations Chief25X Senior Signal Sergeant25Z Visual Information Operations ChiefJudge Advocate General (JA)Officer27A Judge Advocate General27B Military JudgeWarrant270A Legal AdministratorEnlisted27D Paralegal SpecialistInformation Operations FAOfficer30A Information Operations OfficerMilitary Police (MP)Officer31A Military PoliceWarrant311A CID Special AgentEnlisted31B Military Police31C Radio Teletypwriter Operator, Installer and Maintainer31D CID Special Agent31E Internment/Resettlement Specialist[Strategic Intelligence FAOfficer34A Strategic Intelligence OfficerMilitary Intelligence (MI)Officer35C Imagery Intelligence35D All Source Intelligence35E Counterintelligence35F Human Intelligence35G Signals Intelligence/Electronic WarfareWarrant350F All Source Intelligence Technician350G Imagery Intelligence Technician350Z Attaché Technician351L Counterintelligence Technician351M Human Intelligence Collection Technician351Y Area Intelligence Technician352N Signal Intelligence Analysis Technician352P Voice Intercept Technician352S Signal Collection Technician353T IEW Systems Maintenance TechnicianEnlisted35F Intelligence Analyst35G Imagery Analyst35H Common Ground Station (CGS) Analyst (to be del Nov 2010)35L Counterintelligence Agent35M Human Intelligence Collector35N Signals Intelligence Analyst35P Cryptologic Linguist35S Signals Collector/Analyst35T Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator35W EW/SIGINT Recruit35X Intelligence Senior Sergeant/Chief Intelligence Sergeant35Y Chief Counter Intelligence/Human Intelligence Sergeant35Z Signals Intelligence (Electronic Warfare) / Senior Sergeant/ ChiefFinancial Management (FI)Officer36A Financial (formerly 44A)Enlisted36B Financial Management Technician (formerly 44C)Psychological Operations (PO)Officer37A Psychological Operations37X Psychological Operations, DesignatedEnlisted37F Psychological Operations SpecialistCivil Affairs (CA)Officer38A Civil Affairs Officer38X Civil Affairs, DesignatedEnlisted38B Civil Affairs EnlistedSpace Operations FAOfficer40A Space Operations40C Army AstronautAdjutant General/Army Band (AG)Officer42B Human Resources Officer42C Army Bands42H Senior Human Resources OfficerWarrant420A Human Resources Technician420C BandmasterEnlisted42A Human Resource Specialist42F Human Resource Information Systems Management Specialist42R Army Bandperson42S Special Army Band MemberPublic Affairs FA/CMFOfficer46A Public Affairs, General46X Public Affairs, GeneralEnlisted46Q Public Affairs Specialist46R Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist46Z Chief Public Affairs NCOUSMA Stabilized Faculty FAOfficer47A USMA, Professor47C USMA, Professor of English47D USMA, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science47E USMA, Professor of Law47F USMA, Professor of Systems Engineering47G USMA, Professor of Foreign Languages47H USMA, Professor of Physics47J USMA, Professor of Social Sciences47K USMA, Professor of History47L USMA, Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership47M USMA, Professor of Chemistry47N USMA, Professor of Mathematical Sciences47P USMA, Professor of Geography and Environmental Engineering47Q USMA, Professor and Associate Dean47R USMA, Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering47S USMA, Professor of Physical Education47T USMA, Professor of Leader Development and Organizational Learning47U USMA, Professor of Military Art and ScienceForeign Area Officer FAOfficer48B Latin America48C Europe48D South Asia48E Eurasia48F China48G Mideast/North Africa48H Northeast Asia48I Southeast Asia48J Africa, South of the Sahara48X Foreign Area OfficerOperations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) FAOfficer49A Operations Research/Systems Analysis49W Trained, ORSA49X Untrained, ORSAForce Management FAOfficer50A Force DevelopmentResearch, Development & Acquisition FA/Acquisition, Logistics & Technology CMFOfficer51A Systems Development51C Contract and Industrial Management51R Systems Automation Acquisition and Engineering51S Research and Engineering51T Test and Evaluation51Z AcquisitionsEnlisted51C Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Contracting NCONuclear and Counterproliferation FAOfficer52B Nuclear and CounterproliferationSystems Automation Officer FAOfficer53A Information Systems Management53X Designated Systems AutomationEnlisted55G Nuclear Weapons Technician (defunct)[Chaplain (CH)Officer56A Command and Unit Chaplain56D Clinical Pastoral EducatorEnlisted56M Chaplain AssistantSimulations Operations FAOfficer57A Simulations Operations OfficerStrategic Plans and Policy FAOfficer59A Strategic Plans and PolicyMedical DepartmentMedical Corps (MC)Officer60A Operational Medicine60B Nuclear Medicine Officer60C Preventive Medicine Officer60D Occupational Medicine Officer60F Pulmonary Disease/Critical Care Officer60G Gastroenterologist60H Cardiologist60J Obstetrician and Gynecologist60K Urologist60L Dermatologist60M Allergist, Clinical Immunologist60N Anesthesiologist60P Pediatrician60Q Pediatric Sub-Specialist60R Child Neurologist60S Ophthalmologist60T Otolaryngologist60U Child Psychiatrist60V Neurologist60W Psychiatrist61A Nephrologist61B Medical Oncologist/Hematologist61C Endocrinologist61D Rheumatologist61E Clinical Pharmacologist61F Internist61G Infectious Disease Officer61H Family Medicine61J General Surgeon61K Thoracic Surgeon61L Plastic Surgeon61M Orthopedic Surgeon61N Flight Surgeon61P Physiatrist61Q Radiation Oncologist61R Diagnostic Radiologist61U Pathologist61W Peripheral Vascular Surgeon61Z Neurosurgeon62A Emergency Physician62B Field SurgeonDental Corps (DE)Officer63A General Dentist63B Comprehensive Dentist63D Periodontist63E Endodontist63F Prosthodontist63H Public Health Dentist63K Pediatric Dentist63M Orthodontist63N Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon63P Oral Pathologist63R Executive DentistVeterinary Corps Branch (VE)Officer64A Veterinary Corps OfficerWarrant640A Veterinary Services Food Safety TechnicianMedical Specialist Corps (SP)Officer65A Occupational Therapy65B Physical Therapy65C Dietitian65D Physician Assistant65X Specialist Allied OperationsNurse Corps (AN)Officer66B Community Health Nurse66C Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse66E Perioperative Nurse66F Nurse Anesthetist66G Obstetrics and Gyneco66H Medical-Surgical Nurse66N Generalist Nurse66P Family Nurse PractitionerMedical Service Corps (MS)Officer67A Health Services67B Laboratory Sciences67C Preventive Medicine Sciences67D Behavioral Sciences67E Pharmacy67F Optometry67G Podiatry67J Aeromedical Evacuation70H Medical Plans and OperationsWarrant670A Health Services Maintenance TechnicianMedical CMFEnlisted68A Medical Equipment Repairer (warrant officer-see 670A Health Services Maintenance Technician)68D Operating Room Specialist68E Dental Specialist68G Patient Administration Specialist68H Optical Laboratory Specialist68J Medical Logistic Specialist (warrant officer-see 920A Property Accounting Technician)68K Medical Laboratory Specialist68M Hospital Food Specialist68P Radiology Specialist68Q Pharmacy Specialist68R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist68S Preventive Medicine Specialist68T Animal Care Specialist68V Respiratory Specialist68W Healthcare Specialist68X Mental Health Specialist68Z Chief Medical NCOHealth Services FAOfficer70A Healthcare Administrator70B Health Services Officer70C Comptroller70D Information Systems Manager70E Patient Administrator70F Human Resources Manager70H Plans, Operations, Intelligence Training, and Security70K Medical LogisticsLaboratory Sciences FAOfficer71A Microbiology71B Biochemistry71E Clinical Laboratory71F Research PsychologyPreventive Medicine Sciences FAOfficer72A Nuclear Medical Science72B Entomology72C Audiology72D Environmental Science and EngineeringBehavioral Sciences FAOfficer73A Social Work73B Clinical PsychologyChemical (CM)Officer74A Chemical, General74B Chemical Operations and Training (to be del Oct 2010)74C Chemical Munitions and Materiel Management (to be del Oct 2010)Enlisted74D Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Operations Specialist (formerly 54B)Additional skill identifiersL3 Technical Escorting.LI Master Fox Scout (SL 3 and 4 only).L4 Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS) (SL I thru SL 4).L5 NBC Reconnaissance.P5 Master Fitness Trainer.2S Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).4A Reclassification Training.Special skill identifiersE Military MountaineerG Ranger8 InstructorL LinguistM First SergeantP ParachutistQ Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA)R Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) ResponderS Special Operations Support PersonnelX Drill SergeantRecruiting and Retention CMFEnlisted79R Recruiter Noncommissioned Officer79S Career Counselor79T Recruiting and Retention NCO (ANG)79V Retention and Transition NCO (USAR)Logistics FAAs of 1 Jan 2008, all officers from Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordnance branches who have attended the Captain's Career Course, with the exception of EOD officers (89E), will be transitioned to the new Logistics branch.Officer90A Multifunctional LogisticianTransportation (TC)Officer88A Transportation, General88B Traffic Management88C Marine and Terminal Operations88D Motor/Rail TransportationWarrant880A Marine Deck Officer881A Marine Engineering Officer882A Mobility OfficerEnlisted88H Cargo Specialist88K Watercraft Operator88L Watercraft Engineer88M Motor Transport Operator88N Traffic Management Coordinator88P Railway Equipment Repairer88T Railway Section Repairer88U Railway Operations Crew Member88Z Transportation Senior SergeantAmmunition CMF, Mechanical Maintenance CMF & Ordnance (OD)Officer89E Explosive Ordnance Disposal91A Ordnance OfficerWarrant890A Ammunition Technician913A Armament Systems Maintenance Technician914A Allied Trades Technician915A Automotive Maintenance Technician915E Senior Automotive Maintenance/Senior Ordnance Logistics Officer919A Engineer Equipment Maintenance TechnicianEnlisted89A Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist89B Ammunition Specialist89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer (formerly 63A)91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (formerly 63B)91C Utilities Equipment Repairer (formerly 52C)91D Power-Generation Equipment Repairer (formerly 52D)91E Allied Trades Specialist (formerly 44E)91F Small Arms/Artillery Repairer (formerly 45B)91G Fire Control Repairer (formerly 45G)91H Track Vehicle Repairer (formerly 63H)91J Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (formerly 63J)91K Armament Repairer (formerly 45K)91L Construction Equipment Repairer (formerly 62B)91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer (formerly 63M)91P Artillery Mechanic (formerly 63D)91W Metal Worker (formerly 44B)91X Maintenance Supervisor (formerly 63X)91Z Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor (formerly 63Z)Quartermaster Corps (QM)Officer92A Quartermaster OfficerWarrant920A Property Accounting Technician920B Supply Systems Technician921A Airdrop Systems Technician922A Food Service Technician923A Petroleum Systems TechnicianEnlisted92A Automated Logistical Specialist92F Petroleum Supply Specialist92G Food Service Specialist92L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist92R Parachute Rigger92S Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialist92W Water Treatment Specialist92Y Unit Supply Specialist92Z Senior Noncommissioned LogisticianElectronic Maintenance & Calibrations CMFWarrant948B Electronic Systems Maintenance Technician948D Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Technician948E Senior Electronics Maintenance TechnicianEnlisted94A Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer94D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer94E Radio and Communications Security Repairer94F Computer Detection Systems Repairer94H Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment Support Specialist94K Apache Attack Helicopter Systems Repairer94L Avionics Communications Equipment Repairer94M Radar Repairer94P Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer94R Avionic and Survivability Equipment Repairer94S Patriot System Repairer94T Avenger System Repairer94W Electronic Maintenance Chief94X Senior Missile Systems Maintainer94Y Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) Operator and Maintainer94Z Senior Electronic Maintenance Chief

Free rider codes?

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1g 23 o 33 5 4e c 5l 16 6r 25 85 36 9k 47 b6 59 cs 6b en 7d g7 87 ho 91 jb 9q l1 ah mo b6 oh bp qc cb s9 cq u8 d6 10c de 12m dg 157 dc 17t d1 1b3 c9 1dl bc 1g7 ae 1iq 9f 1ld 8f 1o1 7e 1qm 6d 1th 5f 20i 4n 23o 46 271 3p 2ab 3f 2dm 38 2h4 34,2h4 34 2kl 30 2o5 2t 2rm 2p 2v6 2m 32m 2j 366 2g 39m 2e 3d6 2b 3gm 29 3k5 26 3nl 25 3r5 26 3ul 28 425 29 45l 2b 494 2d 4ck 2f 4g4 2h 4jk 2k 4n3 2m 4qj 2p 4u3 2s 51i 2v,5tv q9 60s ql 63r qr## -18 1i 18 1i,18 1g 23 o 33 5 4e c 5l 16 6r 25 85 36 9k 47 b6 59 cs 6b en 7d g7 87 ho 91 jb 9q l1 ah mo b6 oh bp qc cb s9 cq u8 d6 10c de 12m dg 157 dc 17t d1 1b3 c9 1dl bc 1g7 ae 1iq 9f 1ld 8f 1o1 7e 1qm 6d 1th 5f 20i 4n 23o 46 271 3p 2ab 3f 2dm 38 2h4 34 2kl 30 2o5 2t 2rm 2p 2v6 2m 32m 2j 366 2g 39m 2e 3d6 2b 3gm 29 3k5 26 3nl 25 3r5 26 3ul 28,3ul 28 425 29 45l 2b 494 2d 4ck 2f 4g4 2h 4jk 2k 4n3 2m 4qj 2p 4u3 2s 51i 2v,5tv q9 60s ql 63r qr,5tt q7 5t2 pn 5s7 p0,5s7 p0 5re ob 5ql ns 5ps nf 5ot ms 5nn m7 5mg li 5l5 kr 5k0 k7 5ip ji 5hg is 5g5 i5 5ep 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9r,G -164 -1da 90,G -15g -1g4 8p,G -15g -1j8 8e,G -16o -1o8 85,G -198 -1sk 89,G -1e8 -21a 56,G -1g4 -228 7f,G -1ik -236 71,G -22i -228 4d,G -26k -20m 3v,G -2a2 -20c 38,G -3da -29g 8e,G -3df -2ac 85,G -3cf -2bh 8f,G -3c9 -2cf 8u,G -3bu -2ct a4,G -gu -2tg a4,G -g6 -2so b7,G -3bc -1u3 73,G -39p -1tc 77,G -38r -1tr 4t,G -36p -1tu 4c,G -350 -20q 46,G -33i -1uj 55,G -34u -201 33,G -jb -2s5 ak,G -3q -2dj av,G c3 -4f 2i

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