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Technically you can never put an amount on love. Since the word "love" has never been defined since man began and there are just speculations as to what love is, then we have to accept 100% as to what we believe 100% is. I gauge this by: Being there for each other Respect Loyalty Communication (able to discuss your problems with each other) Sharing the good and the bad If anyone can't give you the above, then move on. No one can state that out of 100% they are going to give you 75% because then you are left wondering what part of the 75% you are really getting. This gal sounds immature, so sit her down and tell her you want to know loud and clear what she means by 75%. You're not talking about taxes or interest rates here, but feelings. Loving someone is giving your all. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-24 18:23:51
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Q: How do you react when your girlfriend says that she cannot give you 75 percent of love what more to say a 100 percent?
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