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TAke it to auto Zone They will read the codes free.

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Q: How do you read the fault codes from a 96 F150?
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How do you find 1999 Chevy fault codes?

96 on up you need a code scanner,you can take it to auto zone to have the codes read ,free of charge.

Where can you get a gear shifter fork plate for 96 ford f150?

will a gear shifter fork plate on 89 ford f150 work on 96 ford f150

How do you view computer codes on a 96 dodge neon?

You need to have a diagnostic meter to read the codes, then book to tell you what they mean.

96 Chevy Blazer how to find codes?

Many auto parts stores will read the codes for you for no cost if you purchase the parts needed for repairs from them.

Can you put a 5.9L cummins in a 96 F150?


Will a plow from a 94 f150 fit a 96 f150?

I dont see why not. and long as everything matches. you should be ok

What are the error codes for a 96 dodge ram with a 318 engine?

there's about 300-400. you need to be more specific. there are fault codes for the engine, transmission, air bag, anti-lock, body controller, etc, etc. a fault code is recorded by one of the computers and turns on a malfunction indicator to warn the driver of a problem.

96 jeep grand Cherokee engine codes read 12 55?

12 means that the codes have been cleared within the last 50-100 starts and 55 means end of test

How to read the BCM codes on a Chevy Malibu?

96 on up you need a scanner, you can buy 1 at the auto parts place for around 100.00 dollars. actron hand held scanner to retreive trouble codes.

96 Chevy k1500 350 vortec wont fire and no fault codes?

I would replace the ignition module in the distributor. Also need to make sure the coil and wire is good too.

Would a 1991 f150 dual exhaust fit on a 1992 f150 both a 302?

yes basicaly all f150s 80 - 96 are the same types of trucks yes basicaly all f150s 80 - 96 are the same types of trucks

How much horsepower does a 96' f-150 302 V8 have?

I have the same enginr in my 96 f150 stock it did 295 on a dyno its an automatic!

Are 89 F150 fenders interchangeable with 95 F150?

no the fenders are not interchangeable. only 87-91 are direct fits for an 89. 92-96 model fenders will fit the 95

What is 6 96 96 96 9?

A number sequence that will read the same when rotated 180 degrees.

What in the location of the main relay on 96 F150 300 6cylinder?

Fusable link? Check at starter solenoid

96 ford windstar GL 3point0 transmission slips after hot about 20 min keeps going but not in right gear One guy said it could be electrical and have the codes read what do you think?

Reading the codes is a good place to start.

How do you pull the trouble codes on a Ford Taurus without a scanner?

From '96 up the Tauri (and all cars) had OBD2 systems, which (I believe) can not be read without a scanner. Many chain auto parts stores will check codes on these cars for free.

96 16v tracker has irradic power worse when cold Seems to run smooth under hard acceleration new caprotorplugs What next?

Have the OBDII codes read first.

What does the codes po400 and po440 mean for a 96 Nissan maxima and how do you fix this problems does AutoZone have a machine to read these codes for free?

Code P0400 means EGR insufficient or excessive flow detected Code P0440 means Evap system leak

Will 95 f150 doors fit on 92 f150?

yes, but they are slightly different. in 1995 & 96 Ford put a crease at the bottom of the door. this is strictly cosmetic and doesn't affect the functionality of the door.

Where is the thermostat located on a 96 F150 with the 4.9 in-line 6?

at the top of water pump in separate housing

What are wire harness color codes for a 96 ford explorer?

mazda 323 wire harness color codes

Will a 96 LT1 fit and work in a 95 trans am that had an LT1?

Yes. The Engines themselves are identical. The 96 had an extra Cat Convertor and had OBD2 computer. The 95 however had the OBD1 connector (but ran OBD2 computer) which required quite the special hardware to read codes

Does a 96 Chevy Tahoe have a computer and can you check the codes from the radio somehow?

yes, and what codes are you asking about "check engine" or anti lock radio codes?

What makes the exhaust glow on a 96 Lincoln continental?

The catalytic convertor might be at fault.