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Usually to send fax you need fax number for the destination of faxes. Some fax software are compatible with internet faxing, instead of numbers they uses account names or email address. If you are using internet fax, you can receive faxes through your accounts.


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A fax machine can be connected to a computer to let that computer send and receive faxes through it. There is also fax software that allows you to attach a file and send it to a fax number.

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Through faxing machine or through special software (sometimes even without it). Generally you need to have a fax number and a PC. You can even send a fax from youl email client (like Thunderbird or The Bat)

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With RingCentral Fax you can receive faxes in your email inbox and fax any document from within any Microsoft Windows� application. Your subscription includes a local or toll-free phone number, free fax software, and many other features.

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Efax is a new way for businesses to send faxes without a fax machine. The business is given a toll-free fax number which they can use to send and receive faxes through e-mail.

A: Yes you can as long as your laptop has the necessary online fax software and you have the online fax account. Any way, when you subscribe for the service you will be provided with online fax number. B: Also, you may try to use some fax software, such as joyfax server. Installing it on your laptop and then send and receive faxes.

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