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Very simple, note down the color of the wires of the harness coming from the motor going to the connector on a piece of paper. Based on that connect the wires from the new motor to the connector. Vikram

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Q: How do you reconnect the wiper arm to the wiper motor after new wiper motor has been installed?
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What do you do if the windshield wipers do not work on a Chevy Malibu?

Check to see if you are getting power to the wiper motor. If you are it is likely the FUSE, but if that's already been checked it SHOULD either be, the wiper motor or the switch, I would guess the motor.

How do you diagnose a non-working front wiper motor on 1998 landrover 90?

Fuse box is best place to start... Past that, check the wiring hasn't broken between the fuse holder and the wiper motor. Get yourself a good volt meter and check that the motor is drawing current - if not, then the motor is blown. If the motor is okay, then it may be the wiper drive - not sure what it's called, but there is a long shaft with a screw pattern on it that the wipers attach to... it may have been stripped..

Have been installed or had been installed?

have been installed means now and had been installed means past

How long does it take to fit a wiper motor to a Toyota avensis?

If you mean the rear wiper motor? It should take around 30 mins just take the inner panel off from inside the boot using a flat bladed screwdriver, they should pop off but just double check to make sure there are no screws holding it in place. Then you will see the motor. You will need to remove the wiper from its spindle they are held on with a 10mm bolt, remove this bolt and pull the wiper arm from its spindle. Then disconnect the wiring plug from the motor you may need a small flat screwdriver to ease out the locking pins of the connector but be careful not to snap these off. Then look for the bolts holding the motor in place there should be 3 10mm bolts, undo these and wiggle the motor out. Fitting the new one is the reverse of what has just been explained but before re-attaching the wiper blade back onto the motor spindle turn the ignition on and turn the rear wiper on then off to make sure that the motor has stopped at the correct resting place. Then re-connect the wiper arm in the upright position where it should rest and that should be it, job done.

2000 Chevy venture windshield wiper motor stuck on high speed. Switch detents work goes click click but doesn't slow or turn the wipers off. I suspect the wiper control module is to blame. Ideas?

Bad switch or bad motor is most likely cause. Motors should have been recalled by Chevy. If you replace motor, replace with new one- do noy replace with a rebuilt motor.

How do you remove the wiper linkage from 95 suzuki sidekick?

# Remove the wiper arms by unscrewing the nuts below the protecting plastic caps. # #* If the wiper arms has been there for a while, you might need a puller to free them. # Remove the Windshield wiper cowl grille. # Remove the wiper motor. # An access panel is located just below the central wiper. You will need to open it to gain access to the pivot. # Unscrew the pivots. # Pull out the assembly throught the access panel and top access holes. KaZ_iKick

I just replaced the wiper motor It works just fine without the wiper arm on the motor When you attach the wiper arm it will turn a couple of times and then quit Do I need to replace the wiper arm?

I once had the same thing happen on my Valiant, and discovered that the spindles on the outside(to which the wipers attach)had leaked water and corroded, almost seizing them.I took them apart and used valve grinding paste to free them, and reassembled them using anti-seizeThey've been great ever since. I different take on a similar issue: on my 98 GMC Suburban the wipers would run a while, then stop, then later on they'd run again... all without stopping... but with squinting through the rain on the shield. With replacement junkyard motor in hand I disassembled the wiper arms and motor, replaced the motor... and still it wiped, then stopped. I had to correct the angle of the wiper mechanism linkages to correct the problem, then reinstalled the original motor. Wiper arm linkages can bend due top operation when frozen, or when Ice prevents full travel of the blade. Ised the guide slot on my table saw to help me bend the linkage arm back just right. No problem since.

How safe is it to use a brushless motor controller on a window?

As long as they are installed safely, it is quite safe to use a brushless motor controller on a window. These motors have been in production since 1942 while brushed motors have been available since 1886.

How do I repair the rear wiper on my 1997 Honda CR-V which just stopped working all of a sudden?

First - check the fuse protecting the rear wiper. It is located in the fuse panel on the left side of the underdash area. (HINT: does the sprayer work, or not. The fuse controls BOTH the spritzer and the wiper. If neither works it is most likely the fuse.) If it appears not to be the fuse then it is probably going to be the motor. Remove the plastic housing and after turning the switch to the on position, use a circuit tester and check to see if there is power reaching the wiper motor. If there is power reaching the motor, then you have a bad motor. If the fuse is good but there is no power reaching the motor, then the problem lies somewhere in between. Perhaps the switch itself is bad or the wiring running back toe the rear has been broken.

What if your ecm has been disconnected how do you reconnect it?

Insert the connector plug into the receptacle

What would cause the wiper delay not to work the switch has been replaced in the column?

The delay system may not have anything to do with the switch. It depends on the manufacturer but the delay system maybe part of the wiper motor assembly...or the delay is sometimes located in a separate module located separately from the control switch.

Why do windshield wipers on 1992 corvette bang together?

The wipers are timed when installed so they pass about an inch apart in the middle. Unless a longer wiper arm has been used, then you need to return to OEM part.

Is anyone having trouble with the rear wiper motor in the 2003 vibe?

Yeah...its been dead for over a year....the cost to fix it holds me back. Yeah...its been dead for over a year....the cost to fix it holds me back.

How do you fix wipers that go too far?

normally if they go too far the wiper arms has been taken off at some point and not replaced propperly just undo the nut on the wiper arm and adjust them slightly to stop them going beyond the point that they should but if they havnt been removed and they were ok before then the motor or the relay is running on too much.

What is the wiper blade size on a 2003 Ford Focus?

The manufacturer recommends 22" for the driver side and 19" for the passenger side. I've always been bothered by the amount of area on the high part of the driver side that the wiper doesn't reach so I have always installed 24 and 17 instead with much better results.

86 aerostar frozen wipers got them unstuck now left with nasty vibrating noise and pulsing with no wipers anyone know the fix to this?

Are you saying that when you turn on the wipers you hear a loud vibrating noise and the noise pulses but the wiper blades do not move across the windshield? If that's the case your wiper motor assembly has probably been damaged and will need to be replaced.AnswerYou are going to have to get the motor replaced. Not sure if the motor is on the firewall on this unit but most are under the cowl. AnswerI just did this repair. The wiper motor is under the plastic part just below the windshield. It's located towards the middle. Sometimes it is a tight squeeze to get in there, but once you replace it you'll notice a big difference.

How to fix wiper stuck in up position?

There is a park mechanism on some Centuries that tends to bend if the wipers get used with too much ice or snow. You need to remove the wiper arms, then the plastic cown panels in order to gain access to the wiper motor and trans assy. Once the cowls are removed you may see the metal bracket that contacts the spring loaded finger on the motor has been damaged or bent. You'll need to bend it back up so that it contacts the finger again.

How do you rest the sunroof on a 2004 jetta after battery has been disconnected?

AnswerReconnect the battery!!

How do you repair wiper motor on a 1997 gmc sierra?

The wiper motor rarely goes bad. Request what is called a pulse board. Remove the front panel from the motor disconnect the circuit board (pulse board). Replace board. Place bead of silicone sealent around where panel reseals. You also might want to check with your local GM dealership. There was a recall on many wiper motors for 88-98 trucks because of faulty connections on the printed circuit board. I had the recall done on my 95 even though I had bought the truck used because the VIN had never been in for the recall before.

What would cause the wipers not to work and all fuses and switches have been checked but there had been some recent electronic work done and could may be the cause of the problem as they were working?

Details of work done might be helpful. You have to check where the circuit broken, Must be complete path, Batt + to fuse to switch to motor motor to Batt-. Do you have voltage at the fuse, at the switch, any connectors between switch and wiper motor.

How do you remove a spring loaded wiper arm?

To remove the spring loaded wiper arm you have to first of all to unscrew the screws. After the screws have been removed, the spring loaded wiper arm can then be removed.

How would you troubleshoot - fix problems with the wipers on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Try checking the fuses first. There are a set inside the car, and another set inside the engine compartment, on the drivers side, near the windshield. If that doesn't work, it's probably a bad wiper motor.Wiper fuses, switch and wiper motor replacement are covered in the "Related Questions" below.Should be a good start...Fuse Blows When Wipers Are Turned OnContributor Chris wrote: In my experience i have found that the wiper motor cover is the problem, you may check your local mercury dealer there was a recall for this. you may also check the wiring I have seen wiring that has been eaten through by mice or other varmints.I took it to the Ford dealer for a diagnostic test...$75!!! Turns out the windshield wiper motor had a short in it...Cost me $55 to replace it myself. But,on another note, we did find mice in the engine compartment earlier in the spring! So maybe they caused it!We had the same problem with our 1993 Mercury Sable. It turns out that it was the Wiper Control Module. It went bad and had to be replaced.

The drivers side windscreen wiper on your fiat punto mk2 has stopped working but your passenger side one still worksany ideas?

The Motor can be seen at the base of the drivers side wiper, it drives an arm which the wiper is (should be!) connected to. Also connected is the link arm which drives the passenger side wiper. On mine the passenger side wiper came off the link arm and what i guess would have been a rubber washer had come out and disappeared. I was able to re-attach the wiper yet still allow the required side to side movement by using 4 linked cable ties. (It's still working after 3 months... must get round to sorting it properly!!!)

How do you change a 406 wiper blade?

buy a small wiper arm puller to pull the arm off the taper once the nut has been rmoved

What are some reasons that a scanner might not work correctly after it has been installed?

The wrong driver was installed.