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How do you recover hidden folder after a drive being formatted?

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Use PC Inspector File Recovery !!! Free download! Works perfect!!

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Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting GuideFile systems typically support the concept of attributes, information about a file or folder that goes beyond the folder name and size. For example, if you right-click a folder in Windows Explorer and then click Properties, you can access the attributes for that folder. Figure 4.2 shows a folder with the following attributes set:Read-onlyHiddenReady for archivingCompressedFigure 4.2 Folder Attributes in Windows ExplorerThe FileSystemObject can be used to return several important attributes of a folder. These attributes, and their FileSystemObject values, are listed in Table 4.4.Table 4.4 Folder Attributes Used by the FileSystemObjectConstantValueDescriptionHidden2Indicates that the folder is hidden, and not visible by default in My Computer or Windows Explorer.System4Indicates that the folder is a System folder. In general, it is a good idea not to modify the properties of a system folder.Directory16Standard value applied to all folders. All folders accessed by the FileSystemObject will have, at a minimum, the bit value 16.Archive32Archive bit used by backup programs to determine the files and folders that need to be backed up. Enabling the archive bit will ensure that the folder is backed up during the next incremental backup. Disabling the archive bit will prevent the folder from being backed up during the next incremental backup.Compressed2048Indicates whether Windows compression has been used on the folder.

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