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How do you relace or repair the little courtesy lights in the steering wheel on an Aurora?

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this is not hard take a small screwdriver pop out the switch replace with a new one greg.

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Where is obd code reader on a 95 Oldsmobile aurora?

Just below the steering wheel inside the car, a little to the left.

Where are the hazard lights on a Lexus es 300?

on top of the steering compartment, little button with a triangle on it

What does the little button on top or the steering wheel column do on a Kia Sedona?

I don't know precisely about the Sedona, but generally the button on top of the steering column activates the flashing hazard lights.

How do I turn on hazard lights on a 1993 grand marquis?

behind the steering wheel on the top or bottom, not sure, there is a little tab you pull out

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The volume and seek on your steering wheel doesn't light up how can you fix this?

Buy new one's, you can not replace the little lights in them.Call a junk yard.Sorry

How can you fix your tail lights if they don't turn on when you turn the Haed lights but they turn on when you brake?

brakelight switch, it is located under the steering column, and above the brake pedal where it connects to the car there is a little plunger switch up there.

Where is the courtesy light relay on an '96 806 Peugeot lights not working?

If anyone knows where the little sod is please let us know, bought a new one but cant find it. Andrew Cwmbran

Dash lights Crown Victoria?

Not quite sure what you are asking??? It does have them, the little switch that moves up or down on the left side of the steering operates them. If they don't work, check the fuse.

Why do the tail lights only turn on when you brake?

brakelight switch, it is located under the steering column, and above the brake pedal where it connects to the car there is a little plunger switch up there.

Why are your tail lights only turning on when you brake?

brakelight switch, it is located under the steering column, and above the brake pedal where it connects to the car there is a little plunger switch up there.

Where is the location in the fuse box of the fuse that controls the interior lights in the Nissan Quest?

Normally it's right beneath the steering wheel in the left side it's a little box that you just pull out ...

What is LIGHTS little sisters name?

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On a 1999 civic ex The speedodmeter and dash lights are not working what might be the problem?

Did you check the little wheel that turns the dash lights up and down to make sure it isn't turned all the way down. On a 97 civic it's to the left of the steering wheel and on the dash.

Turn off the headlights of your 2005 impala?

pretty much, if your impalas like mine, when you start the car, your headlights will come on, but you should have a little nob to the left of your steering wheel. it should be in the middle, if you pull it out, your lights will stay on, even after turning off your car, if you push it all the way in, your lights will turn off, you can also turn it to adjust brightness of dome lights and dash lights.

Where is the fuse for the dash lights situated on a mark two golf GTI?

it is with all the other fuses under the dash to the right of the steering wheel there is a little door that you pull open to expose all the fuses and relays

How do you make your dashboard lights brighter?

The little nozzle on the side by your head lights adjuster ;)

Why does my 1994 Nissan Altima dash lights go off after 2 seconds My headlights and taillights still work. Also the clock light goes off.?

right besie the steering wheel to the left there is a little "volume like slider" it controlls the brightness of the interior lights just mess around with it

Where is the fuse for the clock on a 2005 corolla?

Fuse #10...15amp in under dash fuse box, behind the little storage compartment, left of steering wheel. But if your dome lights and radio still work, its not the fuse, same circuit

What is the little box called that you pour power steering fluid in?

A reservoir.

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How do you move the steering wheel in a 92 Toyota Paseo?

If you have tilt steering, there should be a switch or little pull lever on the left side of the steering wheel, but i havent had a tilt in any of my Paseo's xP

Where is horn located in 96 Chevy Corsica?

It's on the corner of the steering wheel. With little horn signs. It's not in the middle of the steering wheel.

On your 1997 Ford Explorer the dome lights wont go off; you had to pull the fuse so no power windows?

Dome lights not turning off On my 1995 Ford Explorer, just to the right of the headlight switch on the dash is a vertical switch that has the word dim below it. If this switch has been turned all the way up to the top, all the courtesy lights will stay on. Just move the switch down a little bit towards the word dim and if your doors etc. are all closed your dome lights will turn off.