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How do you release emergency brake on a 1999 Yukon with broken release?


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Under the drivers seat area, under the truck on the frame rail, you will see the E-brake cable junction. Gently pry this apart and the brake will release. This will allow you to drive the vehicle until you can replace the release lever assembly. Remenber, your brake will not function until you replace the release lever. How about looking at the pedal mechanism just above the pedal and pulling on the release mechanism at the top of the toothed ratchet area where the cable would be if there was still a release cable.


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If the cable is broken and parking/emergency brake is still ON, then they are rusted in place ! - Your emergency brake system needs urgent work.

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My 2002 Yukon XL emergency brake cable just shredded this week. The cable is only a couple feet long and connects the release latch to a lever just above the emergency brake pedal (while depressed). The lever can be manually released by hand but be careful to guard your face as it could be in the path of the rising brake pedal. It may require 2 or 3 manual trips of the lever to get the brake pedal released to the highest position.I am still trying to determine where I can buy a replacement cable (other than GMC dealer) and whether I can replace it myself.

I'm thinking about what you said, and I release probably you don't have emergency brake on, it could be something broken on the rear brake hardware, So you have to pull your tires off and check the brake springs and check emergency brake cables under the truck,

There is a small metal lever back by where the foot lever rotates (normally the release cable is hooked into it) Pull it forward and the foot lever will release - careful it doesn't smack you in the face!

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AnswerOnce you put the car in "D" the brake will automatically release.If the brake does not release there is an emergency release, which is a small lever attached at the top of the parking brake pedal. Pull it up and the brake should release."

The emergency brake release on a 2010 Chevy Malibu is located beside your left foot. You would push down on the emergency brake pedal to release it while having your right foot on the regular brake.

A stock emergency brake, on a Chevrolet truck, can be released by manually disengaging the emergency brake. This can be accomplished by loosening the tension nut on the brake.

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If you look at the emergency pedal assembly you should see a lever that has a "u" curve at the bottom of the lever (it is up in the body part of the assembly) pull or pry the lever rearward it should release the pedal (THE PEDAL WILL RELEASE HARD SO...BE CAREFUL)

It depends which cable is broken. If the main cable is broken under the truck, the brakes should release on their own. If the brakes dont release, the cables are frozen from rust and need to be replaced. If the release cable from the handle to pedal assemdly is broken reach under the dash above the pedal and find the small release arm. Pull the arm toward you [ the rear of vehicle ] and the emergency brake pedal will release.

Look at the two cable going to each drum to see if just one is stuck on or both. IS it drum or disc? It is the emergency brake cable. It happened to me once before and the tow truck driver said the release is the same as in a Cadillac, but that doesn't help me and I can't afford another tow truck driver. In a caddilac you put it in drive to release the parking brake. But when the cable is broken you can't engage the parking brake.

The emergency brake is designed poorly and uses a circle asembly with two brake pads on the circle there is some adjustment ,but mostly designed to be replace when changing out the disk pads . It is like a drum brake withend the rear disk brake.

Emergency brake not adjusted properly? Service brake not adjusted properly? Frozen caliper? Bad or broken brake return springs?

The emergency brake release handle is to the left of the steering wheel. Down below, and is flush with the panel. Pull the finger tab and release.

Replace emergency brake cable Secure emergency brake pedal in its upper most position (released)

On the newer vehicles, you push the parking brake down to release the parking brake. Older vehicles have a release handle on the lower left side of the dashboard.

u have to pull the emergency brake just past the point you set it and then press the button .... this should release and unlock the brake.

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