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If you can find the adjusting bolt or nut back it off the whole(completely remove) way so it releases the brake.

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Q: How do you release the parking brake on a 1994 Bonneville with a broken peddle?
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How do i release the parking brake manually on a 99 dodge caravan SE if the release handle is broken?

i just had to do this on the road, i used an ice scraper handle and a flash light. if you look under the dash behind the release handle you can see the lever to pry on to release the brake, caution the peddle may snap up and hit you.

If your clutch peddle went to the floor and something snapped but the peddle is not broken what else could have broken 1995 geo tracker?

the cluth cable could be broken... i had the same problem but i bought a new one.

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How do you release emergency brake on a 1998 cutlass?

Press and release the foot peddle that is located on the floor

How do you release emer brake in1990 town Lincoln?

Push down on the emer brake peddle again it will release.

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Jeep 1997 Grand Cherokee Ltd-loses power whilst highway driving. No power when pressing peddle-release peddle it returns to idle mode.Sometimes stops altogether.Can restart and drive car no problems?

problem a vacuum leak

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What causes hestitation in the gas peddle of a 1996 Lincoln Town car?

What does a squeaky noise in the clutch mean?

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Why is the brake peddle still soft after bleeding the system 2001 Maxima?

soft peddle feel maybe from a damaged brake master cylinder. this pressurizes the peddle, and if there is a leak in the cylinder it might feel soft or flop all the way to the floor.

Where is the emergency brake release on 97 Cadillac deville?

it is a small peddle of the far left. it will be closer to you than the other peddles as well as smaller too.